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Interview & Giveaway with Mia Watts

I’m pleased to have author Mia Watts here at my blog. Today her new ebook Freeze Frame will release at Resplendence publishing and next Monday Dangerous Distraction at Total E-bound.

Hey everyone! Thanks for letting me on your blog, Janna.

Let's start with telling me 5 things we don’t know about you, Mia.

Shit. Five? That’s the number after four, right? There’s like, I dunno, math in this interview. Um, okay… five… 1. I hate math. 2. When I eat Skittles or M&Ms, I separate them by color first and eat the red ones last. 3. Which reminds me, I eat the topping off of pizza first, then the crust because I don’t want to fill up on bread. 4. (I could tell you anything right now, and you’d have to believe me, because ain’t none of you ever met me.) I can wiggle my ears. Um, okay, AN ear. The other one doesn’t cooperate. 5. This is my fourth incarnation in the writing world.

How interesting! Hmmm, sounds like you want to stay mysterious ;), we better start talking about your books then. Freeze Frame is the third book in your Faerily Imperfect series. What is this series about? And can we read the books as stand-alones?

The mom is a wholly faery, but she’s kind of a ditz. Since she married a mortal and dared to have five kids, the faery world gave each child a curse/gift in the form of one faery ability. The catch is, it only works as well as their mother is smart. Basically, it’s unreliable. Each book covers the story of one sibling.

The books are stand-alones. I didn’t want to pressure m/m readers into reading a new genre or m/f readers into reading something which makes them uncomfortable. The books are about siblings so they pop up from time to time in each other’s books. Still, no cross-over. Or cross-dressing. I swear. That’s in She’s Got Balls (RP). :)

Can you tell us a little about the two heroes from Freeze Frame?

Yes. I can.

LOL, okay let me rephrase that: What can you tell us about them?

Aw, shucks. I figured that last one for short and sweet. ;) LOL. The heroes are Dill and Mason. Dill is the faery sibling who freezes time. He’s got the hots for his mark which is a really bad idea since his mark shouldn’t know he’s being followed and now there’s someone out to kill him. Dill has a soft spot for the guy.

Mason doesn’t trust easily. He’s a product of the foster care system gone wrong. No family that cares, no consistent upbringing, just a lot of hard living and now there’s this dude lurking in the shadows who literally freezes him in his tracks. How do you trust someone like that when you can’t trust your own body to move on command? The interesting part is that typically when Dill freezes time (always accidentally) no one knows it’s been frozen unless he moves something…not even his family. Mason, however, does. He is completely cognizant in the frozen moments, he simply can’t answer.
To make matters more interesting, when Dill touches Mason, they switch places. Now Dill is frozen by his own ability and Mason has free reign to move and, well, you’ll have to read the book.

Now, that last tidbit of information makes my mind go places... *ahem* Next week another book of yours will be released, Dangerous Distraction. Is it going to compete with Freeze Frame for attention or is it going to be a totally different story?

It’s completely different. Freeze Frame has that paranormal element to it. Dill, quiet and sultry, falls for hard-assed and jaded Mason. Mason has trouble trusting people since he’s been ripped off in the family department. With Dangerous Distraction, the issue is more about uncloseting your feelings and taking a chance on love. I guess both kind of deal with internal fears, yet they approach them in completely different ways.

I can rarely stay serious for long. Levity is always among the pages. Someone said “hilariously poignant”. I LOVED that phrase and kinda aim that direction with each book.

Only last month another one of your books, FU, did come out. Your writing schedule must be killing you. What do you do to recharge your batteries?

It’s seriously messing me up. I’ve recently pushed a couple of releases. All the Faery books and every TEB book are coming out as scheduled, but the rest are to be determined. I had to break the pace. I work full time, too, so you can imagine what this kind of a load does to someone. I also think I’m out-pacing the market with monthly releases.

But that wasn’t your full question, was it? I do random shit just for fun. Like, last spring, I held a pizza party in an empty parking lot. My friends and I ordered for delivery (took some FAST sexy talking to get the driver to agree. *wink*), we cranked up the volume, and danced. There were some party crashers, but who cares! I think I’m due for another.

Why do you want to write? What’s so fun about it?

The characters excite me. Not gutter-type excitement although that is definitely in there, but core excitement. My brain gets a little orgasmic about the dudes. I get enjoy encounters. Especially first impressions. When a plot revs into action and the guys are clicking, oh baby, their ain’t nuthin’ better.

