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Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

This week’s sexy smutty scene is from Dangerous Distraction by Mia Watts. It’s an M/M romance, that’s released today and that you can win in the giveaway Mia offered to my followers while she visited my place last week! She was here to celebrate her two new releases with an interview and a giveaway, and for your chance to win this book or Freeze Frame all you have to do is leave a comment at that Interview post, but hurry because I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

Last Monday you already got a taste of Mia’s humor and of the main characters of Freeze Frame. This week I have a smuttalicious scene from Mia’s Dangerous Distraction also an M/M romance. Get your cold drinks and fans ready, this scene is really hot!

“We need to talk about what’s going on between us,” Rook said.
There was that vibe again. It amped Nate up, got him horny. “You aren’t ready to talk about us,” Nate managed to answer. His throat felt as though it was closing and breath had become scarce.
“What happened a week ago when you went from hot to cold?” Rook asked.
He felt a dry smile pull his lips. Hadn’t he been the pursuer then? Rook seemed to have taken the lead the minute Nate stepped off.
“I tried to get in your pants,” he answered. “You panicked.” He brought a finger up and poked Rook in the chest. “Don’t worry. I got the message and you’re safe. I don’t fuck men who can’t own up to who they are.” He huffed dry amusement. “You’re off the hook, pal, so how about we go back upstairs and finish the evidence collection?”
Rook grabbed his finger and shoved him against the nearest wall. Cold, hard cement smacked his back and iced his spine. Rook followed, pinning their chests together. Trapped between roughened, unforgiving wall and warm, breathing male, Nate knew he was a goner.

* * * *
David reached low between them and found a handful of hard cock. Nate moaned, his eyes slitting with barely concealed lust. That was more like it. Hard cock and moaning man meant Nate could deny all he wanted, but David knew the man wanted him.
Satisfied, he released Nate’s cock and smirked.
“I said I got the message. I didn’t say shit about not wanting to fuck your ass,” Nate growled.
The confession tumbled David’s stomach into a tight spin. “Why don’t you?” he asked.
“I’m not a masochist. You want my dick, not a relationship.”
David didn’t have a response to that. He definitely wanted Nate’s dick. He wanted Nate, too. He could envision quiet evenings together and sipping hot coffee over breakfast the next day. He could see competing for the Sunday paper and arguing over who did the last load of laundry.
It sounded like a relationship. He wanted all those things, but couldn’t they keep their lives away from everyone else? Pretend they were roommates? With the doors closed, no one would have to know they were together. It wasn’t anyone’s business but theirs, anyway. Why the fuck did it matter?
“I definitely want your dick,” David said, finally.
Nate’s gaze skipped away. “That’s what I thought.”
“I want your dick. I want your lips. I want your tongue against mine. I want to hear you say my name when you come. I want your knees to go weak like mine do whenever you enter the room. I want to see you every day whether or not our cases collide. It’s not a fucking commitment but that’s what I want.”
He grabbed Nate’s jaw roughly and held him still. He kissed him, tasting Nate’s immediate reluctance and reveling when he relaxed to invite David in. He dragged his free hand down Nate’s tightly packed side to his hip. When Nate retaliated by grabbing David’s ass and squeezing, he nearly came in his pants. He hadn’t wanted anyone this bad in a long, long time.
He released Nate’s jaw to fumble with his zipper, abandoned it to unbuckle his belt, then attacked the zipper when the heavy belt hit the floor and clattered. Their tongues tangled between ragged breaths and tender cussing. The pants loosened and David took Nate’s cock in a firm stroke from root to moist tip, cupped his scrotum and gently rolled it, sliding a finger behind it on the tender hidden flesh he’d rather be kissing.
Nate groaned loudly. David swallowed the sound and stroked him again. Suddenly Nate’s hands were on his shoulders pushing. David complied, kneeling. He looked up, waiting for permission.
“Suck it. You want my cock and I have to feel your mouth on me,” Nate said, his voice demanding and gravelly with need.

