Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's touching my Soft Spot this week

The things I have a soft spot for are countless. There’s the contented purring of our 18-year old cat, my hubby’s sweet smile, chocolate (in all sorts and sizes), my hubby doing his sit-ups and pushups before bedtime in his boxer briefs *sigh*, the feeling of snowflakes on my skin, the playful twinkle in my hubby’s eyes, surprise parties, my hubby rubbing my feet… You see the theme here *grin*? I could go on and on, but before you start to dislike my hubby, I’ll cut it short.

From today I want to share what touched my book related soft spot on a weekly base with you. And my book related SS is most definitely touched by certain book covers, excerpts and to a lesser extent back blurbs.
While doing my browsing in the online bookstores and my blog-rounds this week a lot of irresistible and interesting books touched my SS one way or the other.
To keep track on those and to share them with you, here’re this week’s findings, that are all new to me authors and high on my wishlist now:

First of all there’s this hot cover of Magnus by Jambrea Jo Jones.
It shows a sexy alpha male and it turns out that the story is featuring one indeed. His name is Joe “Magnus” Rivers.

Blurb: Magnus is a marine Colonel and his job is his reason for being. Protecting the United States of America from all threats is his sole purpose in life. That life is turned upside down when a woman is assigned to his team of elite Marines and his attraction to her threatens his career.
NCIS Special Agent Emily Patterson’s orders: infiltrate Colonel
Rivers’ team and find the culprits behind a slate of kidnappings connected to a sex slave ring. Her mission parameters didn’t include an attraction for Colonel Rivers but nothing in Emily’s career could have prepared her for Magnus. Her job becomes more difficult as she gets to know the man behind the uniform and Emily
finds herself wanting to prove herself to him, potentially exposing her identity before she clears Mag.
Mag and Emily struggle against their growing feelings for one another, both knowing the consequences of giving in to lust. Mag is Emily’s team leader and fraternizing is against the rules. Emily is investigating Mag and his team; getting involved with him could ruin her investigation and her career.

There’s an excerpt on Liquid Silver Books. It’s rather long, so click here to read it.
And another one is this one from The BlackRaven’s Erotic Café, combined with an interview:

“All clear, Alpha.”
“Back to base, double-time.”
The soldiers made it to the camp without incident.
“Sir…sir!” Patterson called.
He stopped and she ran right into him
Ten feet and I could have been in my office. Goddamn it.
He didn’t turn around. “What seems to be the problem, Patterson?”
“I need to talk to you, sir.”
“Then talk.”
“Um…could we go into your office?”
He nodded, continued to his office and didn’t stop until he sat behind his desk and she stood at attention in front of it.
“At ease, Lieutenant. Talk.”
She stood at parade rest, but didn’t look relaxed.
“I thought we were on a real mission today, sir.”
“Are you questioning me, Lieutenant Patterson?”
“No, sir.”
“Let me ask you a question, princess.”
She started to say something, but he could tell she thought better of it when she pinched her lips together and stood straighter. He had to fight his grin.
“Why are you here? Why the Marines?”
“Permission to speak freely?”
He waved her on.
“Because Daddy said I couldn’t do it,” she said with malice in her voice. “I’m here to prove him and everyone else wrong. I can do this.”
“Daddy trying to make it easy for you? Paving the way to a combat troop?” he taunted, knowing full well she’d paid her dues.
“I did my time on Parris Island. I deserve to be here”
“I’ve been over your records, Patterson. The General showed them to me before he put you on my team. I know you’re a solid Marine, but you shouldn’t be here. My team is on the front line. You’re a distraction we don’t need.”
He looked to see if she would respond, but she said nothing.
Mag continued, “What happens when you miss the target and go down? My men would be worried about protecting you, not fighting the enemy. I can’t have that. Our lives depend on trusting each other in a fight. Just last month you shot Stewart in a mock exercise. Today your ass wiggled so far in the air I’m surprised the patrol didn’t spot it. You aren’t ready.”
Patterson stepped forward and put her hands on his desk, placing her face-to-face with him. He cocked a brow at her and wondered if she realized she’d broken protocol.
She leaned in and spoke in a low, soft voice. “I’m ready, Sir. Put me on the line. I’ll do my job.”
His body reacted in an unexpected way. His cock rose to attention.
Goddamn it! Down, boy, nothin' to see here.
Mag brought his face so close to hers they were almost nose-to-nose. He spoke just as softly. “You are not ready. You will never be ready. Go home now before you fucking kill someone or end up dead.”
He watched her shiver a little and his cock throbbed in answer. It took all his military control not to kiss her. When her tongue eased out of her mouth to lick her lips he thought he would lose his military bearing and he almost groaned, but caught himself.
No fucking way is this happening.
She never dropped her gaze and he respected her just a little more for that. Most men couldn’t hold his glare. She wasn’t afraid of him, he realized when she didn’t back down.
Well Fuck.
“What was that, sir?”
He must have spoken aloud. He needed to get her off kilter. Mag leaned in closer so their noses touched, his lips pressed almost on hers. Her breath mingled with his.
“Get the fuck out of my office. You’re dismissed. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go home.”
Then she did the unthinkable. Patterson’s tongue touched his mouth as she moistened her dry lips. He couldn’t help it. He tried, but before he could think, his tongue met hers for a brief second before they both pulled away. Patterson stood at attention, saluted him, spun around and raced out of his office as if the devil himself followed on her heels.
“Shit. Fuck. Goddamn it!” He slammed his hand on his desk. “No way is this happening. No fucking way!”