I agree, there is nothing better to read about too! Do you still have time to read? What is your favorite genre/book as a reader?

Sometimes. I’ve been reading some m/m genre stuff just to make sure I’m not repeating things I’ve written or over used phrases. I’m also reading a helluva lot of marketing stuff. Curse of the day job, but Rich Dad, Poor Dad… yeah, I must be an idiot because I wanted the Rich Dad to give the poor nine year old his freakin’ raise. Can you say, child labor laws??

I read a lot of everything. My love has always been romance. If it’s romantic, it qualifies as a favorite genre, no matter what else it adds.

Do you ever base your characters on real life actors or people you know? Or how do you see your characters in your head?

Never. They just are. It’s tough to explain how they come to be. One day, I’m thinking about a scenario that would be fun and the next the guys are just there taking up head space (pun!). I’m thinking I need to charge rent. Maybe I’ll let them stay for sexual favors. Backrubs!! Yeah, that!

Rofl! Your books have really hot scenes in them. Do you find it hard to write love scenes?

First off—Cool! Thanks! Then: Yes and no. I don’t have the parts my boys have, but I ask a LOT of sexual questions to complete strangers. No shit. Funny thing about that though…they think I’m coming on to them. Go fig…

I love sex. Yep, big surprise. I also really love the cock (pardon me while I take a moment to shiver with pleasure). Writing sex with two cocks is, well, difficult (says, Mia, trying not to use the word “hard” while discussing cocks and sex). It’s like a puzzle plot that I have a lot of logistical things to think through. I’ve had my editor write me back a couple of times with, “Um. No, Mia. You cannot have a standing three man love-chain with a fourth guy underneath them licking all their balls.” I still say you can. Where there’s a will, there’s a Mia with lube.

LOL! Do you tell everyone that you write erotic romance?

Hell no. No one in my real life knows. Let me rephrase that. Critical individuals in my real life know and they keep that secret very, very well for large sums of money on a quarterly payment cycle. Did I mention I’m broke?

Seriously? My boss would have twenty cows simultaneously and boy howdy would that give him a hemorrhoid or two. I bet you twenty to one, he’d make me apply the damn cream.

We can't have that *grin*. Is readers feedback important for you? (How) does it affect your writing?

More than anything. I love knowing what works for people. What turns you on, what flipped your switch, what makes you run for the vibrator even when your kids are home from school? I want to know because I’m going to give you more of it.

It affects my writing a lot. I’m writing a couple of sequels BECAUSE readers wrote my publisher and asked. That is incredibly flattering. I find myself getting sappy-eyed over those letters. Unworthy. Also, I try harder when I know there are readers waiting. BUT GOD I love to make you LAUGH! It’s even better than knowing you think the sex is hot.

You certainly succeed in making me laugh! Your writing is dripping with humor imo :). What’s the secret of writing funny scenes?

Um. Wow. If I knew that one, I’d be rich and on TV. I don’t know. I think it has to do with timing and looking for humor in everything you see around you. I hate drama and tears and shit. I laugh instead of crying most of the time. Not a great trait at, say, funerals, but for everything else, it relieves tension and serves me pretty well. An ex of mine told me I should do stand-up. I disagree. I don’t think I could carry a stage because you talk AT people instead of feeding off their experiences. On stage, it’s about you. In life, in books, in conversation, it’s about the other person and hopefully, digging on yourself. So if that’s funny, GREAT! Hopefully it will always just be seen as fun with a chuckle.

Thank you for telling me that, by the way. I get such a charge out of knowing people laughed. I think it’s the best compliment you can get.

You're welcome! How can readers send you their compliments and feedback or contact you? (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Please, write me! I would love it. I actually have a folder of letters from fans because this job we do is tough. We get ripped off by ePirates, we get slammed in the reviews, we hardly get paid to make it financially beneficial, so the perks come down to hearing from you. You can find me at,

What are your next projects?

My next project is Reasonable Doubt for TEB. It’s a sequel to Bad Boys, Bad Boys (by popular reader demand for more). I’m also working on Boiling Point which is Fauna Harper’s story in the Faerily Imperfect series. She’s the one who keeps disappearing at random intervals. Makes dating kinda tough on the poor girl.

The next books out are, Boiling Point and Melting Melinda. Both are m/f.

