Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was given the Sexy Blogger Award

I received this award from Kat @ Paranormal Fantasies. Thank you Kat, it's brightening my day!

I'm asked to share 7 things about myself with my followers. Well, here we go:

1. My husband and I don't have kids; we never felt the urge to try to get pregnant, although people say we would make good parents. I'm not so sure about that, lol, we can be pretty selfish!

2. I'm only blogging since 4-5 months but it feels like forever and I think I will never be able to go without anymore.

3. My favorite place to be is at the beach on a cold, windy day. It makes me feel detached from everything, sorrowless, stressless and timeless.

4. I’m sort of a collector of all sort of silly stuff like notebooks, bookmarks, handbags, shoes, pens, boxes, diaries, shawls…

5. It’s important to me to feel free in a relationship. Not sexually ;) I’m a faithful girl, but I want to be able to do what I want without someone nagging about it. For example go out with my friends, or read all night long, or jump on a plane when I feel like it. All in consultation with hubby of course.

6. I’m always willing to try something new or to meet new people.

7. You can wake me up for a piece of chocolate anytime.

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I pass this award on to the following blogs that I fairly newly discovered:

Bitten by Paranormal Romance
The Black Ravens Reviews
The Raving Readers
Renee's Book Addiction


  1. Dark chocolate? Milk chocolate? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Nice man candy. :)

    LOL - my veri word is "boned".

  2. Congrats on your award and I am so with you on enjoying the beach on raining days. It's wonderfully isolated yet wild and freeing. Totally gets your mind off your problems and brings a sort of restful peace to me. I love it.



  3. Oh wow, that picture is ... wow.

    I can tell you that #1 and #5 are completely incompatible. LOL So you made a good choice. I adore the idea of #5 and maybe in a few years I can get there, even just consulting myself. :-) Not that I'd change it for the world, but even us parents can dream a little bit.

    Thanks for sharing and Chris has the best word veri ever, I swear.

  4. Congratz on the award, I'm glad it brightened your day :) The man-candy is hawt and so.very.hawt *fans self*

    I also like a certain freedom in a relationship, I think it keeps from things becoming a drag :D Thanks for sharing 7 new things Janna!

  5. @Chris: Milk is my favorite but dark will do just fine :)
    Really boned? LOL!

    @MsM: Thanks! Yes, freeing is the right word! :) I'm not a big fan of the beach on warm and sunny days, because then there's nothing peaceful about it, lol!

    @Tam: LOL! Yeah, we figured that out after we saw what kids did to befriended couples' freedom ;) I hope for you that you will get there (#5) soon and maybe even with a partner to consult (I'm the living proof that it's possible ;)).
    I sometimes suspect Chris of making up her veriwords, they can't be that good all the time. I never have funny veri words, lol!

  6. @Leontine: Thanks hon! You're absolutely right that it keeps things from becoming a drag. Everytime I come home from one of my trips, for example, our love life is all new again ;)
    It's not easy to come up with new things, lol. I have this feeling I share too much with you guys :)

  7. I'm not making them up!

    Veri word: nomini. Plural of nominee? ;)

  8. LOL!
    What would you like to be nominated for? Another meme? ;)

  9. You definitely have a Sexy Blog so congrats on the award.

    It's so impressive that you've only been blogging for such a short time. You go, girl!!

    And thanks for sharing the HOT Man Candy. :)

  10. Jenna! Thanks for the award. I love the candy:D I haven't see this one before.

  11. Hey honey!! Congrats on your award as you so deserve them! And I am still offering hugs to you honey.

    And I love the answers. I love kids... have one of my own.. but I had her young in my life.. So she will be 18 a few years before I turn 40.. did I just say that... OMG!!! Okay... I am ceasing this conversation right now!!!!!!! **Hands on hips, shaking head NO**

    Holy smoke hot damn... that is some smoking hot melt in my mouth kinda candy!!!!

    my veri word: pherp??

  12. @Chris: No?! What a surprise! :)

    @Lily: Thanks for the compliments, hon! I'm glad you liked the man candy :)

    @Laurie: You're welcome, sweetie! It's time that more people discover your blog!!

  13. @Cecile: Thanks, honey! We've talked about the kid thing before ;) Don't think about the big 4-0 sweetie. Even without a kid you'd get there, lol! There's no denying! :)
    Thanks for the hugs, sweets!
    Oh, you're one of those veri word magnets too? lol

  14. I know I am not there yet... but when I do get there... that means that my baby is going to be grown up... **sniff sniff**

    **sniff sniff**

    I mean.. she is 16 now... and *sniff*

    All my little grasshoppers are growing up... You... My smut crack, Pattepoilue (for her m/m).... *sniff*

  15. Ditto on Number 1. It is amazing how many ppl just don't understand that way of thinking.

    Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

    "Latest Review - F U by Mia Watts"

  16. Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing the man candy! I am a collector of things as well..I keep buying pretty journals that I never write in but I still buy them ;)

  17. Ok, here's a veri word I got elsewhere (a blog at which it sadly wouldn't have been appreciated to share):

    inch o' love?
    Hedwig & the Angry Inch?

    And here I now have pygly. :)

  18. Great award for you ;)

    Doing my blogging rounds late today, nah gotta go to sleep now

  19. @Cecile: Aww sweetie, don't be sad yet, just enjoy the years she still lives with you and after that she'll still be around, you know! It brings new things to your relationship with her :)

    @Miranda: I know what you mean. We have been asked quite a few times if we didn't think it was selfish of us to not want children! As if wanting children is all about selflessness! I like to joke about it myself, but I don't need others to judged our reasons for not wanting children ;) In Dutch we have a saying: Live and let live. I don't know if it's said in English as well, but you probably know what I mean...

    @Heather: Thanks hon! Oh yes, journals! I love them! And just like you, I hardly ever write in them, lol! :)

    @Chris: *chuckle* not appreciated? *whispers*you mean at Kris' place?
    Hmmm, pygly? Can't make much else of that than 'ugly as a pig'?

    @Blodeuedd: Thank you sweetie! Have a good night :)

  20. Then they (who?) must not know you at all calling you little :)

  21. Janna I've been blogging less than a year and it so feels like 5 years. I've often wondered if I could quit cold turkey, then I start to break out in a cold sweat and don't think I could be without blogging.

    As always your lovely pictures of half nekkid mens brightens my day.

  22. Congrats on the award! And thanks for passing it on to us. Will definitely let you know when we post.

    And did I tell you I love the man candy? YUM!

  23. Thank you so much, Janna!

    Until we adopted our son when I was 37, we were happily kid-less. I love my son to pieces, but I do miss the ability to just pick up and go whenever the mood strikes.

    When I lived near the beach, I'd drive over to it and park in a lot on the cliffs whenever a storm was brewing. I loved watching the waves and ocean all wild and crazy. (From the safety of my car, of course!) :-)

  24. Congrats on your award - You've got another one over at my place

  25. @KC: the horror!! Going cold turkey I could never do. Whenever I suddenly stop blogging start worrying, because I must have died or went in a coma at least, lol!

    @Silver: You're welcome hon! And yes you have, but don't stop saying it :)

    @Renee: I can only imagine how life must be when you can't pick up and go when and where you want, but I'm sure you get a lot in return from them little bundles of love :)
    Lol, from the safety from your car it's not much of an adventure but still beautiful :) I love the sea on those days!

    @patti: aww, thanks honey! I love awards, they always make me happy :)


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