Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday’s Hot Couple, but no Sexy Smutty Scene

The thing is, I suspect, ah heck I know, that some of you are really counting on my Monday’s hot couple pic and sexy scene. But this week I don’t feel like browsing through my TBR pile looking for a hot part.
And that’s because I got some pretty bad news today. Some of you may know that our lovely cat Binny is having health troubles; a few weeks ago he started sneezing blood. Luckily after one week it stopped, but he still has pus coming from his nose. And because of that the vet examined him this morning while he was under narcosis.
And it didn’t look good. He’s having a lot of dead tissue and possibly a tumor. She took a swap which is send to the lab for further research now and hopefully we will hear more this week. But he is in pain and she doesn’t know how to treat him anymore. Because of his kidney disease she can’t give him most painkillers and because of his diabetes he can’t get prednisone either. So, I took him home but probably by the end of the week we have a very difficult decision to make *sob*.

That’s why there’s no sexy scene today, but a hot couple pic I can do. Here it is:

Hope you all have a better Monday & week ahead than me! I’ll be cuddling a lot!


  1. Oh, I am SO, SO sorry to hear that about your kitty, Janna.

    *big hug*

  2. Thanks, Chris! You'll keep your fingers crossed that it's all going to be okay, won't you? I still have a little bit of hope.

  3. So, sorry about the Kitty:( I hope you can get some good news out of this. I love cats myself.
    BTW, I like the piture.

  4. *HUGS* I'm SO sorry about your cat, I know how hard it is. We want to keep them the more we can but if they are suffering the decision is easier to make. :/

    I wanted to let you know that I listened to your advice and read The One That Got were right, it's an amazing book! I couldn't stop smiling it was so perfect. How am I gonna top that now?

  5. Aaaaawww honey... {{{{Hugs to you}}}} You are to kind to even post a picture. I can only imagine how you feel. My two pups are my world. So, know that he is my kittie prayers. {{{{{Hugs to you some more cuz I feel you need them}}}}}

  6. So sorry to hear about your kitty. Sending hugs and good vibes...

  7. Hon, I'm so sorry to hear about your house tiger ((hugs)) These decisions are the hardest to make as a pet owner!! Enjoy the time you still have with him and we'll be here for you, smutty scenes or not!!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your pet. In my family we also tend to think of our animals as one of 'us', so I know how hard this must be for you...hang in there!
    Btw, that guy in that pict needs to be smiling at me like that...hawt!

  9. @laurie: Thank you hon! I hope so too. Glad you like the pic :)

    @pattepoilue: Thank you, sweetie. I know you're talking from experience *hugs*
    About The One That Got Away: I must say you started with one of the best :) How are you gonna top that? Uhm, well you can read Tigers and Devils or Faith & Fidelity. Both were 5 star reads for me like TOTGA, but the smexing is more off page in those two books. But there are so many more great m/m books out there, you'll love most of them :D

  10. @Janna I have to check out Faith and Fidelity. I've heard you say a lot of good about Tigers and Devils, I'm only worried about the football part lol I'm NOT a sports fan ;) Do you think I'd still enjoy it? lol It looks amazing. I'm very tempted.
    I think I'll start reading the Adrien English series when I get my ereader, they look great!
    Thanks again for recommending the One That Got Away it was perfect for me! I'm still grinning like an idiot

  11. @Cecile: Thanks so much, hun! Yeah, that's a good way of expressing it: he is the world to me!

    @Jamie: That means a lot to me, thank you so much!

    @Leontine: You know how it is to love your pets that much, dogs in your case. It's not easy, even if you know that this day will come eventually... Thanks for the nice words, sweetie!

  12. @Mar: Thanks, sweets. It's exactly like that, he's one of us, and he's the last of three we've left. So he's very dear to us!
    Glad you liked the pic and that is a great smile!

    @pattepoilue: Yes, F&F is worth checking out, it has a lot more angst in it though than TOTGA, so keep your tissues at hand ;)
    And Tigers and Devils is not heavy on the football part, at least I didn't thinks so. Only in the beginning there's some talk about being supporters of one team or the other which was a little bit detailed, but that's all. I think you'll fall in love with Simon's way of telling :) I bet you'll love it!
    And Adrian English is just as funny, Adrien's and Simon's voices are alike. Let me know if you want more recs :)

  13. @Miranda: Aww, thanks so much! You guys make me cry with all your warm, friendly responses.

  14. *g* Thank you Janna, I WILL be coming back to you for more M/m recommendations!You are my official M/M pimp! I loved reading M/M you were right.
    For now I think I will buy Tigers and Devils =D

  15. Yay! That's great, pattepoilue! Let me know what you think of it! :)

  16. Janna,

    *SOB* Hun, I feel for you! I know what you must be going through-- I've had to lose a few of my own babies (cats) in years past, and each one was a break to my heart. I still miss them...

    I will keep Binny in my thoughts and prayers-- let us hope that everything will turn out okay! But if he's in so much pain... If only there was some way to knock the pain out, huh?

    Cuddle with him now, I know that it will help both of you-- love may be the closest thing to a miracle pain killer! And try not to dwell on the negative, think of all the happy times-- if Binny's anything like my dear kitties, I know there has probably been plenty! *Wink*

    We're here for you, Janna! *Hugs* And we won't hold it against you for not having a smutty scene-- believe me, I understand! Plus, the pic was more than enough. :D


  17. Janna, I'm so sorry to hear that Binny is doing so poorly. I hope the vet is able to help him. Big hugs to you and hubby and lots of well wishes for Binny.

  18. Oh honey I am so so sorry to hear about your beloved Binny. I am a huge cat lover myself we have three at the moment and they get to be just like family truly. BIG HUGS and I pray he will get better and that they can cure him hon.

  19. @TBQ: Thanks so much, sweetie! Your words warmed my heart (and brought some more tears to my eyes ;)). I'm cuddling him whenever I can, he's in my lap right now :) And he has certainly given us many happy times. He is the kindest and sweetest cat there is! *big hugs*

    @Lily: Thank you, hon! It means a lot to me :)

    @JennJ: That's so sweet of you, thanks dear. Here's to hoping your three kitties stay healthy for a long, long time!

  20. O hon I am so sorry for you... I know how you feel. I am a huge cat lover, and my Tijger has a heart disease, I have to inject him every day, they said he only had 4 more weeks but is still hanging in, he is tough and fortunately not in pain. Wish you strength and wisdom this week to make such a difficult decision. Hugs XOXO

  21. Aw thanks, Marissa! I'm really sorry to hear about your Tijger having health issues too. I wish I had some magical stick that could make both Tijger and Binny better again! I hope you can enjoy your Tijger for a much longer time, hun!

    (As if Binny felt I was talking about him he came to me and jumped into my lap just a second ago)
    *hugs for you and Tijger*

  22. Hey Janna,
    Sorry to hear about you cat. Wish I could say the right thing, but there's not much to say.

    I hope they can treat Binny and your cuddles continue.


  23. So sorry to hear about your kitty, Janna. Sending you positive thoughts.

  24. @Kris: Thanks, it's very wonderful to feel your support, with or without words ;)

    @Renee: Thank you for the positive thoughts, hon. I received them well :)

  25. Huge hugs to you and Binny. My heart hurts for you and Binny and your hubby. Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. We're all here for you if you need us.


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