Thank you very much for visiting my place today, Mia! I’m really looking forward to your new books. And there are certainly many to look out for!

Thank YOU for having me!! I’m so glad to be here!



Mia Watts has generously offered an ebook copy of either her romance Freeze Frame or Dangerous Distraction for giveaway. Both are M/M romances.

Giveaway is open to everyone, I will announce the winner on March 30.

To enter the giveaway, follow my blog, leave a comment on this post and tell me, which of the two books you would like to win and why.

Good luck to you all!

Backblurb Freeze Frame:
Dill Harper can freeze time. It’s a faery gift which only works at the most inopportune times. Now he’s on a case for Harper Security, watching the very delectable ass of Mason Haliday, a man worth having, who doesn’t want to be had. When an unknown enemy puts a hit on Mason, the client and Dill are worried about the outcome. But how can Mason trust his heart to the man who’s been spying on him, despite the way Dill makes him feel under and over the covers?

Backblurb Dangerous Distraction:
An afterhour’s dare has Detective David Rook kissing the sexiest pair of lips he’s seen in a long time. He doesn’t expect it will shake his closeted lifestyle to the core. Now ATF Agent Nate Giamanti is working with him on a case, Rook can’t avoid his forbidden desires.
Nate challenges Rook with every encounter, but when Rook backs off, Nate doesn’t want the drama that goes with hiding his sexuality, even if it means he could have a lot more of the detective in his bed. When their suspect trains his sights on Nate, will Rook finally get queened or lose the game to a killer?


  1. Hi Mia and Janna
    Oh was I first, cool!
    Great interview, no need to enter me, I shouldn't enter ebook contest since it takes me forever to read them, and that is only if I have to...yup better put that ereader on my wishlist

  2. I love how honest she is and how comfortable she is with sex and all.
    I'm guessing her books are damn hot and I definitely cannot wait to read them!

    Do enter me in the contest, who knows, I might be reading one by april 1st! ;)

  3. LOL..this interview has me laughing :) I really enjoyed it!! No need to enter me.

  4. This interview had me laughing! I really have to try one of her books! I'd love to win a copy for Freeze Frame.

  5. LMAO...OMG I think I love Mia now.
    Loved the interview. BF thinks I'm crazy again cuz I laugh so much and won't tell him about what. But to be honest how can I make a serious face and tell him I'm laughing about

    "Um. No, Mia. You cannot have a standing three man love-chain with a fourth guy underneath them licking all their balls.” I still say you can. Where there’s a will, there’s a Mia with lube.

    ROFL. I have to do some eBook shopping now.

    I would love to win a copy of Freeze Frame.
    Hope both of you have a great day!

  6. LMAO!! I laughed so much with this interview! Loved it, Mia is so funny.

    “You cannot have a standing three man love-chain with a fourth guy underneath them licking all their balls.”
    Lol,Now I'm picturing the scene!

    I laughed so much I'm pretty sure I will love Mia's humor in her books.
    Count me in for Freeze Frame, my curiosity has been picked!

  7. *waves at Mia and Janna*

    That was a fun interview! I'm really excited about the sequel to Bad Boys, Bad Boys - I love that book!

  8. What a great interview Janna and Mia. I really do love Mia's sense of humour. It's hard to write a whole book with humour, not just a scene or two. She does a great job. I loved the first fairy book (no girl cooties for me though ;-) but I'll definitely be checking this one out. Good job.

    "You cannot have a standing three man love-chain with a fourth guy underneath them licking all their balls

    Ummm. Your editor needs to watch way more porn because trust me, you can. LOL

  9. TAM! I'm sooooo copying your comment and sending it to her. *AHEM* Christine Allen-Riley, you hot studette of editorialship, did you see that? CLEARLY you need to watch more manlove porn. heh.

    Plus um, she isn't a wholly faery or even a holy faery. *grin* Just "completey" faery. This, folks, is why I need an editor.

    Janna this was a blast and a half. Thank you for the opportunity. Chris, you always make me smile hon. Thanks for stopping in!

    Susi,Hilda, Mandi, Blod., Patte, Buckeye... Thank you all. May the holy faeries smile upon thee with a lovechain visual allllll day. I'm a giver. ;)

  10. OH Mia oh my you are a pill girlfriend. Loved the interview! And Whoo yoo on sequel to Bad boys can't wait want now...LOL Degressing here. UUMMM If i win I would like Freeze Frame or Dangerous Distraction it really doesn't matter her M/M writing is hot either way.

