Sunday, November 15, 2009

Short: Going Down Hard by Tawny Weber

Tawny Weber
Going Down Hard
Harlequin Blaze, May 2009

Genre & Keywords
: Contemporary, Bodyguard

Rating: êêê½
Heat level:

The Back Blurb:
Sierra Donovan is flying high on her company's rising success. Her bonus? Another sexy one-night stand with cowboy Reece Carter—also known as the best sex she's ever had. But when sick blackmail photos start to show up, fiercely self-reliant Sierra suddenly finds herself needing a twenty-four-hour bodyguard. Who better than cowboy-turned-security-specialist Reece Carter? Reece is tall, dark and dangerous…and he's getting in Sierra's take-charge way. But, oh god, can he make every single nerve ending on her body sizzle. Sierra soon realizes that coming home to great sex each night has its benefits. That is, as long as her bodyguard can keep her alive to enjoy it….

When I first started reading romances one year ago I only read Harlequin Blaze novels, because I didn’t know about all the other books than. I used to enjoy the Blazes most of the times. But lately they don’t satisfy me that much anymore. Even favorite authors like Karen Foley and now Tawny Weber can’t grip my attention as they used to do. I’m not sure if it’s because me learning every day about all the other wonderful books so that the Blazes pale in comparison, or that it’s because the authors’ former books were just better… I don’t feel like rereading them, so let’s just say it’s me and my altering taste.

Take Going Down Hard: the second of two books by Ms Weber (The first is Coming on Strong). It’s not bad, but absolutely not worth a five star rating, not even four. While I thought her earlier Blazes, Double Dare and Risque Business, were definitely 5 star reads. The plot of Going Down Hard is okay, with some suspense, though the denouement is a bit disappointing. And the H/h just keep circling around each other. It irritated me a bit that the heroine kept denying how great her relation with Reece could become if she let it be and how wonderful a guy Reece is. It’s not very clear or credible why she keeps her distance. And although there was a lot of sexual tension and a hot encounter before they finally sleep together, that first time toke disappointingly place behind closed doors! Not Blaze-like at all.

Anyway, Going Down Hard was a fun, quick and easy read, but it’s not one I’ll remember for long and it definitely won’t rank the top of my favorites list, like Ms Weber’s earlier books.

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