Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday's Hot Couple and Upcoming Reviews

Looking forward to this week. I just started reading Evangeline Andersons short story I'll Be Hot for Christmas, which is a sequel to her novel The Assignment, a M/M romance. I liked The Assignment and I'll be posting a review of that very soon. Other upcoming reviews are of Maya Banks' Songbird and Jill Shalvis' Double Play. I'm faster at reading than at writing I'm afraid. But I'm definitely going to make time for the reviews this week :)
Have a Happy Monday!


  1. HI I've just pop over form goodreads, love all the stuff you,ve got going on here, ecpecially todays Hot! looking forward to reading your reviews later in the week:)

  2. Hi!

    So glad you popped in at Smexy..I LOVE your place :)

    I read The Assignment recently and wasn't that impressed..I don't know - got tired of the pretend..however, I didn't know she had a short sequel to it..I might have to check it out!

  3. Hi Adrienne,
    Good to see you here too! I'm glad that you like the eye candy, because I do enjoy it a lot myself ;) Looking forward to seeing you around and chatting about books with you overhere!


    Hi Mandi,
    Thanks for stopping by and for loving my place *blush*
    About The Assignment: I think I know what you mean with the pretend. Maybe it's because the story is written from just one POV - that annoyed me a bit. When I've gathered my thoughts a little more, I'll post my review. And, yeah, there're actually two sequels, the other is called Fireworks. I'm reading that soon as well.
    Hope too see you around again!

  4. Hey Girl..

    Looking forward to your reviews... Anderson is always a good read for me...

    Definitely want to hear your thoughts on the Jill Shalvis book...

    Happy Monday my dear...


  5. Hi E.H,

    Glad to hear you're looking forward to my reviews :)

    In short, the Jill Shalvis novel was a lovely read with lots of insight into the world of baseball. It's doing fine in the romantic department, not so much when it comes to the sexual heat. I'll tell you more later ;)

  6. OMG!!! Girl, I just spent 3 hours in front of my freezer with the door wide open... Your place is freaking hot!!!! Awesome place you have here. I am glad that you popped on over to my place!!! I hope you liked it! It might be as hot as yours... but it is my home!!! LOL!!
    Damn... going take cold shower now!!
    Have a great night/day!

  7. LMAO!! Only 3 hours? *wink* Thanks so much. My place starts to feel like home too, I've just recently moved here, LOL!
    I definitely like your place!! I've got a lot of catching up to do at your home though! There's so much good stuff over there, like your stories. So, you'll see me around, Cecile!!

  8. I look forward to having you at my place and can not wait to see what you have to say!! And I will now be following yours!! So, you shall be seeing more more of me as well!!! Now I am going see about your soft spots, lol!!!

  9. I didn't know she had a short sequel to it.

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