Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My other addictions

I haven't read much the past couple of days. I'm still reading Hard Too Hold by Stephanie Tyler (almost finished it) and about to start This Side of Heaven by Fallon Blake. I'm looking forward to that one, which was send to me by the author for a review.
And I'm definitely picking up another M/M book the coming weekend, it's been too long and I'm having symptoms of withdrawal ;)

Meanwhile inbetween my job, birthday visitors and other every day things I've been keeping myself busy with my other addictions: Supernatural's Dean and the gay soap couple Deniz & Roman (DeRo).

I think this video of Supernatural doesn't need any explanation, it just shows the excellence and wit of this TV show. And Dean *sigh*... he's not only hot but funny too!

And then DeRo! I've been watching their story at the YouTube channel of The Eskimo Kiss Project ever since author Kate Davies pimped them out to me ;), tweeting and emailing me, giving me all the inside info I needed to get sucked in! And when you watch this video, you'll probably understand why. It shows some beautiful make up sex in a locker room shower *sigh*

Tomorrow I will be without internet and Thursday most of the day too :(
So, I hope to be back Thursday night!


  1. *blushes* Yes, I am the DeRo pusher, aren't I? So glad you liked the boys. :) And I hadn't seen that version of the showerscene, so thanks!

  2. @Kate: LOL! I'm glad you are ;) because I love DeRo! It's a beautiful version, isn't it?

  3. I LOVE Supernatural. I'm so excited that the season starts again here tomorrow night. I'm kind of hooked on Castiel these last two seasons, I used to be a huge Dean fan.

    You should search for Supernatural Drinking Song on YouTube. There are a couple of them and they are hilarious even though the music is annoying as hell.

  4. Now that I have my dvd player hooked up, I'll have to get my first season of Supernatural back from my friend who has it!

    We will miss you - hope you don't go into internet withdrawal...

  5. Pudding!!!!!!!!! That vid makes me smile.

  6. I very rarely watch tv so I've never seen Supernatural although I hear everyone raving about it. Maybe I'll Netflix it one day.

    Wow, that shower scene was HOT!!

  7. Girl you are too much, lol!!!!!!!!
    **shakes head and smirks**
    love you and your addictions!!! hee hee

  8. Will see ya when you get back :)
    And yay for Dean

  9. I just laughed my ass off with SUPERNATURAL vid, Dean; That was scary."ROFL I fanned myself, great back action in car *hubba hubba* and Dean and Sam together, hi-la-ri-ous!!

    I can't wait to get my hands on season five ;)

  10. The second vid! Wow, I needs me some cool water cause I have parched throat!

  11. I am loving both these videos! I gotta add them to my favorites!



  12. PUDDING!!!! I laughed my ass off at that episode! :D

    Thanks for the giggles, Janna!

  13. Hi everyone, I'm back in town :) Thanks for stopping by while I wasn't here! I'll be hopping over to your blogs tomorrow after I've caught up on some sleep (hotel beds are not my favorite type).

    @Tam: Yep, Castiel is pretty hot too, but I'm still a Dean girl :) I love his bad boy ways! Thanks for the tips on the Drinking Songs vids, I'm gonna check them out.

    @Chris: You definitely should do that! The first two seasons are really good. *grin* you know me too well, re: internet withdrawal.

    @Jambrea: Yeah! LOL!

  14. @Fallon: The pudding scene is hilarious :)

    @Lily: If you go Netflix it one day you better start with the first season because there's also a big umbrella storyline, although almost every episode can be watched as a stand alone.
    I thought you would like the shower vid ;)

    @Cecile: Right back at you, hon! :D

  15. @Blodeuedd: I'll be dropping by soon :)

    @Leontine: I'm afraid we have to wait a little while longer for the dvd of season 5 here in Holland :(
    In the meantime I keep searching the internet for pieces of episodes...
    The second vid drives my to take a cold shower every time ;)

    @MsM: I know you're a fan of Supernatural :) Glad that you liked the second vid too!

    @Bronwyn: It's hilarious, isn't it? I'm happy to make you giggle :)

  16. Very good addictions, keep them up!

    I love these vids!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Sam and Dean rock. I'm just about to watch episode 12 and I'm stoked. :) Great site btw. :)

  18. @Marissa: Thanks, hon! Hope you have a great weekend too! :)

    @Natasha: Hey there! Welcome at my place and thanks for the compliment :) Yeah, I heart SPN too! Me and some girls will have a Dean Day on Valentine's day... Hope to see you around :)

  19. Valentines day huh? Count me in! hehe:)


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