Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & What I'm Reading


I’m glad it’s Friday again but I can’t believe another week went by just like that!
Ah well, I found the perfect gay couple to start my weekend with, I hope you like the pic, and I’m reading a very hot and enjoyable M/M romance at the moment: Conquest by S.J. Frost. It’s about rock stars Evan and Jesse, one a new and upcoming star the other an experienced singer who suddenly quit his music career a couple of years ago. Their relationship is intense, both physically and emotionally. And not only for them, for me, as a reader, as well.
I’ve almost finished it and after that I start reading Catch Me If You Can by L.B. Gregg, a book I’ve been jonesing for and that was released this week.

Hope you have great books to read this weekend too!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Every picture I've seen of those two is awesome!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of Catch Me If You Can! And also to see if you feel the need to read it twice like I did (first fast because I had to know who dunnit, the second to savor).

  2. Friday :D Wohooo

    Nice pic as always, but then you do find the best for gay friday

  3. That picture is a winner!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  4. Gorgeous pic. Must get Catch Me If You Can this weekend.

  5. What do you think so far of Catch Me? I think it's one of LB Gregg's best books so far.

  6. You're hottie of the week is looking at me like he wants to do all the wild, wicked and wanton things with me...can I bite he lower lip *ROWR*

    TGIF for me too, I had a date from hell with hubby, me and Praxis. I'm telling ya, I don't deal well with construction, handyman issues and when wall paint color turns out all wrong I'm looking like a cranky b*tch, hubby sighs, works his magic as a painter and he creates the wallpaint color I want.

    I felt like a nasty b*tch for glaring at him like it was all his fault.

    This sunday I will be all Zen again with DOMINATION from Chris Owen :) Have a great weekend hon!

  7. @Chris: I hardly ever read books twice! When I'm enjoying a book or feel the need to read fast, I slow down! Silly, huh?

    @Blodeuedd: Thanks, hon :D

    @Eyre: I agree :) Hope your weekend is great too!!

  8. @Tam: I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Catch Me If You Can!

    @KC: I know you do, hon! That's one of the reasons why I want to read this book this weekend. I start reading it right after I finish Conquest tonight :)

    @Leontine: He's gorgeous, isn't he? His lips, his eyes *sigh*
    LOL re your date from hell! I know all about those, we practically rebuild are house over the past years. And now that we're ready we probably going to move to another city because of hubby's job. The date with hell will start all over again ;)
    Oh, you're in for some good time with Noah and Tobias! Enjoy, hon!

  9. I dunno, I'm kinda thinking those boys look like the Lachey brothers. You know, Nick and Drew. Kinds creepy to see them kissing like that LMBO!! I can't wait to get to LB Greggs Catch Me If You Can!! Happy Friday my sweet. xoxo

  10. @FV: *g* Nick and Drew are not very wellknown overhere, so I didn't think of them :)
    I look forward to your thoughts about Catch Me, hon!

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh my Friday is now complete!!!!!! Thank you. Ahhhhhhhhh

  12. Thanks for the hot Gay Friday pic!!

    I've got Conquest in my TBR and LB's book in my TBB. I'm really looking forward too reading them.

  13. @Cecile: you're welcome, hon!

    @Lily: I'm so curious what you think of both books. I've finished Conquest last night and I'm still making up my mind. The last part changed my opinion a little bit...
    I started Catch Me this morning and the opening scene was great and sucking me right into the story. So, it's promising :D


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