Monday, January 18, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

Last week I decided to add a sexy smutty scene from a book that I’m reading, just read or want to read soon to my weekly Monday’s Hot Couple post.

This week’s sexy smutty scene is from Blind Faith by Claire Thompson. It's a M/M story and the scene is from page 15:

“I bet other sensations are heightened too,” Zane said, his voice suddenly entering a lower register, seduction ripe in his tone. His fingers drew a line of fire down Aidan’s arm. He dropped his hand to Aidan’s thigh. A jolt of arousal shot through him as Zane’s lips met his. He gripped the counter to keep from losing his balance on the barstool.

Zane stood and gently pulled Aidan up. Wrapping his arms around him, he tugged him close. “I want you, Aidan.” He kissed him, their tongues entwining. Zane pulled away, and instinctively Aidan leaned forward, his lips still parted, his tongue seeking Zane’s. Instead he felt the nudge of Zane’s teeth, lightly biting his neck at the hot pulse of his jugular vein.

Aidan’s cock was rigid in his jeans, his heart slamming in his chest. His body ached for Zane’s, lust boiling his blood, melting his bones. Pushing Zane back, he reached for Zane’s shirt, felt the row of buttons and nimbly pulled them open, desperate for the feel of Zane’s smooth, hard chest. Zane stood quietly, only his thumping heart giving him away as Aidan leaned down, licking along the slightly salty flesh until he made contact with a nipple. As he lightly bit and licked the little nubbin, Zane moaned softly, his fingers weaving themselves into Aidan’s hair. Aidan sought out the second nipple.

“Jesus,” Zane whispered. “You’re driving me crazy.”

Clair Thompson’s website

When Aidan finds himself permanently blinded by a nearly fatal car accident, he almost gives up hope. After months of painful physical therapy to heal his broken body, he retreats into a world of quiet determination, his sole focus regaining his independence. Forget about love—who would ever want him now?
Enter Zane Wilde, Aidan's on-again, off-again lover over the years.
With exquisite tenderness and love, Zane works to help Aidan understand he is still desirable, scars, imperfections and all.
The sexual attraction they've always felt for one another has never wavered, but there's a new overlay of intimacy brought about by Aidan's condition. This story explores how both men come to grips with the limitations and, surprisingly, the new avenues of freedom and understanding Aidan's handicap creates between them. Beneath it all, Zane's gypsy blood simmers, his wanderlust coming to the fore once again, forcing them both to make hard choices.


  1. A perfect pairing with my hot coffee *pant pant pant*

  2. That was a bit too steamy for work...where's a fan when I need one?

  3. Wow, hot! And looks to be romantic. My kind of book. I'm gonna get this. :)

  4. You are such an evil tease and I think you like it! LOL!!!
    Agreeing with Sweet, this goes very nicely with a hot hot cup of coffee!!
    Love ya hon! Thanks for the tease!
    Have a great day!

  5. @Chris: I bet it's the scene not the pic that causes you to fan, right? ;)

    @Sweet Vernal Zephyr: Wakes you up, huh! :)

    @A Buckeye Girl Reads: Did no one tell you to never visit my blog while at work, LOL!

    @Mandi: It's a quickie from EC but it's really good. I think you'll like it!

    @Silver: It is very romantic! Enjoy, hon :)

  6. @Cecile: Anything to tease.. uh... please you, sweetie ;)

  7. You are such a tease... **Evil smiles** I know you secretly love teasing us, lmbo!!!

  8. @ Chris - pass that fan please!!

    Wow, hot scene, and that pic...I <3 tattoos - delish!

  9. @Cecile: LOL! I'm all for sharing as well! I just want you to know what I am enjoying :)

    @Chris: Wasn't hard to guess ;)

    @Patti: I'm loving me some tattoos too :)

  10. Zane & Aidan are driving me crazy. I now needs to cool down with some ice chips ffeeww.

    Love the pic and smutty scene Janna, in case that wasn't clear ;)

  11. Thanks for the wonderfully sexy pic!!

    I loved that scene. Claire writes some very hot stories, doesn't she?

  12. @Leontine: They are a sweet and hot couple indeed :) LOL! It was clear, hon!

    @Lily: She sure does! I really enjoy her writing :)

  13. Hey Janna
    Just the thing to get me motivated to go write. Thanks for the sexy pics too.


  14. That is some smut you brought today ;)

  15. @Kris: That's great :) Glad I could help ;)

    @Blodeuedd: You know me, smut is my middle name :)

  16. Yummy! I have to read that book!

  17. @Eyre: You mean, you haven't already!? ;)

    @Kris: Yeah!

  18. Funny I just downloaded Thompson's Handyman m/m book on Sunday. Was so so. I love this excerpt, I got sexy goosebumps all over me.

  19. @Smokinhot: I haven't read Handyman so I can't compare, but I thought Blind Faith was not just so so, but pretty good. The end was maybe a bit too much 'walking toward the setting sun' cardboard like, but I'm a sucker for stories in which one of the characters has to deal with some sort of physical disability! I think you'll like this one too considering the sexy goosebumps :)

  20. This is one of my faves by Claire:)

  21. I love this book... such a simple plot, but pack a punch...

    One of the best scenes -Zane was too sweet...


  22. @Molly Daniels: It's a really good one indeed!

    @EH: I admit Zane touched my soft spot too...


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