Mia Watt’s weblog and website

An afterhour’s dare has Detective David Rook kissing the sexiest pair of lips he’s seen in a long time. He doesn’t expect it will shake his closeted lifestyle to the core. Now ATF Agent Nate Giamanti is working with him on a case, Rook can’t avoid his forbidden desires.
Nate challenges Rook with every encounter, but when Rook backs off, Nate doesn’t want the drama that goes with hiding his sexuality, even if it means he could have a lot more of the detective in his bed. When their suspect trains his sights on Nate, will Rook finally get queened or lose the game to a killer?


  1. Oh, that IS a hot picture! *fans self*

    I'm definitely looking forward to reading Dangerous Distraction!

  2. Hot pics and even hotter scene..need water now

  3. Woot! Already read Freeze Frame! It was GREAT! I just picked up my copy of Dangerous Distractions and can't wait to read it! :)

  4. Woo hoo!!! Sex in the mornin'. SO glad you like posting smut early. :) And is there anything hotter than tribal arm tatts on a SEXY man? Me thinks, no.

    Thanks for hosting me a second week in a row, Janna.

  5. How did you get that pic of me and my hottie????
    **hands on hips, tapping foot on ground...waiting for an answer**

    LMBO... seriously, that pic is hot!!!! Might have to swipe it and put it in my imagination folder at home... cuz you know I can come with a little story about it... evil wink!!!

    Seriously you are my smut crack!
    Love ya honey!

  6. Thanks for the hot pic and even hotter excerpt. I'm looking forward to reading both of Mia's books.

  7. Jeezle Beezle I need a fan and a cold drink. So yummy! Mia is an exceptional author.

  8. @Chris: It's the tattoo, isn't it? ;)
    I'm looking forward to reading DD too!

    @Blodeuedd: Warned you! ;) Glad you liked them both, hon! :)

    @Jambrea: *grin* I'm reading Freeze Frame right now. Can't wait to start DD either :)

    @Mia: heehee, for me it was already past 3 pm ;) But I'm being all for making my overseas friends happy in the morning :)
    I'm very happy to host you, Mia! Thank you for letting me ;)

    @Cecile: Didn't you see me sneak in last weekend to take that snap shot of you and your hottie? LOL!
    You can use it whenever you want, hon! I sure have 'borrowed' the occasional pic from your site too ;)

    @Lily: You're welcome and I'm happy to hear that! :D

    @Cinderella: I told you to have them ready, sweetie! ;) I sure agree with you on the exceptional part :)

    @FV: Glad you like them, hon! :)

  9. Nooowww I remember. I thought that flash of light was the world exploding as we... well...ummm.. yea... **insert evil grin**

    Thanks for the premission.. promise if I come up (haaa - pun intended) with a little story, you will be the first I share with... You might even find yourself in the story too... **insert evil laughter**

  10. (note to self do not read sexy ERR scenes while at work) I'm overheating over here. I keep waiting for my IT to send me an email.

    Love the excerpt.

  11. ***Sigh*** God Mia I do love your cops!

  12. @Laurie: Glad you liked them :)

    @Cecile: I always look forward to your stories, sweetie! And I love to be the first one you share it with!
    Heehee, as a little evil photographer perhaps? *grin*

    @KC: Lol, at least it makes the office at Monday morning less boring with you overheated ;)
    IT as in Identical Twin? Or is this some sort of secret code? Lol!

    @Petchie: Me too! :) They are pretty steamy!

    @Bron: Awesome that you think so ;)

  13. That was hot!! I love visiting your blog on Mondays ;) I like the pic!

  14. Can I hip swing that woman out of the picture and insert myself there...that tattoo so does it for me *grin*

    And I heart the smutty scene, joined by a cup of coffee and I'm all juiced up to start the morning lol I actually read Mind F*cked last week and so enjoyed myself with Sage and Joe...I needs more of those faeries and Dill so caught my attention :D


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