Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & Some award, reading and world news

This week went by in a bit of a blur. It was a week of waiting, tears, cuddling and self-pity until this morning the results from the vet’s examination came, which we had been waiting for since Monday.
Nothing new, no miracle for Binny, sigh. We still have the choice to go and try some pain medication with the risk that his kidneys get worse, but with our minds we already know that this is not the best choice for Binny. He won’t get better, we’ll only stretch his suffering. But with our hearts we’re not completely there yet. We have this weekend to think about the options and to enjoy his company and presence as much as we can, probably for the last time.

Because of all this I have been neglecting my blog hopping a little bit. I tried to keep up but every time I looked at my blogroll I couldn’t believe there were new posts already that I hadn’t seen yet. And I lurked a little bit more than usual because I couldn’t always find the inspiration to leave a comment. Sorry for that, and for it to continue for another week or so, probably.
Despite of this you were all so kind to leave me a lot of comments at my blog, which I really enjoyed! Thank you all for that!

Let’s keep focusing on the positive :) I’m really grateful for the blog awards I got this week! There’s one I haven’t mentioned yet. I got the Gnome Approved Sexy Blog award from Patti yesterday. Thanks so much Patti! It comes with no rules but I want to pass it on to one sexy writer and one sexy reader:

Bronwyn Green

They are both very dear to me and absolutely sexy writers and bloggers! This is the sexy award:

Isn’t it gorgeous? You gotta love gnomes!

Some Happy Gay news I woke up to this morning was coming from Mexico. Five same-sex couples have made history in Mexico City as they wed under Latin America's first law that explicitly approves gay marriage. I think that's wonderful. Coming from a country where gay marriage is legal for a long time now – I think we were one of the first countries with this law – I’m always very happy when there’s a new place in the world where equality wins.

Last but not least, my reading week! That didn’t go well… I’ve finished Conquest from S.J. Frost a week ago and meant to post a review this week about it, but I couldn’t concentrate on writing one. I hope I will be able soon because it was a wonderful read, with some highs and some lows I want to share with you.

Last weekend I started reading L.B. Gregg’s Catch Me If You Can and although it was a great book I couldn’t bring myself to read more than a few pages every day. Last night I turned in early with the intention to finally finish it. I didn’t quite succeed, but I did this morning. And it was a good book to help me lift my mood :) It’s hilarious, witty and sexy. I loved it! So far I haven’t heard anyone who didn’t and now I know why. I can highly recommend this M/M romantic suspense story. It was almost over the top comical, with the characters all showing up one after the other in several scenes and with doors swinging open and slamming closed when someone entered. In Dutch we have a word for this kind of stage play (in theaters), it’s called a ‘klucht’. I don’t know what the English word for that is, but it’s probably something like a farce or stand-up comedy. At times this book reminded me of that genre. It was delicious! And let's not forget hot!


  1. Honey, you take care of yourself. I know what you must be going through and believe I do not expect you to come to the blog and leave comments. That is probably the last thing you want to do right now. Know that I luv ya and I am sending all the virtual hugs I can your way. Know that my prayers are with you, hubby and Binny. I will be right here when your storm has passed and will continue to be. Love you ~ Cecile

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your husband and Binny.

  3. Hey you spend some time with Binny and we are here for you whatever you decide to do...

    Congrats on the award and I am looking forwards to your thought on Conquest...



  4. It will be hard but at least you can say your goodbyes and spoil him for a while..:/ *hugs* I really feel for you. *HUGS* I wish I could do more to help you but there's nothing I can do. I will think of you and Binny this weekend.

    Ohh the Man-titties! I just want to fix my mouth on this ok too much information?


    ps: About that gnome, Once I woke up and went outside and in front of my house there were at least 25 a row. That's how my ex-boyfriend tried to seduce me lol That was his idea of flirting. He'd spent the night with his friends 'borrowing' gnomes from gardens in the village and put them outside my house (half drunk of course). Lol. I say borrow, because people came back to take the gnomes back (bad baddddd ex bf) LOL. I guess it worked because we dated for 2 years after that ;)

  5. Take care hon!

    If there is a blog that is gnome sexy approved then it is sure yours

  6. So sorry to hear about Binny, it's hard when a pet is sick. You're in my thoughts.

    I'm glad you like your award - you do have a very sexy place here.

    I must be hiding under a rock - I didn't realize Mexico legalized same-sex marriage - hurray!

    And your reading looks good for this week - have a great weekend!

  7. Wishes Benny get well soon vibes. I understand the connection one has with their pets, we lost our bull dog Hercules last year, I cried big fat tears. I still miss him.

    So glad you liked Catch Me If You Can, psst wasn't the closet scene hot?

  8. Janna, enjoy your time with Binny and don't worry about blog hopping or commenting. All that will be here for you when you have the time for it.

    Big hugs to you and your hubby and may however long Binny has be wonderful and as pain free as possible.

