Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday's Hot Couple

I'm reading Ava Grey's Skin Game (I'm at page 116 of 320) and it's really enjoyable so far. The H/h aren't the most likely characters (a con woman and an assassin) and on top of that the heroine has a supernatural gift. But I'm totally buying it... I think that's due to Ava Grey's writing skills. She sure knows how to tell her story!

Meanwhile I'm doing my homework on this M/M meme that I hope to post later today...

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. Nice "almost kiss" pic! I have given you an award ;) Come check out my post of Show & Tell November!

  2. Oh you're reading Skin Game you lucky gal :D

  3. Wow Leontine, I feel so honored! I'm hopping over to your place in a minute. Thanks a lot!!

    Hi Blodeuedd, I am a lucky gal today, indeed!!

  4. Lucky indeed!!! Congrats on the award that is coming your way from Leontine!
    Love the picture by the way...
    Oh... and they (Erotic Horizon and Leontine) are talking about making my deflowering public now... and EH mentioned screaming... I am not sure I am ready for this!! LMAO!!!
    I hope your Monday is going awesome honey!

  5. Thanks, Cecile, I'm lucky and happy!!
    O o, I feel for you, girl! But when they (!) try to let you do something ya don't wanna, you can come to my place for shelter, hon! I'll shu them away LOL so you can go back to your baby steps, sweetie!
    My Monday is definitely going awesome. Hope yours as well!!


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