Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday's Hot Couple & Musings

With the new work week ahead I'm looking back on a nice weekend. I finally had time to do some blogging and reading. I finished a couple of books and stories about which I posted a short review and two more books (reviews will be posted soon): Some Kind of Hero by Michelle Cary and Heat of Passion by Elle Kennedy. Both contemporaries that were a good, pleasant read.
I haven't decided yet what my next book is gonna be. Maybe Double Play by Jill Shalvis or Songbird by Maya Banks. Or perhaps I will choose a M/M book instead, e.g. The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson, which is on my TBR pile for ages now.

And I also purchased some nice books last weekend, that I'm also looking forward to, but that have to stay on the TBR pile a little bit longer:

  • Stephanie Tyler, Hard to Hold (Hold trilogy, #1)
  • Claire Thompson, Texas Surrender
  • Bella Andre, Hot as Sin (Hot Shots: Men of Fire #2)
  • Tory Temple, Heat (Firefighters, #1)
  • Jess Dee, A Question of Trust
  • Cindy Gerard, Show No Mercy (Black Ops, #1)
Have a great Monday and happy reading!


  1. *jumps up and down* Pick "The Assignment"!!! Its a HAWT fast page turning erotic romance - soooooooooooo good! I loved it.



  2. *grin* How can I ignore I jumping woman, MsM? Or a HAWT fast page turning erotic romance? Nope, can't do that. So, I guess I'm gonna read 'The Assignment' first! I think I actually got tipped on this book at your blog a little while back ...

  3. I'm so glad you commented on my blog and found your place like that. I love all the eye and mancandy you've got going on. I'm going to buy myself an e-reader too in a couple of months...but kind of hoping Santa is going to spoil me LOL I'm looking forward to the booktalk with a fellow Dutch girl ;)

  4. Hi Leontine,
    Thanks for your lovely comment. Me too, although I'll have to be aware not to sneek in some Dutch words into the booktalk with you ;)
    Good that you love the eye candy, I guess I have to keep it up than ;)!
    About the e-reader, I actually read my ebooks on my laptop now, with 'Adobe Digital Aditions' (for pdf and epub files) and 'Kindle for PC' (for the Amazon ebooks). I'm also thinking about an e-reader, but there're so many different kinds. I'm curious which one Santa will pick for you (if you have been a good girl that is LOL). I hope you'll get spoiled!


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