Monday, January 11, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

Today my hot couple is actually a ménage. Personally I think the third guy is a bit too much ;)

I’ve decided to liven up my Monday’s Hot Couple post every week with a sexy smutty scene from a book that I’m reading, just read or want to read soon. I hope you like it!
This week’s verrry sexy scene is from Beth’s Acceptance by Teal Ceagh that I’m reading right now and it’s from page 17. If you want to win this book, look at the end of this post. Enjoy the scene!

"So Beth gave in to an impulse she’d had since the moment she’d first met Zachariah. She ran her fingers through his thick hair and kissed him, thrusting her tongue far into his mouth.

He moaned helplessly, his arms locking around her in either shock or protest. But that frozen state lasted for less than a heartbeat. Then Zack was kissing her back and it was no chaste kiss goodbye. His tongue drove into her like a battering ram, promising wicked delights to come. His hand was on the back of her head, holding her steady as he plundered her mouth.

A shudder of primeval, greedy delight ran through her. She had the feeling she’d reaped a whirlwind and didn’t care.

When he released her lips, she gasped, afraid he might stop but his mouth merely slid down her throat, nipping and licking, then along her collarbone, making her shudder.

His hand roamed over her body, making her writhe, making her hot. He seemed to know every sensitive patch and point of her anatomy, even those she hadn’t been aware of but he never once touched her breasts or the usual erogenous points. She remained on her feet only because of his arm around her back. Until finally he slid his hand between her thighs and began to stroke once more the flesh above the lace of her stockings. His fingers moved higher, pushed aside the sodden lace barrier and as he stared into her eyes, he impaled her with his fingers.

She gave a shuddering, whimpering gasp that he smothered with another kiss."

More information:

Teal Ceagh’s website

You can win Beth’s Acceptance and the other two books in this trilogy – called Destiny’s Trinities by commenting on Teal’s post Does Reading Erotic Romance Improve Your Sex Life? Tell Me To Win. Isn’t that a fun contest?


For weeks, the darkly sinful Zachariah, her favorite customer at McGinty’s, has been raising NYC student Beth Siegel’s pulse, driving her crazy with need.

Neither can she keep the tall, blue-eyed mysterious Luke, who haunts the library stacks at her day job, out of her mind or her sweaty, desperate fantasies.

Fate hands Beth a startling destiny, a chance to bond with both of them—a bond formed via sex. Sex with either one of them would have been fabulous. Together? Irresistible.

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot, sexy scenes of M/M interaction.


  1. Oh my, with your new concept all I can say is: This is almost too hot to handle, really. A pic says more then a thousand words...and I agree, the third guy on the floor can leave IMO. So if the pic doesn't get me all hot and bothered I scroll down for a smut scene :D Oh who am I kidding, keep these post coming hon, I gobble them up like chocolate during PMS!

  2. Love the pic -I agree the guy on teh floor is a bit much; maybe that's why he's on the floor!

  3. Guess he's on the floor because there isn't room on the couch, huh? Is it my imagination or are the two guys on the couch the SAME guys? What? Are they supposed to be twins. Hot pic but yeah, they need to lose the guy on the floor. Love Teal's excerpt!

  4. @Leontine: Glad I can be your chocolate dealer, hon! ;) And I think nothing is too hot to handle for you, you can take it, sweets!

    @Patti: If only he weren't alone on the floor... I think he looks kinda hot, in a lean way! I'd rather dump one of the twins - one is enough ;)

    @Regina: I was gonna say that! :) But I would keep the floor guy... I'm glad you liked the excerpt!

  5. A very smutty scene ;)
    Dunno what is up with guy 4, maybe he is planning to be there and touch himself

  6. Heh, I think there are simply two extraneous people in that picture, and they should head off into their own picture. :)

  7. There can never be too many hotties Janna. But ditch the chick and the third guy appears to be passed out anyway. Maybe I could wake him up. :-D

  8. @Blodeuedd: Lol, I wouldn't mind to give him a hand, would you? ;)

    @Chris: Yep, and one of them is the female, huh? We could also just send her away ;)

    @Tam: That's true, although it's a mighty lot of work to keep them all satisfied ;) But if you take care of the almost passed out cutie, I'll keep the other two busy, LOL!

  9. Niiiiiice. I'd like to photoshop myself right in there.

    I've been reading great review on Beth's acceptance, this is on my next buy from Ellora's Cave!

  10. Great excerpt and picture! But I must agree with others and say that he's unnecessary. He just there for show isn't he (or maybe for the show)?

  11. @Smokinhot: Can you photoshop me in it too, please? ;)
    You can also give it a go at Teal Caegh's website to win the book, you get the other two in the series as well if you win... The link is at the bottom of the post!

    @joder: Ow, a show, that could be interesting *grin* Glad you enjoyed both, girl :)

  12. Love the pic and the excerpt....think I'm the only one who doesn't mind the third,just think 6 hands:) but hey there you go LOL

  13. @Adrienne: Lol, yeah, that's not bad 6 hands, I agree... and 3 mouths and ..., well not going there ;)

  14. Awww...poor guy on the floor...nobody wants him... ;)

  15. Hot, hot, hot! Love the pic, sexy!!! Yeah, the third guy's a bit too much though. Maybe I can claim him for myself since nobody wants him? haha...

  16. OMG...the guy on the floor could almost be Jesse from Big Brother!

  17. @Bronwyn: Looks like Silver wants to solve that little problem ;)

    @Silver: You've found yourself a little hottie, girl :) Go on, take him, LOL

    @Kenzie (or should I say Molly ;)): See, I don't know a Jesse from BB (here in Holland) but I guess he's a cutie?

  18. You are evil woman... pure evil!!! ((Yea, secretly I am too at my place.. hee hee - but sssshhhhssss don't tell everyone))
    Girl, you know I freaking love those pictures (and in this case, yea, floor guy can go away.. and HELLO photoshop my a$$ in there too!!!!) and then we get some words to go with that... Damn woman, you are trying to kill us.
    Girl, I kidd you not when I tell you that you freaking rock!!!!
    I hope all has been going well for you honey... I am emailing soon I promise! Love ya honey!
    And ps. I will be coming by my OWN place sooner or later to answer comments, lol!

  19. @Cecile: lol, evil is our middle name! I'll keep your secret, hon. I'm glad you enjoyed the picture and the words, but I swear I'm not trying to kill you, just set you on fire *grin*

  20. Could be she's a vampire and she already sucked the one on the floor dry... :)

  21. @Devon Rhodes: LOL, I hadn't thought of that! Can expect that kind of imagination only from a writer of course ;)
    Thanks for leaving a comment! I'm happy that you've found my place and I hope you feel welcome to stop by again :)


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