Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reading List – February 2010 & Some Book News and Man Candy

It’s a busy week at work so I’ve (had) hardly time to bloghop or write a blogpost, but I finally wrote one. The bloghopping will have to wait a little bit longer… sorry for that!

First some book news.
There’s some exciting news about Tere Michael’s new book: the sequel to Faith & Fidelity will be released at March 23 on the Loose Id site! Thanks to Chris for the heads up! :)
It’s called Duty & Devotion and will have the characters from Love & Loyalty featured as supporting roles too. I so want to read that!

Another wonderful M/M author released a new book yesterday: Catch Me If You Can by L.B. Gregg (on the Samhain website). And if you want a chance of winning this funny, sexy book, go over to Chris’ blog @ Stumbling over Chaos and enter her contest.

And finally here’s my Reading List for February. I only read 10 romances last month, but I enjoyed a lot of them very much! I haven’t written a review about Snowed In by Aile & Urban (yet) but I really liked that novella. It’s very hot and full of sweet moments too. It’s an M/M/M in which three friends stay in a cabin and get snowed in. One guy is bisexual the other two straight and they start experimenting for the sake of the erotic romance one of them is writing. The sex scenes are really sexy, sweet, exiting, tender and arousing. In one word: hawt!
There are a few other titles that don’t have a link to an earlier review. Either I won’t review them anymore or I will when I finish the series (Adrien English Mysteries).

And at the end of the post I have some candy. Enjoy!

1. This Side of Heaven by Fallon Blake, 4.5 stars
2. Seeing You by Dakota Flint, 4 stars
3. Upwardly Mobile by Clare London, 3.5 stars
4. Fatal Shadows (Adrien English Mystery Series #1) by Josh Lanyon, 4 stars
5. A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English Mystery Series #2) by Josh Lanyon, 4.5 stars
6. Racing Hearts (A Calculated Risk\An Outside Chance\This Time Around) by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Nancy Warren, Dorien Kelly, 2.5-3 stars
7. Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy, 5 stars
8. Magnus by Jambrea Jo Jones, 3 stars
9. The Runaway Man by Jambrea Jo Jones, 3.5 stars
10. Snowed In by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban, 4.5 stars



  1. Yummy cookies!

    Thanks for the contest mention, too! :)

    So much to read, so much to read. :D

  2. Great list of books you've got there. I really want to read Fallon's book. In fact I better go make sure it's on my Goodreads list. :)

    And thanks for the hot goodies at the end. Yum.

  3. Hey Janna is there a sequel to Faith and Fidelity out..? Is it Love and Loyalty?

    You are going to love Catch Me If You Can can't wait for your review.

  4. Lovely pictures!

    You were right about Tigers and Devils! It was spectacular.

    I can't wait for Tere Michael's new book. I loved her first two.

  5. @Chris: You're welcome! Of course I only mentioned the contest because I already have the book ;)

    @Eliza: Thanks :) Yeah, Fallon's book is really worth your time! It's a great read. Can't wait for the second book :)

    @KC: Love & Loyalty is featuring different main characters than F&F (one of its side characters, Jim, and his lover, Griffin), but Duty & Devotion, which is released March 23, will be a direct sequel to Faith & Fidelity with the same main characters, Matt and Evan! And apparently Jim and Griffin are being featured in D&D as supporting roles too :)

  6. @Eyre: Thanks! And yay for Tigers and Devils :D I'm so happy that you loved it too. Simon made quite an impression on me, he's still popping up in my head sometimes!

    I still have to read Love & Loyalty but I will before March 23, now I know D&D has Jim in it as well.

  7. I still have both of Tere's books to read. I'll have to pick up this third so I can read them all together. LOVED Tigers and Devils! Love, love, LOVED it.

    I bought LB's yesterday, now I just have to read it. I won a copy of Ava March's new one too. From A Far. Need to get to that one too. BUT...I have 3 beta reads to do first. Darn it. lol

  8. Sounds like some excellent reads! I love the man candy too!

  9. You did some good reading this month! I loved Tigers and Devils, I think I've mentioned it a few times. ;D

    Thanks for sharing the man candy, YUM!

  10. Great books there on your list! I have Faith & Fidelity and the Adrien English books - for some reason they keep getting pushed back onto my TBR. Must stop that!!

  11. Thanks for the info on Duty and Devotion. I am so excited for March 23. I love love love Matt and Evan...and of course Jim and Griffin aren't so bad either. ;-)

  12. Smut crack Smut crack Smut crack
    **pounding fist**
    LMBO!!!!! Yea, I am pimping my own! But honey, you are sooo good!!! LMBO! Love ya hon!