The second cover that got to my soft spot was that of If Looks Could Chill by Nina Bruhns. It's a suspense romance.

Blurb: A kick-ass Yankee cop and her special-ops Cajun guide search the Louisiana swamp for a deadly virus, but succumb to a fever of a very different sort. Mysterious deaths stalk the bayou. No-nonsense Louisiana State trooper Tara Reeves reluctantly enlists the aid of Marc Lafayette, a too-sexy-for-his-own-good Cajun heartbreaker, to guide her on her search for evidence so she can bring down those responsible. But the source of the deaths is more dangerous than Tara could ever imagine. A foreign
terrorist cell, plotting an attack on U.S. soil, is testing a deadly biological
weapon in the remote wilderness of the swamp.
But the terrorists aren’t the only ones with secrets…
What Tara doesn’t know is that her sexy guide is part of a covert special ops team sent to destroy the terrorist threat, and Marc is not happy about having to babysit a nosy cop—even one as temptingly beautiful as Tara. But as they search the Louisiana swamp for a deadly virus, they succumb to a fever of a very different sort. Both of them know that love and work don’t
mix, a harrowing showdown with the enemy will make their steamy passion boil over…and change their lives forever.

There’s an excerpt at the author’s site. This book will be released at December 1.

Turned out that this is the second book in a series. The first one is Shoot to Thrill, which doesn’t have a bad cover either. Read the excerpt here.

The third book that caught my eye this week is Men On Fire by Rachelle Chase, Jodi Lynn Copeland and Susan Lyons. Firemen always seem to touch my soft spot and I love them being the hero of my romances. This one looks really HOT, although I could have done without the chopped off head…

Blurb: Brave, bold, and dangerously sexy, firefighters are every woman's fantasy. Meet three hot heroes who take scorching desire to a whole new level...Executive Jade Rousseau needs to find a fake fiance to parade around her company's social events. When her friends bid on red-hot firefighter Quinn O'Malley at a benefit auction, Jade bids higher.
The man has to be hers - and she can't wait to feel the passion...When fashion designer Delta Ballantyne asks firefighter Evan Marshall to model her sexy line of men's underwear, she can't stop the sizzling fantasies running through her mind, beginning with sophisticated foreplay...and ending with the ultimate climax...Ever since Erica Donelson's ex-husband left her, his former best buddy, firefighter Lincoln Gabriel, has been there for her. But before long, their warm friendship heats up to a burning lust that won't be denied...

The first pages can be read at Amazon here.

The last soft spot cover I’m gonna share today is Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg.
It’s the first story in the Men of Smithfield Series. I like reading M/M romances and this author has been recommended by one of the readers of my blog - thanks Patti!
This cover is sweet and I like the cold winter landscape combined with the hotness of two men kissing.

Blurb: No more Mr. Nice Guy. Mild mannered Mark Meehan’s good judgment flies out the window when he finds his lover banging another man. Things go from bad to worse as Mark’s crazy revenge scheme uncovers shocking secrets—sending him straight into the arms of hunky lawman and old friend, Tony Gervase, a man of limited patience and secrets of his own.

