Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Gay Friday, Piracy and I want to read more More

Wow, it’s Friday again! And it’s the last of this month too. Time for some hot male/male deliciousness :)

I’m very happy that Mia Watts was here this week, she sure brightened it up. You can still enter the giveaway here for a chance to win one of her two new releases, until Monday night! And I hope you’ll give her some support by buying her books (when they’re your cup of tea), because the moment her book Freeze Frame was released last Wednesday it was stolen and put up at one of the pirate websites that are apparently out there. I think you all agree with me that an author does not deserve to be treated like that.

Btw I had no idea that these sites existed, call me a naïve silly filly, but apparently a lot of authors are victims of sites like that and there’s not much they can do to stop them from stealing their books. It made me look a little bit different towards the so hated DRM protection that some ebooks have. I hate the DRM because it forces me to become more computer savvy than I actually am, when I’m handling the variety of ebook formats on my different reading devices. But god, what do people think that they have the right to put someone else’s property up for free for the whole wide world to grab?
Anyway, I hate to see a wonderful author like Mia to be down and discouraged to keep writing, when this is happening to her books. Big hugs for her and her colleagues and let’s hope she will write a lot more books for readers who are happy to buy them!

Then my M/M reads of this week:
I finished one book this week and I’m reading one right now, but there are a lot more I wish I could’ve read this week, because there were a few interesting M/M releases this week, like Tere Michaels’ Duty & Devotion, S.J. Frost’s No Fear and Mia Watts’ Freeze Frame. And the one I’m reading right now: More by Sloan Parker.

The one I finished is Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon. KC from Smokinhotbooks recommended this book to me as a cheer up book because she thought I could use one after Binny died last week. And boy, did this book live up to the title of 'Janna’s cheer up book', as she called it. It’s a hilarious, witty mystery with a touch of romance in it, told in the characteristic Lanyon style. I really enjoyed it a lot!

The one I’m reading now is a debut from Sloan Parker: More. It’s an M/M/M romance and OMG it’s so hot! I can’t put it down, I’m not far into the book yet but the main character Luke is already stealing my heart and his two lovers are showing the promise of more character depth too. I want to read faster to learn more about them and especially to experience more of their freakin’ hot chemistry.

It’s just that I have to put it down for a few hours now because I’m meeting with a friend for a Friday night drink and bite in less than an hour. Do you think it would be impolite to bring my book with me? To sneak read some more More during dinner? Or would that be considered anti-social? And when I tell you that my friend is gay, do you think I can count on some understanding? No? Dang!

Happy Gay Friday everyone!


  1. Happy Gay Friday Janna! I read Editor recently too and loved it. (KC 'encouraged' me to read it) Hope you're feeling better sweetie.

  2. @FV: Thanks hon! :) KC is quite some book pimp huh? LOL! Hope you have a great Friday too!

  3. Janna, I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Mia's company this week. So much so, I went to her place to become a fellow stalker, lmbo.

    And honey, you and I are in the same naive boat because I did not know of such things. I mean, don't people have better things to do with their time that steal. I mean... borrowing one's copy is just like borrowing a shirt or something... but stealing is just not right!

    LMBO at you wanting to bring your book with you. I have did that already. And yes, I read it while waiting for food or whatever. I actually did it one night while waiting for hubby to meet me at the restaurant. I read while waiting.. yea, I got some looks that night! LMBO!
    I hope you have a great night and drink one for me!!!! Love ya honey!

  4. I loved Josh's book. It was so funny. I definitely want to read More and now you've made it even more appealing. Must get that one.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Nom nom nom nom nom this M/M pic is just too yummy! Nom nom nom nom.

    *wipes drool* ok I must stop looking at this pic if i want to write this comment.
    :/ Bahhh yeah Book Piracy is a huge problem. And book pirate usually pirate only because they CAN, not because they really want to read the books :( (not that it would make it any better)

    M/M/M? I'm all hears! I'm gonna take a look at all those book you mentioned! I think i could do with a little 'cheer me up' book too right now =) Depressing books will be the end of me lol

    *hugs* Have a great day

  6. I'm so excited you read Lanyon's Somebody Killed My Editor, I just knew after many out loud snorts that this was the perfect Janna cheer up book.

    Happy Gay Friday!!!