  13. Love the list Janna...

    A mix bag - but some winners I see...

    No Urban Fantasy this month I see... Let see what paranormal lurk you in this month...

    I am on a menage high at the moment...Blame Ms. M...

    I so cannot wait for Tere's new book - Counting down the day on the calendar...


  14. @Jambrea: I think you'll like Tere Micheal's books very much. I'm hoping for a little more smexing between Matt and Evan this time ;)

    I'm so happy that you loved Tigers and Devils! Yay, the group of lovers get bigger and bigger :)

    I can't wait to start reading Catch Me If You Can either. I'll read it right after I finished Conquest, another great M/M read!

  15. @Laurie: Don't forget to bring your bib when you come to my place, hon *g*

    @Heather: Yeah, they were excellent, a good mix!

    @Lily: Yep, you mentioned it a few times, but I can't hear nor say it enough how great TaD is :D

  16. @Patti: You really must stop that!! LOL! You're missing out on some good books :D

    @Samantha: LOL! I haven't met Jim and Griffin as a couple yet, but I know Matt and Evan are great together. So, I'm as excited as you! Woot! :D

    @Silver: Thanks hon! Feel free to take them to your place :)

  17. @Cecile: LOL! I know you have great smut, hon! I'll come over to drool at yours soon :) And back atcha!

    @EH: Glad you like my list! There's one paranormal book though: This Side of Heaven! But yeah, I read a lot of contemporary last month. I love my M/M smut that way ;)
    And I'll join you and MsM in the menage reads in a bit. Snowed In definitely tasted like more :)

  18. Now you've had a adventurous reading month Janna, I'm actually to lazy this week for a sum-up post of what I've been reading the last month but it's been a total of 8 books and Chris Owen's/ Jodi Payne's SUBMISSION really captured my attention with Tobias and Noah. Looking forward to how their relationships evolves :)

    And hon, thank you for the 3rd pic, I was in need for some hot man-candy. I'm eyeballs deep in Angelology which has no smut, no romance but lots of myths, angels and a nun discovering it all. I'm so going for a M/M story after this one, I'm almost in detox LOL

  19. First...what is it with you and amazing eye candy?????? I was innocently (yeah I know no one believes me) browsing through my GoogleReader when my eyes got caught on the hottie on the chair in your post. I started drooling immediately. This blog will get me dehydrated for sure. ;)

    Snowed In sounds very interesting! I'll keep my eyes open for that one. Adventurous men willing to try new things *g* sounds great!
    Have a great day =)

  20. @Leontine: Oh it could have been a lot more adventurous, for example with some hot D/s books ;) I really liked Noah and Tobias too! There's another series I only read the first two books from and that I need to finish :D
    Angelology sounds boring ;) I think I prefer an M/M story all the time... I mean no smut, no romance O_o I would get depressed!

    @pattepoilue: I don't know, the amazing eye candy just rings my door bell and I'm happy to let them in, lol!
    Yeah, I think Snowed In would be a great story for you! It would be perfect for adventurous girls (you) trying new things (m/m)! I highly recommend this story and these authors! :D Didn't you have The One That Got Away from them on the shelves? ;)

  21. @Janna Why isn't the amazing eye candy ringing my bell? LOL
    I do have it on my shelves! Well Hello mister One That Got Away, sorry you won't get away from me today! Mouahahah (<== ignore the crazy lady)

  22. @pattepoilue: LOL! Well, I will send them your way, but I'll keep the hottest ones for myself of course ;)
    I hope that you'll enjoy The One That Got Away :) And when you don't let him get away then please tell me what your thoughts are, okay? Happy reading, crazy lady! :D

  23. quote: Angelology sounds boring ;) I think I prefer an M/M story all the time... I mean no smut, no romance O_o I would get depressed!

    It isn't your kind of read for sure but I love Dan Brown, Anne Rice, Katherine Neville etc too so it's no hardship for me *wink* Though my book craving really needs some serious smut after that to balance it again LOL

  24. LOL! You better keep balanced, hon :)
    You know, I've read Dan Brown and others, but if there's no romance (or smut) involved I rather read some Dutch female writers like Rascha Peper, Vonne van der Meer or Renate Dorrestein or authors like Ian McEwan, J.M. Coetzee or Gabriel Garcia Marquez. They never bore me, so no hardship there for me either :D

  25. As always love the eyecandy! You had a great book month!

  26. Thanks hon! Yep, I read some pretty great books :) I hope your book month was good too!


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