Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Todays Man Candy & Reminder of My Giveaway of Cuffed and Dangerous

It's been a long day with lots of boring office stuff so I'm just doing a quickie with this hottie ;)

And I wanted to remind you of my Giveaway of Bronwyn Green's Cuffed and Dangerous. Tomorrow is the last day to make a chance of winning this novel by leaving a comment here >>>

Good Night!!


  1. Delicious! I don't know where to look first!!!

  2. I'm with Patti...where to look first. lol Yummy.

  3. Patti and Jambrea, I suggest you click on him to have an even better look ;)
    My eyes keep wandering to his delightfully erect nipples and his lickable belly button and his twinkling eyes and his deliciously full lips and... okay... I get your point :)

  4. Thanks for the man candy. It's been a rough day for me today.

  5. @Andrea: That sucks, hon! Glad I could lighten your day a little bit :)

  6. I'd definitely go for a quickie with your hottie!! ;)

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. He's almost too pretty I prefer your hottie of the week. Good god that's hot.

  8. I agree, gorgeous eyes. He is a beautiful young man...looks about as old as my SON. Ummm. How about some slightly older hotties. Hmmmm??? snicker. Don't mean pics of grandpa but you know....

  9. This is exactly what the doctor ordered and a very nice coca-cola break *wink* Thanks for that Janna!

    And @Smokinhotbooks...hon, I loved lathering up Janna's Hottie of the Week. Very fun times ;)

  10. @Lily: be my guest ;)

    @Smokinhot: A man can never, never be too pretty imo! But I agree that my showerguy is even more delicious ;)

    @Romance Reader @ heart: Only his eyes? ;)

    @Regina: LOL! I have one slightly older hottie at home already ;) That is, when a 37-year old guy counts as 'slightly older'... so enough of that for me, LOL!

    @Leontine: You're not sick, are you honey? Or else I might have more meds for you ;)


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