Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lusting for Covers – Duty & Devotion by Tere Michaels

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers. This meme is hosted by TBQ.

The cover that I picked this week is the one from Tere Michaels’ Duty & Devotion. It’s her third book after Faith & Fidelity and Love & Loyalty and it’s the sequel of Faith & Fidelity telling Evan and Matt’s continuing story. I have been waiting for this book and the first glimpse I got from the cover was today over at Wave’s site. It’s released coming Tuesday, March 23.

Why this cover? First, it fits perfectly in the series of three covers. The cover art is a mirror of that from the other two books, with the city skyline in the middle, the police badge below and the eye catcher of the cover: the two semi-bare male torso’s and slightly cut off heads. I’m not too fond of the cut off heads in general but luckily here they’re just partly cut off. And what’s left of them is yummy enough to leave me drooling. The three covers all have a different color, where the first was brown/reddish and the second blue, this third one is purple. And purple happens to be one of my favorite colors. I can’t wait until it’s Tuesday to get my hands on Matt and Evan’s follow up story!

Back blurb:
After their happily ever after in Faith & Fidelity, Matt and Evan move forward to a new chapter of their lives – inside the bedroom and out – with some surprises in store for both. Evan struggles with labels and feelings even as he wants to give in to his baser desires. Matt , now the ideal househusband of Queens, New York, has his own set of struggles – who is he now? What does he need and want?
A visit from his friend and one-night stand Jim Shea (of Love & Loyalty) throws everything into disarray as Evan’s jealousy and unease push Matt’s buttons – and not always in a good way.

Tere Michaels’ website
Duty & Devotion @ Loose Id


  1. Love purple. :) Definitely looking forward to Tuesday!

  2. Nice cover! Yay for Tuesday!!

  3. Of course my eyes are on the men, I love their profiles :D The overall cover would definitely attract my attention too!

    PS: Hon, when you find Tobias, Noah and Phantom murmering to you, please answer their call. I needs to talk some DEVIATIONS novels with someone :) I'm so selfish today *hangs head in shame*

  4. That is one hot, sexy cover.

  5. ::jumps up and down:: S' coming 's coming, I can't wait for Duty & Devotion.

  6. @Chris: And not only because it's purple I can't wait ;)

    @Mandi: *g* I know you've been jonesing for this one as much as I have!

    @Blodeuedd: Think about what you'll miss :)

    @Leontine: You would love Evan and Matt, hon! :D
    The last Deviation books are calling out to me! I won't wait much longer before I pick up this series again :) We can talk all night long then...

    @Mar: I'm glad you think so ;)

    @KC: *jumping with you* Me neither! I wish it was Tuesday already :)

  7. Janna,

    Thanks for participating in this week's L4C! :D

    Mmm, yummy. A half naked guy on the cover-- really, is their any other option for a book? Oh, right, TWO half naked guys, like for this one! :D

    I have to say, not been big into M/M erotica, but the more books you showcase on your blog, the more I'm tempted to pick up a few and try it again! :D Maybe after my pile goes down a bit first...


  8. @TBQ: *grin* When you start reading m/m (again) the two half naked guys on the covers is a sure thing :)
    I think it's important which m/m book you pick when you're not used to reading it. You should try the ones that are more focused on the romance and relationship part first, the too erotic and explicit sex part is perhaps better to be avoided ;)
    If you need some recs after your tbr pile went down a bit, just let me know :)

  9. I love that cover! I'm a fan of the semi-bare male torso ;)

  10. @Heather: I'm glad you are! I can feel you're getting ready for you m/m week ;)

  11. I love this cover. It's my favorite of the three since I love the color purple. Looking forward to reading it.

  12. You know how to make my inner hussy ROAR!!!! Love you honey!!!

  13. I am ready, I am ready - I have cleared my shelf and am so ready for this book...


  14. @Lily: It's my favorite too because of the color :)

    @Cecile: LOL! A naked chest will do it every time ;)

    @EH: *g* Now I'm wondering about how long it took you to clear your shelf ;)

  15. I haven't read this series, but I've a friend who adored Faith & Fidelity, so I'm hoping to read that soon!


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