Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What do you think is a good name for the precious little ereader?

I need your help!
The thing is, I’ve been told that it is a must to give your ereader a name. And my Sony is with me for several months now, but I still haven’t found a name that suits her (yes, it’s a she!).

I’m really bad at making decisions like this, I switch every ten seconds to another one. Let’s just say, I’m really glad I haven’t given birth to little creatures that really need to be named properly will they not become the ridicule of their class. I had a hard time enough with naming my pets. ;)

So, what to do with my ereader? Shall I leave it alone and continue calling her my Sony, or my ereader? Or should I really make an effort here? I’m curious what you think about the whole ereader naming thing in the first place…

To be honest, I like the idea (because she’s like a very dear and personal friend to me). I’m grateful for my bloggy friend KC’s suggestion to post about it to ask for some help. So, maybe you can help me with a few name suggestions or by telling me how you call your ereader, for much needed inspiration?

I would really appreciate the help because all I keep coming back to is Jewel or Janna’s Jewel *sigh*. BTW She looks like the one in the picture.

PS: I won’t be here until Thursday night to respond to your comments, but I hope that won’t keep you from leaving one :)


  1. Geez, I didn't know about having to name them. I just bought a purty pink sony ereader.

  2. Oh look at that pretty things *cries a bit* One day I will hold one too.

    As for a name, Jewel is nice. I would surely name my something strange from mythology lol

  3. Well, my Nook is named Sweets. :) I like Jewel or you could go with Jewels :)

  4. Every laptop I've ever owned has had a name (currently, I have Ruruoni, Kenshin, and Kuroi Neko), but I've had my ereader for 14 months and haven't felt inspired to name it.

  5. I've never really named my Sony although I do refer to it as "my Baby" so I guess Baby is it's name. But it was not a conscious decision to name it.

  6. Lily: This is what I think of when I read of something named Baby!

  7. Chris, I totally love that movie. Ah,mo the memories of watching all of the "old" films when I was younger, sitting on the couch snacking and drinking Cokes with not a care in the world.

    I'd love a chance to feel that way again. :)

  8. I think every ereader needs a name. They're like family right? :) My Kindle is a girl and her name is Chastity D. Bauched. I think it's perfect for her hehe. Good luck finding and name for your little pretty. I think Jewel is a lovely name.

  9. *squints eyes at Janna's ereader* this is a pretty important moment, I need to think about this.

    Since your ereader might have a lot of m/m books (god knows mine does, I'm thinking Mrs. Easy Peasy is turning into a Mr. Easy Peasy)maybe a male name like:

    Mr. Jangles

    Mr. Rainonroof (oops that should be mine probably ;0 )

    Mr. Black Wade

    Female Names:

    Janna's Play Thing or JPT

    My Precious

    When I have more coffee I'll come back with more ideas...

  10. Hmm, that's hard. I think naming an ereader is something very personal. My Sony is named Rosie because I got the pink one. :) My Dell laptop is named Delilah/Delia. She has a split personality. When she's being contrary, she's Delilah.

  11. Well, my first Kindle was called Darcangelo (from Pamela Clare's I-Team series), when it broke in a freak accident with my husbands elbow, I called the new one Darcangelo 2.0. While I call my Macbook Spartacus, in honor of the hottie Andy Whitfield ;-p

    I have one friend who calls her Kindle Hardy, after our favorite hero in the book Blue Eyed Devil, and another friend who calls hers, Leonidus.

    I say naming it after your favorite romantic hero is fun :)

  12. Sunny (play on Sony) or Erika, because I love that name... and not only because it's mine... I would love it anyway (I'm really not conceited).

    I have the PRS505 - she's my Precious.

  13. Thank you all for swinging by, even while I wasn't around! I'm glad to be back online again! :D

    @Amber: I only learned about the naming thing later as well. But don't you love the idea? :)

    @Blodeuedd: I hope that day will come soon for you, hon! A mythological name would suit yours very well :D

    @Jambrea: Yep, there's something seductive about a short name like that! :)

    @Chris: Why not? Don't you spend as much time with your ereader as with you laptops? Special names btw :D

    @Lily: Baby is a cute name, it's like Jambrea's Sweets. Both names show how dear they are to you :)

    @FV: Yeah, she's like family or a very close friend :) I love the cleverness of your Kindle's name. Perfect!

    @KC: Oh, you're good at this! :D You're right my ereader has a lot of m/m books on it, but don't underestimate the amount of m/f books ;D
    I like your suggestions!!
    Though I'm wondering what double meaning of rainonroof I'm missing ... I know Sarah uses this name for her blog, so it must be something about male/male love but I can't figure it out what exactly... *grmph*

    @Eyre: I agree, it is personal :) It's nice to see what inspired you all!

    @KCP: Those names sound great! I agree, naming your ereader after a romantic hero sounds fun! :D Since mine is a 'she' I could pick a favorite heroine! My heroine list is shorter than my hero list, so that should make it easier ;)

    @Mariana: I hadn't thought of that, but Sunny sounds good! It fits so well because she brightens my day every time I pick her up :D
    I have a friend who's called Erika, so that could get confusing when I'd call my ereader Erika ;)

  14. The ereader just doesn't feel like it has its own distinct personality to me...

  15. Congrats on the reader - Mine is called Fitzroy...

    What ever you call it you will love it, just give a name you wont mind shouting out at night...LOL


  16. @Chris: Hmmm, that's odd ;)

    @EH: LOL! That's good advice! ;D


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