  11. Cinderella- hey, hon. Thanks for the vote of confidence. You realize that the little sister and some bad poetry have to make another appearance in the sequel, right? I'm warming up my chops for another round.

  12. Hey Mia,
    I love your books...I've been reading the Faerily Imperfect series and I absolutely love it. I would love to win a copy of Freeze Frame b/c it's the latest one in the series and I adore m/m romances.

    Happy Reading

  13. Hiya Anna! Good to see you again. Thank you for the shout out. They've been such a fun series to write, which is weird because I'm not a faery kinda gal... in general. But the ability thing is crazy awesome to write and mess with.

  14. Wonderful interview ladies, I laughed and got hot and bothered all in the same time span LOL

    Where there’s a will, there’s a Mia with lube. Woohoo, Mia powerrrrrrrrrr!

    I've got Mind F*cked & Faery Surprising on my e-reader YAY and now I can't wait to meet your faery men :D

  15. Mia is the best! She's been my intro into m/m - which scared the living pee out of me before I hooked up with Mia!

  16. Fun interview with very eye-opening answers. And I like that you're able to combine humor and steaminess so well. As to which book I'd like, I'd choose Freeze Frame. The concept is unique and paranormal/fantasy is a favorite of mine.

    I'm a follower.

  17. Great interview, ladies. Mia, you never fail to entertain...whether it be in your books, interviews or responses to comments.

    I'd love to win Freeze Frame.

  18. Sandy: Aw,shucks. Thanks. :)

    Joder: Welcome to my scary dark little world. Muhahahahaaaaa!

    Julia: Yo baby. And you were a GOOD hook up. For a good time call 555-...

    Leontine: Hey there! I'm glad to see you more of you hanging around lately. :) Thanks for picking up my other books too.

  19. Hi Mia, I love paranormal romances, especially with a m/m storyline and a bit of humor. Thoroughly enjoyed the excerpt for Freeze Frame and now I can't wait to have to read it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.


  20. Hey you all! I'm home from a hell of a day at the office, where the internet connection was down half of the time! Glad to be here now!!

    Hi Mia, good to see you made yourself at home! I'm so happy to have you here today :) And thanks for making us all laugh and giving away a copy of one of your ebooks! I'm so glad you're 'a giver'! :)

    @Blodeuedd: Yay, you were first! Too bad you don't have a ereader yet, hon! Once you get one it'll rock your world :)

    @Hilda: hi there, welcome hon! Mia's books are hot and funny :)

    @Mandi: I'm glad you enjoyed it, hon!

    @Buckeye Girl: It's good to see you all laughing :) Consider yourself entered, hon!

    @Susi: You mean you don't let BF watch over your shoulder when you visit my blog?! Lol! Yep, that is a hilarious quote *grin*

    @patte: Can't say you don't have a lively imagination ;) I know you will love her humor and her hot men, sweetie! Now your m/m cherry is popped you definitely should give Mia's books a try!

    @Chris: *waves back* Yeah, I knew you would like that tidbit of information! You were the one that rec'd Bad Boys, Bad Boys to me :)

    @Tam: Lucky for us a few of the faery siblings are male and gay ;)
    OMG Now I'm wondering what movie you watched with a scene like that! I want to verify the facts ;)

  21. @Cinderella: Good to see you! I couldn't agree with you more about Mia's M/M :)

    @S7anna: Hi girl! I'm glad you're a fan of this series! :)

    @Leontine: Hey honey! Don't you love it when all of that happens in the same time span?! *grin*

    @Julia: LOL! I would've loved to be a witness of that! ;) And isn't it addictive? *g*

    @joder: Hey hun! You're right about the concept being unique! Consider yourself entered for FF sweetie :)

    @Sandy Jay: Hey girl, good to see you here! I agree, Mia is the one you would love to come to your party (or funeral ;)) because she knows how to make you laugh!
    Freeze Frame it is for you :)

    @Mia: 555-... and then?

    @Cathy: You can scratch 'a bit' before humor, hon! ;) Consider yourself entered for Freeze Frame! :)

  22. Hey Mia! I'd love to win a copy of either book. You always make me laugh and look forward to your new writing. If I have to pick one, it would have to be Freeze Frame, but either one will do for me!

