Monday, June 14, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy Smutty Scene

Today’s sexy scene is from the short story More Than Just a Good Book by Sloan Parker which is a scorching hot read that you can download for free at her website.

It’s a very, very hot and beautifully written story. I think the next scene shows that perfectly. And did I mention that it’s free! ;) Enjoy!

Mark met him at the elevators ten minutes later. Scott’s skin tingled as the man drew near. He clutched his backpack in front of him, hoping it helped to hide his erection from the world but disappointed it would hide it from Mark, hide how crazy with desire he was. Surprising. He was never so bold.
Mark stepped close, ignoring the safe distance most gay guys kept to out in public. “You ready?” The smell of Mark overwhelmed Scott again. The aroma could be bottled and sold as an aphrodisiac; it was heady and erotic and damn irresistible. Unable to stop himself, Scott leaned in. “Ready.”
“Come on, then.” Mark grabbed his arm, tugged him into the elevator, and hit the seventh floor button before anyone else could slip in with them.
The man’s hand on Scott’s arm wasn’t a painful grip, but it was strong and restraining, Mark’s palm hot even through the shirtsleeve. The grip suggested a power Scott longed to know. He wanted to grab the man’s hand and shove it down his pants. He was never that bold. He loved what this man did to him, loved how desperate and ravenous he grew being close to Mark.
Once the doors closed, Mark faced him, pressing close. The force of the man’s weight crowded Scott against the carpeted elevator wall. Mark seized Scott’s waist. “I’m going to kiss you.”
Mark growled a low sound. “I like a man who knows how to beg.”
Scott could beg. It was one of the reasons most guys didn’t like him. They said it made him sound needy and clingy and inexperienced. But Mark liked it. “Please, kiss me.”
Mark plastered his entire body against Scott. The pressure of groin against groin, chest to chest, almost had Scott rocking and going off like a kid getting his first hand job. He clutched at Mark’s arms, breathing deep, hoping like hell he could keep from shooting in his pants once their lips met.
Mark paused, their mouths so close, the man’s breath heated Scott’s lips. “You have the best mouth,” Mark said. “I want to taste those lips.”
Scott whimpered. He couldn’t stop it from spilling out. It was an uncontrolled as breathing.
“I like that sound, Scott.” Mark leaned forward and brought their mouths together, a brush of warm lips.
Mark slid his tongue across Scott’s lower lip, tasting, teasing. The kiss was soft and slow and not like any Scott had ever known. It consumed him. He wanted more of Mark, needed more of his tongue, his lips, his hands. He twisted his fingers in Mark’s shirt sleeves and tugged.
Mark shoved his body against Scott and smashed their mouths together, turning the kiss urgent. Mark drove his tongue deeper. His hands landed on Scott’s ass and dug in, grinding their groins together.
The sting of those fingers, the sharp jab of the nails as they buried in his ass, had Scott’s balls drawing up. He was close. He whimpered again, the sound muffling as it filled Mark’s mouth.
A chime sounded above their heads.
Mark jerked away, keeping the grip of his right hand on Scott’s ass for a moment more. The doors slid open. Mark removed his hand and strode out of the elevator.
Scott leaned against the wall, his breath hitching. He closed his eyes and focused on getting air into his lungs.
As the fog in his mind cleared, he opened his eyes. Mark stood outside the elevator next to a set of glass doors. The man smiled at him.
Scott pushed away from the wall, hoping like hell he could keep from tripping. He had to get back to touching Mark, had to know what else Mark could do to him, what else the man could give him. Like a needle in a compass, pointing to true north, he made his way to the man in no time.

Sloan Parker’s weblog and website and Twitter account

Download More Than Just A Good Book for free here

Backblurb More Than Just A Good Book:
Scott is a big geek and Mark is a little controlling between the sheets. During one afternoon at the university library, they’ll find they are the perfect match. And they'll prove some things are even more enjoyable than a good book.


  1. *parched throat here* Very good smutty scene Janna. I have Sloan parker on my e-reader with MORE and I think I need to check out this free read ASAP!! *grin*

  2. @Leontine: Yeah, great idea! :) And More will not disappoint you! I hope ;)

  3. This was a hot little story!

  4. Sweet :) Thank you. Love you hottie of the week too. One of my favs. He was my playground button for a bit. Yum.

    Have a great day :)

  5. Nothing like a bit of smut now and again, especially on this totally boring rainy Monday

  6. @Lily: Agreed :)

    @Amora: Glad you like! Uhm, I wouldn't be surprised if I stole that hottie from your playground... ;)

    @Blodeuedd: Aww, no rain here, only sunshine! Glad I could bring you a little bit of sunshine/smut ;)

  7. Thanks for the little piece of smutty candy ;) Happy Monday!

  8. I so there! Free = Good. Somebody really cool recommended More (which I loved) ;)

  9. @Heather: My pleasure ;) Happy Monday to you too, hon!

    @KC: Lol! Thanks for making me smile :)

  10. I just downloaded the short.

    That scene is hot!

  11. The story is seriously steamy. Great stuff.

  12. Very nice scene. I like the pic too ;)

  13. Holy Moly girl, you going to make me go in to cardiac arrest!
    Verra nice.... Love ya honey! Just wanted to pop in to see how you were doing... I have miss ya!
    I am getting my blog roll back on, lol!!!

  14. *grabs chapstick* *fans self* *takes long drink of H20*

    Thank you!

  15. @Eyre: I hope you enjoy it :)

    @Kris: Yep, very steamy!

    @Patti: Glad you like them :)

    @Cecile: Right back atcha, hon. looking forward to seeing you around again! :D

    @orannia: *g* My pleasure. :)


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