  7. Janna: But the problem with DRM is that anyone who's serious about pirating can strip the DRM off a book in seconds, so the DRM mostly inconveniences regular non-piratey readers. :(

    Also, even books that have never been released as ebooks are available online at such sites.

    This is definitely one of the topics that I keep an eye on and include in my linkity posts, because it's important. I've heard about some technologies that can actually "mark" the book as you buy it, making each copy of the book unique - that way publishers and authors can track down the source of the illegal copy. Much better solution, if it can be done easily.

  8. Lol, yes a bit anti-social, just a wee bit ;)
    But I totally understand

  9. Piracy sucks and I do feel bad for the authors still I don't like DRM. Pirates will easily get around it and it will end up being a pain to the regular people that bought the book.

    I've got Josh's book in my TBR. Sounds like I should move it up. As for More, I keep seeing great things about it. I'll definitely be looking into it.

    I take my Sony with me everywhere I go. I don't bring it out if I'm having dinner with someone but if I'm waiting for them, out it comes. Hope you have a great time!!

  10. @Cecile: Good to know I'm not the only naive one, lol! And I did drink one for you last night, maybe that's the reason for my headache this morning ;) I had a good time, nice distraction, last night. But I didn't have time to read anymore! :) Have a great weekend, sweetie!

    @Tam: Yeah, Kit and J.X. made me laugh quite a lot :) And I think you'll like More. The menage seem to be working great in this book. It's always a bit tricky, but these men are all so different and yet equal partners when it comes to giving and taking! I'm half way now. This is heading towards a wonderful read.

    @Patte: They are droolworthy huh? :)
    I think you'll love this gay ménage a trois, sweetie. It's very steamy, right from the beginning! I hope you're not depressed hon? Is it you migraine again? Or are you referring to the Charlotte Featherstone books, lol? Anyway, I hope you feel great and have a wonderful weekend!

    @KC: It definitely was the perfect cheer up book, sweetie! Thanks again for rec'ing it to me! It made me snort and LOL a lot :)

    @Chris; It's a topic that has my interest too. I don't know much about it, for example I didn't know about the non ebooks being on those sites as well. I guess that's because I've never been on one of those sites ;)
    But as a user I know what things I don't like about ebooks vs dead tree books. DRM is one, not being allowed to borrow/loan a good book from/to a friend is two. But that doesn't mean I'm for piracy, I hate it! But I wonder why these laws are there when authors and publishers can't do much against piracy sites anyway... Now they only inconvenience me as a reader.

    @Blodeuedd: LOL! Thanks for pointing that out to me, hon ;)

    @Lily: I agree with you on the piracy thing, like I just told Chris ;)
    Yeah, both books are worth the read very much. I think you'll like them. I look forward to your thoughts!
    I just did that last night, bring the Sony with me. But it turned out that there was no waiting time, so no reading time for me *grin* I had a good time though, even without reading ;)

  11. Janna: I haven't been to them, either, but TeleRead reports on all sorts of interesting things!

    I'm definitely for authors' rights, against piracy, and against DRM. In my contest rules, I request the the winner(s) respect the author's rights and not share the book. And I have an anti-piracy button in my sidebar.

  12. Oh I'll keep my eyes open to know what you think of More when you're done with it! (lol I'm making sure we get the HEA at the end before thinking about reading it LOL)
    I'm such a cry baby lol

  13. @Chris: TeleReads... okay, must look into that too. Never heard of that either ;)
    I know about all your anti-piracy actions and I think that's great. I'm all for author's rights too. I'm just afraid that we can't do much to help, as regular readers...

    @Patte: I'll keep you posted hon! :) I don't want you to get a panic attack because of the lack of a HEA (although I think this one's safe ;))! LOL!

  14. As regular readers, we can be supportive to discouraged authors. And, with great posts like this, we can get people to think about what they're doing and perhaps to think twice about uploading to or downloading from a piracy site.

  15. @ChrisL That's true, and I hope being supportive helps those authors to get less discouraged. Thanks for the great post comment :)

  16. So I just saw this post, because I suck. But I also love you Janna. :) Thank you for the encouragement. It does chafe my ass when someone steals from me. I work hard and I understand the economy is tough, but it's tough on all of us.

    Thank you again.

  17. @Mia: LOL! You're timely ;) but I love you too Mia and you're very welcome! :)


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