Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's Hot Couple & What I'm Reading

Monday wouldn’t be the same without a nice pic of a hot couple to look at, right?

It’s going to be a busy week for me at work, with lots of meetings and a presentation and less computer time than usual. It’s not something to look forward to, but I’ve discovered the ‘Schedule’ feature of blogger a while back so if everything goes well at least there will be some posts this week *keeps fingers crossed*.

An update about our kitty: hubby told the vet today we couldn’t decide objectively if and when it’s time to put Binny to sleep (is that how you say it in English?). They agreed that she will make the call when the time is right. We trust her with that. She’ll monitor him closely and see to it that he doesn’t suffer. Since a couple of days he’s being his happy self again. Every day or week Binny can still be with us, is a gift now. And we’ll be able to enjoy him more, now that we don’t feel the burden of that responsibility anymore. I’m glad hubby took charge like that and saved us from the going back and forth (between no, not yet and yes) on this emotional rollercoaster. We can breathe a little now and most important, enjoy Binny more (he’s sitting in my lap right now, sniffling at my nose every few minutes :)).

Last weekend I started reading Gena Showalter’s Lord of the Underworld series. I’ve read the prequel The Darkest Fire, which was weird to be honest. It’s written in a rather formal language and has a bit of a static love couple and not really a happy ending. But okay, now I get a little bit better what caused the Lords to become possessed by demons. Although I think it wouldn’t have made much of a difference if I just skipped it. I read it as part of the anthology Into the Dark.

Now I’m reading the first book, The Darkest Night, which is about Maddox and Ashlyn. This series is about a group of immortal warriors who are cursed to have demons inhabit their bodies: Violence, Wrath, Disease, Death, Pain, Promiscuity, Doubt, etc. So far I’ve met the first six men and Maddox is the one having the demon Violence inside of him. He has a second curse to deal with: he has to die a horrible, painful death every night and wake up each morning with the knowledge he’ll die again at midnight. So far I’m enjoying this book very much. The writing is different from the prequel, better and more fluent and sensual. Maddox’s and Ashlyn’s perspectives are alternated and the world building is done gradually through Maddox’s thoughts. It’s an intriguing world, that of the Lords of the Underworld.

When I’m done with this first book, there are three more for me to read and catch up with this series. The other demon possessed warriors get their own story in other books. Book 5 and 6 will be released later this year. And probably more will follow, because then there are still the stories of Torin (Disease) and Paris (Promiscuity) left… that I know of so far.

What book are you reading today?


  1. I am reading Bound by Design by Natasha Moore, and S&M 101 by Sierra Cartwright...added a few to my TBR pile, bought a few last night...trying to find something I can't put down.

  2. I keep meaning to read the first book, one day one day :)

  3. Hi Janna great hot couple photo.

    I just finished a wonderful gay romance "Soul Mates: Bound in Blood" by Jourdan Lane and reviewed it on my blog today (highly recommend it for people who like erotic gay romance - you won't be disappointed with this one! hot!).

    I haven't decided what book I am going to pick up next! So many good choices!



  4. sending your kitty get well wishes.

    Gena is an author that gets better with every book in her series. Her first LOTU book is okay the next few even better. Hang in there Janna.

  5. Glad your kitty is feeling a bit better.

    I never got into Gena Showalter. Not sure why, just didn't click.

    I have nothing started. What's up with that. I'm thinking either the new AM Riley or TA Chase. We'll see what catches my interest when I sit down to read.

  6. I requested the 2 books on NetGalley after talking to you. I'm not so sure anymore about the prequel if there's no real HEA (I'm picky I know lol). But since I want to read this series, I think I should read it anyway.

    I'm glad your Binny is feeling alright. *hugs*

    I'm still reading Dear Sir, I'm Yours and I'm enjoying it immensely.

  7. It sounds like you have an amazing vet - I'm so glad she's willing to help you like this.

    Enjoy your sweet Binny - send you and your furbaby lots of hugs. :)

  8. @Lissa: I have that first book on my ereader! I've read the two other books in the series so far but haven't gotten to this one yet. But I understand that it's not a book you can't put down? Hmmm, I thought the one by Jenna Ives was really good, from the same series. I read it in one breath :)

    @Blodeuedd: I figured you would've devoured all the books ages ago :)

    @MsM: I read your review! It sounds like an awesome read!! I think I leave the LotU books for what they are until I've read Jourdan Lane's book :)

    @KC: Thanks, hon!
    I'm happy that the series is getting better. Sometimes it's the other way around and that so frustrating :)

