Sunday, November 15, 2009

Read: A few quickies

I’ve read a few quick and short stories, that I’m not gonna review. Some of them were fun, others not so much:

Claire Thompson, Mistress for a Day,
êêê, ¹½
Submissive and in love, sometimes Joanna’s dominant impulses get the better of her. What happens when a sub girl convinces her Dom to turn the tables? Does sexy Joanna have what it takes to be Mistress for a day? More importantly, is she willing to pay the price after?

James Buchanan, Kiernan Kelly and HB Kurtzwilde, Toy Box: Rope,
Ever dream of being tied up and had wicked things happen? That's what the ropes Taste Test is all about. In James Buchanan's A Little Trust, Nicky and Brandon from the popular Cheating Chance, have a near miss after a rotten day at work for Brandon. Can they make the most of the adrenaline? Cobalt Dynamus from HB Kurtzwilde features Alous, an aerialist who's invited to join a new act, one with two beautiful men who fly on silken ropes. Can he find a place at their center? Finally, Kiernan Kelly creates a world for country singer Travis, who needs some time away. His old friend Booger picks him up, and ties him up, and Travis has to figure out what's important in life. Wrap yourself up in this one today!

M. Snyder, Mastering Stefan, êêê,
Three years and Stefan-s yet to find that certain someone who can take him to the precipice of lust, dangle him over the abyss, and shove him headlong into the darkness of his own desire. Someone who drives him to the edge but won-t let him fall. Someone he can trust completely, body and soul, someone he can lose himself in. When a local gay bar called the Code hosts a fetish night, Stefan goes looking to be conquered. There Stefan meets the man of his dreams, known only as -Master.- But when put to the test, can he prove himself worthy of such a man?
NOTE: This story won second place in 2006 -Please the Baroness- contest, and appears in the anthology Best Gay Bondage Erotica

Maya Banks, Blame the Rain (free short story),
A one-night-stand-between-strangers plot.

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