Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Gay Friday & two stories by Evangeline Anderson


I finished two short M/M stories this week: I'll Be Hot for Christmas and Fireworks by Evangeline Anderson, both featuring Nick Valenti and Sean O'Brian, heroes from The Assignment, that I reviewed yesterday. The short stories are a nice addition to the novel, especially since we finally get Sean’s point of view in I'll Be Hot for Christmas. In Fireworks we’re back at Nick’s POV.
The first story takes place one year after The Assignment and the second one and a half. And in both we step into their lives at a moment they’re dealing with some issues, which they solve with hot sex. What’s not to enjoy, right? But the first story suffered imo a bit too much from repetition of the mentioning of their past. A variation of the phrase ‘when they had taken their partnership and friendship to the next level and became lovers’ is used quite often. Therefore I rate that one with 3 stars and Fireworks with 3.5 out of 5.

The Back Blurbs:

I'll Be Hot for Christmas
It's a year after their assignment at the RamJack where they first confessed their feelings for each other. Valenti and O'Brian have been sharing an exclusive and white-hot relationship when Valenti suddenly pulls away. Understandably upset, O'Brian is determined to find out why his partner/lover is giving him the cold shoulder on Christmas, even if it means handcuffing Valenti to the bed to get the truth out of him!

In The Assignment, cops Nick Valenti and Sean O’Brian posed lovers to bust a notorious drug lord and discovered their undercover assignment was actually their truth. In I’ll Be Hot for Christmas, O’Brian taught his partner one hell of a sexy lesson. Now, they have a lot to celebrate on the Fourth of July. But Valenti has some less than traditional ideas about how to celebrate. Who needs sparklers and bottle rockets when you’ve got handcuffs and black leather?


  1. Good morning ErotRomance Reader, Dish it out girl cause you just got tagged you for the M/M meme. When I answered mine I was crunching my brain who to tag and when I saw the pic in this blogpost and said; "Ha, seek and you shal find!"

    If you want a word document with just the questions sens me an e-mail (via contact button at my blog) and I'll send it to you ASAP :) Have fun with it!

  2. Hey girl,
    Thanks... I guess... ;)
    It's my first, I'm a meme virgin... there, I said it.. LOL
    I'm on my way to e-mail you now :)

  3. Well... we are all virgins of some type... lol!!! I am a m/m virgin!! And it is out there now!
    But I do love this post!
    Hope you have a great weekend!


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