  23. @danae: Great to see you here! It's hard to pick, isn't it!? Well, Freeze Frame it is for you when the gods pick you :)

  24. Hey you know I can wiggle my ears to BOTH of them!! HA! And serously.....That’s in She’s Got Balls (RP). :)

    Shameless plug tut tut tut!!

    If I win I would love a copy of Dangerous Distraction ummm so where do I sign up to follow you blog Janna?

  25. LOL Nevermind I figured it out!!

  26. @perpetua: Hey P! You're one of the first who pick Dangerous Distraction! I bet you already bought your copy of FF, right? The follow thingie is in the right sidebar, nearly at the top!

  27. Great interview! I love that Mia asks people on the street about sex - good way to get an unbiased random sex sampling right ;) I would love FF - the blurb u posted the other day was hot!

  28. @Heather: Thanks hon! I love that too about Mia, lol! And the men thinking she's coming on to them *grin*
    FF it is for you then :)

  29. Mia, so funny! I love your interview. I'd love a copy of Freeze Frame if I win:)

  30. O.M.G.... Freaking hilarious. Yea, I am running over to the ebook store right now. This woman is priceless!! And the interview... earned a hellva lot of laughs. So much tears where threatening to spill and my sides are killing me!!!

    And why do I have to choose... just give me both of them. You asked!!!
    Mia... you are a riot! Janna, thanks for introducing us to her!!!

  31. Heather, not so funny when they don't shut up AFTER you already got the info you needed. Like, DUDE, I don't care that you play peek-a-boo with your foreskin. I'm NOT going to make baby cooing sounds. Geez!

    Cecile, Fantastic to meet you too. There's nothing like an ego stroke to put a smile on a gals face. Men prefer the "happy stick", I prefer a good solid ego stroking. ;)

    But seriously, this has been a fantastic experience. You all are not only highly educated (clearly), but enjoyable company. You have a season ticket of winners here, Janna. Rock on.

  32. Cool interview ladies - you two make a great team....

    I am looking forward to this book...


  33. @Maurya: Welcome at my place! I'm glad you were having a good time with the interview :)

    @Cecile: Hey honey! Heeheee, sorry for the sides pains ;) Thank you for stroking Mia's ego, lol, but you know I would only introduce you to someone I love! You should definitely give her books a try, sweets! Be prepared for more laugh cramps :)
    Ps: of course you want 4 men instead of 2, lol, I could've known *grin*

    @EH: Hey hun! Thanks :)
    You were the one who introduced me to Mia's books!
    Are you entering for Freeze Frame then?

  34. @Mia: They are a great bunch, aren't they :) I'm happy you're enjoying yourself with my 'highly educated' party girlfriends! :)

  35. Hey Janna! You are more than welcome for stroking Ms. Mia's ego.. You know I am always good for that, lmbo!!! Ohhh I will be giving her books a try hon! After this interview... I can not wait to read some of her work.

    PS-> You should have known me.. You gave me the chose of how many men, lmbo!

    Ms Mia, it was a pleasure to meet you! LMBO ->"Men prefer the "happy stick", I prefer a good solid ego stroking. ;)"
    Have a great day!

  36. Hey Girls!

    I'm already a follower and a new Mia Lover! *take that as you will*

    She totally took me by surprise with FU and I loved it! I would be pyched to win Freeze Frame - quirky paranormal is just my style.

    Best wishes and keep up the awesome work! *no pressure or anything*


  37. I laughed, I snorted, I had fun. Hilarious interview!!!

  38. What a great interview ladies. Mia love your sense of humor and glad to hear that comes through in your writing. I look forward to reading Freeze Frame, sounds wonderful.

  39. Well late to the party... again!

    Mia, I first read Bad Boys, Bad Boys cause Petchie kept on and on about how FUNNY it was. So I had to try. Of course I was hooked 'cause humour with romance? That's about the sexiest thing EVER!
    Then you were tempting and teasing us, mercilessly I might add, about Mind F*cked and She's Got Balls. Well girl, you got me hooked real good then. Now I've got all of your books -- well the ones that are out there -- and can hardly wait to play catch-up. You Rock Mia!

    And Janna, how the heck did I never check out your blog? Sheesh.. someone call me a doctor 'cause I'm obviously sick!

    Fantastic interview hon... and Mia, you're just a hoot sweets!

    Best of everything to you both.


