Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today's Man Candy: Lion Tamer

I'm so thankful for having this sexy, brave, danger-loving and uberhot hunk over from Cecile's place today. Thank you for letting me sweet talking him to visit my place, Cecile!
I'm gonna try to put my thoughts on Evangeline Anderson's The Assignment on paper today. Although it's probably going to be difficult with the Lion Tamer around... We might want to do some playing... with his little whelp...


  1. You are more than welcome honey! He looks quiet "at home" here, hee hee!!!
    Your sweet talking must have worked!!!

    Now, if he gets in the way of your work... well, you can always use his "whip" to get him to obey!!! LMAO!!!
    Looking forward to your thoughts on The Assignment... and NO, I don't mean the Lion Tamer, lol! Have a great day!

  2. I can look at that pic all day without becoming bored. At one time I actually knew the name of this model but forgotten it in time *eek*

  3. OOOOOOO very yummy!!!!! Love to have breakfast with him #grin#

  4. LOL! Ooo Ladies, I had so much fun with my Lion Tamer today. He kept me from my work quite a bit!!

    Hi Cecile, I didn't need the whip (uh... whelp) so far, but the night is long so I may just... when my sweet talking has lost it's magic, LOL!

    Yeah Leontine, I'm with ya there *swoon*. Oh please, please, please dig your memory a little deeper! Come on hon, you're only 33, you can do it!! You would make my day :)

    Hi Marissa, me too, girl. Actually I'm planning to, before I'll let him go back to Cecile's place tomorrow *snif*

    Sweet dreams to you all!

  5. Sweet dreams honey! I hope you enjoyed the Lion Tamer... Is that him pulling up in my drive way now... Let me see the review of The Assignment...
    Have a great night!!!

  6. Hey wait, where is my comment :( arghh stupid blogger, eating my comments again.
    Said something about him being so brave for having that lion there

  7. LOL, Blodeuedd!! I saw your comment, but... uh... I think it was at Cecile's blog :) Getting a bit forgetgul, honey? *wink*


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