Saturday, November 14, 2009

Supernatural Saturday

It's been a busy week for me IRL, so I haven't been blogging for a few days. But TG now it's Saturday! Time to read books, do some blogging, surf the internet & read about and watch (online) my favorite TV show, Supernatural, before meeting with some friends tonight.

Although I didn’t have much time to blog, I’ve read a few books. I’ve also been thinking about the genres I usually read and why supernatural genres aren’t among them. I’ve occasionally read a vampire story that was part of Harlequin’s Blaze, like from The Love at First Bite series by Kimberly Raye. And recently I’ve bought The Cost of Eternity by Shayla Kersten, just because I like her way of writing, and it happened to be about a vampire. I also read one or two paranormal Blaze stories and one sci-fi novel by Zannie Adams, but that’s about it. Since I love the TV show, I’m curious if the supernatural genre could be something for me. So, I’m wondering which supernatural romances are recommended to give this a try, considering I’m rather a rookie at this?

Than about the TV show: I liked episode 5.09 (The Real Ghostbusters) because of the old-fashioned ghost hunting (which reminded me of the first two seasons). And I could appreciate the ironic and funny way Supernatural fans were being mocked and ridiculed by exaggeration. All those Dean and Sam imitators were hilarious!

The next episode is again about the big Apocalypse storyline; the brothers are tracking down Lucifer, together with Bobby, Ellen and Jo. Could be nice, this reunion. Here’s the promo and two sneak peeks from that epi, 5.10 (Abandon All Hope):

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