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Contest Winner & Short Review of Cuffed and Dangerous by Bronwyn Green

Hi everybody, like I promised I’m about to announce the winner of the pdf copy of Bronwyn Green’s Cuffed and Dangerous! Before I do so I gotta say that I think the winner is one lucky girl, just like I was when Bronwyn sent me her book as a present. I thought I’d take a sneak peek at it before drawing and announcing today’s winner… so I at least had a faint idea about what I was giving away… and I just couldn’t put it down after that!! The first pages pulled me in right away and before I knew it I’d finished the story. I’ve read it in one breath! Luckily it was only about 50 pages long… otherwise I would have been dehydrated or worse ;)… although I wouldn’t have minded reading a little bit longer about Bronwyn’s threesome.
And the funny thing is, it was about shapeshifters! As some of you know I’m postponing reading the paranormal genre for a while now, because I had these doubts if it would be my cup of tea. I courageously bought a few paranormal books and won some others but kept pushing them to the bottom of my TBR tower. The back blurb of Cuffed and Dangerous didn’t say anything about the heroes being werecats, so I was tricked and I didn’t mind at all! I’m just saying so the winner knows what she gets!
If you want to know a wee bit more about my honest thoughts on this book, you can find them at the end of this post.

But let’s not let you wait any longer - the winner of Cuffed and Dangerous is:


Congratulations Beth! Please email me at eroticromance[at]live[dot]nl so I can send you the ebook, because I don’t have your address.

I want to thank Bronwyn again for making this giveaway possible! Thank you so much! And all of you who played and became followers of my blog, thank you too!

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Timestamp: 2010-01-08 12:15:54 UTC

Bronwyn Green
Cuffed and Dangerous
Resplendence Publishing, November 2009

Genre & Keywords
: Paranormal, Shapeshifters: Feline, Ménage, M/F/M, Bountyhunting, light bondage play

Rating: êêêê
Heat level:

The Back Blurb:
When a bounty claim becomes a fight of five against one, Jude Caulfield and Gideon Wells step in to help hunter, Wrenn Saunders, before she’s mortally injured. Wrenn soon learns that three is a good number whether in a fight or in the bedroom. Especially in the bedroom—and that’s just where Jude and Gideon want to keep her.

I’ve said it before, I like a book that opens in mid action and Cuffed and Dangerous did just that and the first pages pulled me straight into the story. I intended to only take a little peek but ended up reading it in one haul. It’s a short story (about 50 pages) and when the space is that limited lust and love are always fighting for attention and the heat is mostly the winner. The same goes for Cuffed and Dangerous. Although there’s a happy ending and a glimpse of love, the romance in this story is not overly developed. The heat on the other hand… o lala… that’s very well done!
The sex scenes were really scorching hot and frequent! From the first to the last love scene the two heroes know how to seduce their girl into some sweet and tender but hot and ultimately satisfying lovin’! And although the three protags didn’t know each other before the encounter in the bar where Jude and Gideon helped Wrenn settle the fight against five werelions there’s an instant attraction and a genuine affection from the beginning between them.

There, the word werelions fell! Yeah, that’s right, I’ve finally read a book about werecats! It was my first, I was kind of a paranormal virgin and… the werecats didn’t freak me out! At first there was only one short shifting involved when they had to fight the lions, but the description of that wasn’t extensive so I could get to know the heroes first as men, and that was good. They were described as good looking hotties with the protecting quality alphas tend to have. Wrenn clearly fell for the men and certainly not for the cats. In fact she hates the fact that they are shapeshifters, since she had a traumatic experience with the sort. Wrenn makes a great heroine, she’s feisty, independent and tough – all qualities I like in my heroines. Ms. Green gave her a plausible background and more depth than Jude and Gideon. Except for their appearances the guys were pretty much interchangeable. I can’t remember which one of them was the cougar and which one the panther. They are rather flat characters and it was easier to identify with Wrenn than with one of them. But then again they played the parts they were meant to play perfectly.

