Monday, March 8, 2010

My little white lies, here's the truth

I guess I owe you some answers regarding the liar’s game, well here it goes:

1. I used to be a stewardess for KLM (a Dutch airline company). Lie, although I’ve traveled a lot, not as much as a stewardess.

2. As a teenager I won a few championships in speed skating. Lie, I’ve only won a few medals in tennis and was quite an active soccer player and racketball player, but never were any good in speed skating.

3. I only need 5-6 hours sleep per night. True, I can even function reasonably well on 3-4 hours sleep, but every now and then I have to catch up and sleep 9-10 hours.

4. My favorite pets are dogs. Nope, I like them too, but my favorites are cats because they are so wonderfully headstrong.

5. Me and hubby were both virgins when we married. Lie, although we were young when we became a couple (19 and 20 years) we had both some experience with relationships and sex.

6. I’m a freelance writer and get my work published in magazines. True, every now and then I complain here at my blog about my deadlines, because I’m a champion at procrastinating. I write about books, writers (including interviews), book clubs and city trips with a book theme (like Kafka’s Prague, Joyce’s Dublin and the literary landmarks of New York).

7. I’ve lived part of my youth in England. Lie, I lived part of my youth in Germany, not England. I had an English boyfriend though and that’s why I went there quite a few times.

Only Sagi had both answers right (and Marissa, but she took three guesses ;)). Congratulations Sagi! Most of you had guessed #3 was true though. You’re all winners for me, lol!


  1. OH mymymy! I love when are all winners!! LMBO!! You are too funny girl!
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    Hugs to you hon!

  2. So even though I apparently don't know you at all, I get a cookie anyway? Aww.

  3. Me too! LOL Thanks for the eye candy.

  4. Hey Cecile, Chris & Jenna,
    What can I say. I like to hand out some presents ;)
    Although I must admit that I am a little disappointed in those who had both answers wrong, lol.
    No, I don't mind, it's not like I tell a lot of personal stuff at my blog!
    Although... seriously, me and hubs both virgins when we met?! LOL!! Hubby is cracking up about that :D

  5. Nice, very very nice. I thought you must have lived in England since you have such good English. Ah well, I think I got one right.

  6. I only got one right too - thanks for the consolation prize!

  7. @Tam: aww that's sweet of you to say. I really don't know if I make a lot of stupid mistakes in English all the time, lol, otherwise I wouldn't make them. So it's nice to know I'm doing okay ;) Yep, you got one right, that's better than I scored at yours :)

    @Patti: *grin*, yeah the second one would have been too funny (virgins), although sweet like you said :) You're welcome, hon! You can take them home with you ;)

  8. Lucky all of us! Great eye candy!!

  9. Wow Janna you are kinda a big deal *grin* I don't know how you can blog & work around deadlines!

    P.S. KC likes the pretties A LOT

  10. Lier lier pants on fire! ;)
    Yup I would not have done good

  11. I love the pics!!!! Very rewarding, can we do another round LOL..

  12. Sure, let's take it to your place ;) When are you going to reveal your true answers (and treat us with some candy)? LOL! Can't wait for your answers, hon :)


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