  40. Oh... and if I win, the only book that I don't have is Dangerous Distraction.

  41. Fun interview Ladies! I can tell already I'm going to love Mia's books - she's got a great sense of humor. Would love to win Dangerous Distraction.

    *off to check our your site*

  42. @Cecile: I love ya, hon! Even when you're greedy with the men ;)

    @Miranda: I know you're stalking me, sweetie! Lol! Didn't you win FU earlier? It's one book I haven't read yet and really looking forward too because of the multiple menage I hear good things about :) Your name is in the hat for Freeze Frame, hon!

    @KC: Glad you had fun :) Mia's books are right up your alley! I bet you'll love them, since we share the same taste for smut and humor! ;)

    @FV: Thanks hon! Good to see you enjoyed the interview :) You're in the hat for FF!

    @Kathy: Not late at all! I'm glad you're hear to join the party and stroke Mia's ego some more ;)
    Mercilessly tempting and teasing? Yeah, I could see her do that, lol! *nodding* yep Mia rocks!
    Thanks for your compliment about my blog too :) I'm here to serve all the smutty hussy sisters out there, lol, so feel welcome to hang around whenever you want :) It'll make me happy!

  43. @Patti: Hey hon! Didn't I just hear you tweet you would buy She's got Balls for the title alone? :) I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and feel that about Mia's books! DD it is for you, when you're the lucky winner :)

  44. @Janna - After a 2 star read I needed something to pick my spirits up and I'm now reading Mind F*cked. Joe and I share the same fascination for Sage's butt *grin*

    @Mia - It seems my funky read mood is only satisfied with M/M as of lately and I lurve Janna's place so yes, I believe I'm here to stay *wicked laughter*

  45. Great interview! Mia Watts is very refreshing. I'd like to be entered to win Dangerous Distraction.

  46. @Leontine: Dang, poor 2 star rated book. Mia will definitely help you to pick up your spirits! I love the butt quote from Mind F*Cked you tweeted me this afternoon: (Joe regarding Sage) "Don't look at his butt, don't look at his butt...don't...awh damn, moron" Rofl!

    @thepleasurechest: Thanks hon! She is, isn't she? Consider yourself thrown in the hat ;)

  47. AWESOME interview and one of the many reasons I LOVE Mia. :D

    (Also, Mia? Your payment is late this month...)

    No need to enter me, I have every Mia book there is *and* I read an advance copy of Dangerous Distraction because I'm the luckiest one ever. :D

  48. Hi, Jenna and Mia
    Great interview. Dont enter me, I just stopped in to read the interview:)

  49. @Bronwyn: Thanks for stopping by, Bron! Lol, payment huh? Oh you lucky bird for having read DD already :)

    @Laurie: Hi hon! :D Is m/m not your thing or is it the ebook format? I'm glad you did come over though, sweetie!

  50. Hey Mia and Janna:

    Damn thanks for the invite. What a great interview, Mia, you are a hoot!

    If your writing style is anything like your interview, I know I would love it. Your books sound great BTW and I'm going to add to my list.

    Oh and I separate my smarties too. lol

    Thanks again, best.


  51. @Lea: Hi girl, you're welcome :) Happy you enjoyed Mia's humor! Anyone who seperates her smarties I call a friend, heehee!

  52. Oh, thanks for the fun interview and book opportunity! As a new fan of m/m I'm very excited about this... I would prefer Freeze Frame, I think... just because I'm all about the paranormal! Thanks!!

  53. They both sound like they would be good reads, but my choice would definitely be Freeze Frame. I like paranormal and have been noticing that Fae just weren't getting the same amount of books lately, so would love to read a m/m Fae story.

  54. Mia & Janna - thank you! That was a fascinating interview! Mia - your sense of humour came through so well in your answers. If that's how it is on the page, I'm there!

    Oh, decisions. If it's not too later to enter the competition, I'd love too. Ummm. They both sound goo, but I think I'm drawn more towards Dangerous Distraction :)

    All the best with the releases!

  55. What a fun interview, just what I needed to read after this hectic week! I like both books... and those covers..... I am going to put them both on my wishlist!

    Have a great weekend!

  56. @Jen (Twimom), Beth, orannia & Marissa:
    I'm sorry I didn't respond to your comments sooner! But consider yourself entered. :)
    I'm heading over to right now! The winner will be announced in less than an hour :)

    So, the contest is closed.


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