So overall my first experience with the paranormal genre wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was freakin’ awesome and I’m ready for more! I think, but I can’t really be a good judge of that, that the paranormal aspect was on the light side in Cuffed and Dangerous, since the hot lovin’ was so prominent and the shapeshifting was just a given without elaborate explanations or rules or anything. Most of all I think that Ms. Green’s easy writing and way of making a story flow, helped me a lot with my paranormal deflowering, ‘cause if it wasn’t for that I would have never been sucked into the story like I was now. She really knows how to grab your attention and hold it throughout the story!
I already purchased another one of her stories: Handcuffs and Lies. And of course I couldn’t help myself and take a sneak peek again. And this story also begins in mid action and pulled me in immediately. But I managed to put it down to write this post ;) I’m not sure if there’re shapeshifters involved as well, since the back blurb doesn’t tell… But with or without them, the blurb sounds promising anyway!


  1. Congrats, Beth!! Hee hee about you getting sucked into the book like that - always indicates a good read.

  2. Congratz on the loot beth and Janna, CUFFED AND DANGEROUS sounds like a scorching good read ;) and you had an ab-fab time with your first PNR story. May many more follow!

  3. Janna you know I'm up to my elbows in m/m genre should I sneak this one in on my TBR pile...?

    BTW I'm having serious blog envy!

  4. Ha. Glad to see you lost your cherry. snicker. Brynn writes a heartfelt and always heartwarming story. I adore everything she does. I write shifters too and love building the worlds they live in. It's a 'make your own rules' kind of thing. Keep me posted on how you're liking these.

  5. Congrats Beth! And congrats to you too Janna on wereing yourself thin. Heh.

    I love Bron' work. I'm a sucker for it and now I have the priviledge of calling her friend.

  6. @Chris: Yeah, it happens to me a lot lately :) I'm not complaining, not at all!!

    @Leontine: Yep, I'll devoure your box of 20 books in no time, now ;)

    @Smokinhot: I think you should ;)
    Blog envy?? Why's that?

    @Regina: I'm not sure but I think the world building was not a big part of Bronwyn's book. It was just right for me to pop my cherry ;)

    @Mia: Thanks for the support! :) I can tell now why you're a sucker for her work (and she for yours) :)

  7. I have just gotten my hands on this book today... glad to know it will work for me...

    I have heard so much good things about this author....

    Congrats Beth... Enjoy...

  8. Janna - thank you so much for the awesome review! I love that you're willing to post the good with the not-so-good. It gives me things to be aware of in future books. :) I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. :)

    I'm not going to lie - I'm delighted to be your first PNR, but I've got to tell you, I'm facepalming myself over the blurb. *rolling eyes at self* BTW - there's nothing paranormal about Handcuffs and Lies. :D

    Beth - congrats on winning. :) I hope you enjoy it.

    Chris - there's nothing I like more than getting sucked into a good book. Of course, my kids would prefer that I don't do it around the time I'm supposed to pick them up from school.

    Leontine - as someone who loooooves PNR, I'm glad you're working hard to corrupt erm...I mean convert Janna. ;)

    Smokinhotbooks - isn't her blog amazing!

    Reg and Mia - Hugs to my girls. :)

    Erotic Horizon - Thank you so much for picking up a copy of C&D - I hope you enjoy it. :)

  9. Having read just about everything Bron has written, I can tell you all of her stories start out with a flash bang. You should read Body of Art. It has the all time best starting line I've ever read... "Are you high?"
    Sometimes I quite hate the lady for her awesome one-liners.
    No really, Bron, it's definitely a love/hate relationship, lol.
    Glad you enjoyed it. And don't be shy, not all paranormals involve shifters or vamps. Some have psychics and the like (like Deadly Vision, lol, shameless self promo)

  10. Thanks for all the congrats people. I hope I enjoy the books when I get it. Menage and shapeshifter are my top two faves. It's always great to get them both in one book.

  11. @EH: O, It's so gonna work for you! I can only confirm the good things you heard :)

    @Bronwyn: Thanks, I was just being honest :) It turned out to be a good thing for me that the blurb didn't mention the PNR elements ;)
    BTW I couldn't find Cuffed and Dangerous on Goodreads. Is it not there or did I just not look well enough?
    And you can leave it to Leontine to 'corrupt' me, she's good at that! :) She's my fellow Dutch smut sistah!

    @Kris: I'm a sucker for the flash bang beginnings :) I can imagine you envy Bronwyn for that quality!
    So, psychics and the like it is than for my next level of paranormal ;)
    But I first gonna read your Centrefold story!

    @Beth: You're a lucky girl :) Hope this ebook makes up for your ereader constantly dying on you...

  12. That's great, Beth! Thanks for letting us know :)


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