    @Tam: With some books we click with others we don't. Sometimes it's just not the right time...
    Both AM Riley and TA Chase sound good. I'll probably see it tomorrow on your blog which one you picked :)

    @Pattepoilue: Well, I guess it depends a little on what you think is a HEA. The hero and heroine do find love in the end, it's just a little sad at the same time. Have you read any of the LotU books yet? You'll just read this as a quick side story then.
    Hmmm, this Dear Sir book sounds really good! I think I'm going to buy it soon :)

  9. @Bron: Yeah, she's a wonderful woman. She's the best friend of one of my friends too. And she's just really good at her job.
    Thanks so much for the hugs! :)

  10. Oh, that has to be a relief - what a great vet!

    The LotU series is a good one, isn't it? I agree about the prequel!

  11. I'm so glad to hear Binny is feeling good now. And how nice for you and hubby that you've got a great vet. Definitely makes is easier for you to enjoy him without that tough decision on your mind.

    Right now I'm reading Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger and it's absolutely amazing. I'm loving it!!

  12. Agreeing, you have a great vet! And I am still sending my prayers your way honey! Every day is a gift from God ~ that is why it is call the present! Enjoy your time! Treasure it! And take a million photos!!!!

    Now... HOT DAMN you are in my territory now!!! Girl, I LOVE ME SOME LOTU series.. Lucien is mine, so is Maddox, Paris, Gideon... Areon... and the list goes on, lol!!! Yea, I am a smutty hussy... At least I can admit it!!!!
    I am glad that you are liking the series! I freaking love this series. I read this before I started blogging. And I plan on doing a re read of them soon!!!! Oh yea, I love them! LMBO!!!

    Hugs to you honey!! Luv ya!!!

  13. You're about to catch up with me, I've only read bk one in the LOTU series but I seriously need to re-read it when I decide to catch up with this series :) As for what I'm reading, an ARC Urban Fantasy, don't know what to think of it this far but the characters are intriguing.

    Right now all I want is to start in Joey W Hill's erotica Vampire series with D/ seems I can't get enough of D/s at the moment *grin*

    Enjoy the company of Binny hon!!

  14. @Chris: Yeah, it's definitely a relief :)
    I have a hard time putting the LotU book down, so if this is any indication for the rest of the series, it's a good one for sure!

    @Lily: It's a lot easier now :)
    I have never heard of that writer or book. Have to check it out!

    @Cecile: Thanks for your prayers! And don't worry about the photo's... I have at least 5000 of him :)
    So, you have a claim on all the hot LotU warriors now have you? Huhhuh, we'll see *wink* I just met Sabin too. These guys are all freakin' hot and their torment only adds to that! *drool*

    @Leontine: That would be a first, hon! Better hurry and don't stay behind ;)
    You have the Vampire series on the shelves?! And you can resist them?! Wow! I don't think I could, lol! The moment I can find them in ebook and buy them, I will start reading them! *g*

  15. Hugs to your Binny; we've had to make the heartbreaking decision to send our beloved black lab to Doggy Heaven in a few weeks (ground is too hard to bury her at the moment).

    I'm currently reading Lindsay Townsend's Blue Gold:)

  16. @Molly: I'm so so sorry to hear that! My thoughts are with you! *big hugs*

  17. @Janna nop I haven't read any LOTU yet. I need really HAPPY HEA lol but I can work with a little less happy one if there are books coming after.

    I finished DSIY at lunch today and I really enjoyed it!!! I can't wait for Victor's book (the Hero's brother, he's a MASTER!!! Yummmm)

  18. @Janna - I can barely resist them LOL I hope in two days to read the first one in the Vampire series :) And secretely whispers: pppsssss hon, fictionwise has got them in e-book. They ain't cheap 15.00 dollars a pop *eek* But in print it is a TPB issue and they tend to have same prices in e-book :( Always such a bummer.

  19. I read the prequel for this series after I'd already read 2 novels. I didn't care too much for the prequel. It was very dark and wasn't really my thing. I really like the rest of the series though!

  20. @Patte: You can also skip the prequel hon, no problem :)
    There's a sequel to DSIY too!? Didn't know that!

    @Leontine: Thanks for the tip on Fictionwise! Maybe I can wait (I said maybe ;)) until the next sale!

    @Tracy: Yeah, the prequel was very dark. It didn't do much for me either!

  21. @Janna Oh Yep there will be Victor's book and then Vicky's book (The 3 siblings of the family) I'm excited about Victor's book. It's coming out this year *g*


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