The following excerpt is from the author’s website:

"I snagged two beers and slammed the fridge door. Whirling around, I crashed into Tony’s chest. “Get out of the way, T.”
His big hands came up and he gripped my shoulders; his face honest in its intensity. “That guy’s bad news, Mark. You were an idiot to get involved with him in the first place.”
I shoved him, knocking his hands from my shoulders, his touch felt almost patronizing. “I heard you the first time. I more than know that now. He drained my bank accounts. Took everything.” More horrified by the loss of my money than the loss of my lover, my gut rolled. It was the beer on an empty stomach.
“What? How?”
“I found out when I stopped by the bank. I have nothing. It’s all gone. So, yes, he’s got no self control and he’s a thief and I can’t for the life of me figure out why he thought I wouldn’t notice. He’s crazy. I mean how fucking stupid and needy does he think I am? Don’t answer that.”
“You need to report this, Mark.” He was firm. “Obviously you were needy for something. Maybe you were blinded by his cock. It’s been known to happen.”
I blinked at him. “Fuck. You.”
Tony leapt, slamming me into the refrigerator; his chest flattened into mine, his hand grabbed my chin, forcing it up. I froze, shocked. “Don’t tempt me.” He drilled me with a vicious look, and then his eyes shifted down to my mouth. I knew that look. I went from shocked to breathless while my tongue, that teasing bastard, slid out to dampen my dry lips. All the thoughts I’d ever had of Tony’s mouth on mine, however suppressed or unrequited, came charging forward in that split second and I almost leaned into him. Almost. It was the booze. It had to be.
His heart pounded into mine, our chests rising and falling together as our breathing sped up. His hand was just short of painful, biting into my jaw, holding me firm. Oh Christ, here was an unexpected development and I wanted it. Tony was punishing me and, irrational as ever, I was desperate for him to put his mouth on me."

So far, my soft spots. Hope you enjoyed some of them too!


  1. Hope you enjoy Gobsmacked - it was a good intro into m/m for me...I'd like to try branching out a bit but there are sooo many choices!

    I see from your selections you like men in uniform! (Magnus looks especially good)

  2. *guilty look* Yeah, I'm not over my men in uniform phase yet. Still think they make great heroes *swoon* in most romances.

    My fingers are itching to buy Gobsmacked. Don't know how long I can control myself ;)

    So many choices, so litte time indeed! It becomes more and more of a problem *sigh*

  3. Oh my... You have an awesome hubby!! Kudos to him!!! Count yourself a lucky woman!!!

    Now as far as your soft spots for books... Wozah!!! Liking your selection... Yea... I am a m/m virgin...

    Okay... going sit in front of the freezer again... Damn you evil woman!! Hee hee!! Have a great night/day!

  4. Hi Cecile, good to see you again. Glad that you feel welcome here as well!! Yeah... I count myself a lucky woman, in more than one way...!!
    Do have to warn ya though that... even when you were so kind to share your Lion Tamer hottie *thankful sigh* ... I'm not willing to share my awesome hubby... nope... don't know you well enough for that... yet... *evil wink*

    LOL!! Your freezer is doing some overtime these days. Makes me happy that coming over to my place causes that :)
    Have a great day too!!

  5. Oh I love L.B. Gregg - her entire Smithfield series is really great and I think Gobsmacked is my fav!

    I haven't seen Magnus..looks good!

  6. Hi Mandi, that's good to hear. Now I definitely don't know how much longer I can restrain myself from buying it ;)
    It's just that I promised myself to read at least 10 books from my huge TBR pile before I go shopping again. But I'm almost there!
    Yeah, Magnus looks good, doesn't he? He's also definitely on my list when I give way and start hitting the 'buy now' buttons :)

  7. 10 book from tbr pile first?? That is a good plan..I would never be able to stick to it..LOL...but I give you credit!! :)

  8. Yea, hubby looked at me a little strange while I was standing in front of the freezer fanning myself... lol!!

    I plan on coming here a whole lot more! And now I have you on my blog roll... so I will be here a lot!!! =)

    You are indeed a lucky woman... Now come'on.... I shared Lion Tamer with you.... Even trade... lmao!!!!
    Have a great day honey!

  9. Don't give me credits yet, Mandi, 'cause I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it...probably not...LOL

    Cecile, I'm so honored *doing a happy dance*... your blog roll!!
    I'm looking forward of you brightening up my place a whole lot more like you have the couple of days :)
    It might even consider letting you sweet talk my hubby... now... I'm not saying it'll work, 'cause he's kind of a one woman type of guy *wink*... Just let me sleep on it... It's 1 am here, so I'm off to bed now! Good night hon!!

  10. Wow! I didn't know this was over here. Mag is yummy. I love that cover and stare at it a LOT! lol Thanks. :)

  11. *grin* Me too! I can stare at him for hours, he's so delicious, yum! :)


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