  9. Sorry you have had a rough week!

    Catch Me was good...nice dirty lovin':) The clown obsession..funny!

  10. You all overwhelm me with your love and kind words, thanks so much!!

    @Cecile: It means a lot to me that you won't hold it against me when I don't comment. I'll try to stop by though :) Love ya, hon!

    @Amber: Thank you for your warm words :)

    @EH: You see what nice awards you miss now, hon? I hope to post about Conquest soon :)

  11. Honey... I could never hold that against you. I know you better than that!! Hugs to you! I know you are a little stalker, heehee... Hope that made you laugh.. if not... I know how your perverted mind works.. so I know you stalk me, lmbo!!! Okay admit, you laughed at that one!!

  12. @patte: your thoughts are very welcome :) Thanks, you're doing enough for me with your kind words!
    I love the man titties too. And heck no, not too much information, lol! I want to know that sort of thing :)
    You had me LOL with the gnome story of your ex *grin*

    @Blodeuedd: Really? Aww thanks, sweetie! Your blog too :)

    @Patti: Thanks for your thoughts! And I'm very happy with your award, it's a fun one! Have a great weekend too, hon :)

  13. @KC: I'm sorry to hear about Hercules, hon! We lost our dog too and another kitty, but you never get used to it...
    I LOVED the closet scene! Especially the tumbling out of it, lol! But I loved the under the matrass scene too. Really HOT! It was a great read, thanks so much for rec'ing it to me! :D

    @Lily: I will and I won't :) And I hope so too. Thank you hon!!

    @Mandi: Yeah! Catch Me was very good :) OMG the clown thing! And the orange skin. And the missing ear and nipple on JT. And the bums pissing on... I could go on and on :) I skipped your review earlier this week because I almost finished the book, but I'll check it out soon!

    @Cecile: I did! :D You always know how to make me laugh or smile, hon. You're the sweetest! :)

  14. Hugs for you and your pet. I had to take my cat to the vet last week as he'd developed a large lump on his side. We feared the worst. In his case, it was an abcess from a wound, probably a cat fight. $800 later, he's not too happy with his e-collar but healing.

    I like your blog. :)

  15. Sorry to hear about your baby. Hugs.

    Doesn't that eyecandy boy have a rather large boob?

  16. @Ashley: Welcome at my place!! And thank you for your hugs! I'm happy that your cat is healing again! :) It's so hard to see them suffer don't you think? And I'm glad you like my blog! Hope to see you around :)

    @Tam: Thankies :) You're right, it's rather large, isn't it? lol. It probably is the camera angle that makes it look bigger too ;)

  17. So sorry Binny is still sick *Hugs*! My doggy has been sick this week and might have to get surgery and I've been a wreck..cause he's my furry baby- so I feel for ya!

    I love the sexy gnome award..he has such nice facial hair..for a gnome ;)

  18. *BIG HUG* for you
    *gentle scritches* for Binny

  19. @Heather: I'm sorry to hear about your doggie! I hope your furry baby get well soon :)
    Lol, the gnome does have nice facial hair for sure ;)

    @Chris: :D from me, and *purr* from Binny

  20. (((Janna)))

    I'm so sorry that Binny isn't getting better. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

  21. That's sweet of you, Eyre! Thank you :)

  22. Hi Janna I'm so sorry to hear about Binny. BIG HUGS and I wish him and you all the best. Love him and cuddle with him all you can. He knows you love him and thats a big comfort to him I'm sure. :)

  23. Hi hon, what an emotional rollercoaster this week must've been for you (((hugs))) so of course your mind isn't on comments and blogposts!! Go with what feels right for you now and like other's have said, we're here for you if you need to vent, scream or just want to have a pity-party (((hugs again)))

    You did make me smile though; You thinks I'm a sexy blogger *grin* What can I say; Some of you have been rubbing off on me, luring me over to the dark side, and it is fun!

    Have a weekend spent with your significant other and loads of cuddles with and for Binny, you will be in my thoughts hon!!

  24. @JennJ: Thanks so much for your warm words and hugs, hon!

    @Leontine: It was/is that kind of week! And I make take you up on your offer to have a pity-party ;)
    Yeah, you definitely are a sexy blogger :D I only have to think about your upcoming Deviations week to know for sure ;)
    Thanks so much for your thoughts, sweetie!

  25. Oh hun, I'm so sorry to hear about Binny :( I know what it's like...
    (((sending good thoughts and hugs your way)))

    Oh and I'm new to your blog - loving it so far!

  26. {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to you and hubby, and sweet, baby Binny.

    Thank you so much for the sexy gnome award - it means even more coming from you. :)

  27. @Hilda: Welcome at my place!! I'm glad you found me :) I found your blog too. Thanks for your thoughts and hugs! They are much appreciated :)

    @Bron: Thanks for the hugs and your support, hon! :)
    And the sexy gnome award is given to you with love! You really deserve it! *big hugs*


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