Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Gay Friday

I have not much to share today aside from the weekly cookie. :)

Tonight I’m going out with hubs and his friends and their girls. So, I won’t be online.
Oh, and next week I’m without internet for three days. I have this work thing for which I will be away from home from Tuesday morning until Thursday night. *sigh* I’m already mentally preparing myself for the lack of internet and computer access. And there won’t be much time for reading either, the horror, since we have an evening program as well, plus I share my hotel room with one of my colleagues. Can you think of anything worse? LOL! Ah well, I will survive…

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


  1. Mmmm... kisses...

    O noes!! I think I'd be twitching in pre-withdrawal already!

  2. I'm so going to miss ya!!! And no reading at all in those days?? Can't you lock yourself up in the bathroom for, like, an hour or so? No M/M smut = losing grip on sanity LOL

  3. Eek, no internet or reading for three days! I can't even imagine it. :)

    Have a great night out with hubby and friends. Happy Friday and thanks for the lovely cookie.

  4. Ugh, no internet AND sharing a room. Yucko. Hope you have a fun evening. That is a beautiful pic.

  5. @Chris: Yep, that perfectly describes me at the moment!

    @Leontine: aww, thanks! :D I try to schedule a review post or something and maybe I can sneek out to the bathroom one or two times, because you're right: I have to keep my sanity somehow. LOL!

    @Lily: It's my worst nightmare too!! But I keep telling myself that I can do it. Maybe it'll help ;)
    Glad you liked the cookie. :)

    @Tam: The sharing a room is really the hardest part. It'll keep me from reading in the middle of the night :(
    Yeah, it's a beauty, that kiss. :)

  6. No internet, no reading, HOW WILL YOU LIVE?!?!? :) I hope you have a good weekend and that photo is especially yummy.

  7. Wow !!! I could never go without reading!!! I mean internet, maybe for like a day or so, but no books would be pure torture!!! Good luck though!!! Hope you have fun tonight!!

  8. Gorgeous picture!!!

    Have a great time with hubby and good luck with the internet withdrawals that are sure to come. ;)

  9. Gone from the internet, oh...that takes preparation. Good luck Janna

  10. OH Gosh No!!!! Please say NOOOOOO!!!
    You are strong honey! You can do this!!! Says from behind her books with the internet on two computers and her cell phone!!! EEEEEkkkkk!!!

    And no freaking reading!!!!! Okay.. **breath in and breath out... breath in and breath out...** we can do this... we can do this...**Grabs Janna's hand** We can do this!!!

    You have a great night with hubs and friends honey!!!!
    Hugs to you!

  11. Pretty - thank you! And I hope you have a lovely evening out and that the work function next week goes well!

  12. @Mar: Yeah, I don't know how I will live!! The weekend was really warm and sunny, so that was great! I hope your weekend was fab too. :)

    @Lover of Romance: I'm with you: torture! Thanks for the support and for swinging by!! :D

    @Bronwyn: Glad you like the couple. :) Thanks, I will survive, just don't know in what state I'll be Thursday night... LOL.

    @Blodeuedd: Thank you, B! I'll need that. :D

    @Cecile: Aww, thanks for your faith in me and your support, hun!! You know, I do have my laptop with internet in front of me all day, but... it will be attached to a beamer, LOL! So, no way I can bloghop ;)
    I'm feeling a bit of dizzy already, but I know that it will be Thursday night before I know it!!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend too, hon! :D

    @orannia: Thank you, sweets! We had a great time out :) I'm glad you like the pic! xx


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