Monday, June 21, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Gotta Love Historicals Week

While I was a good girl last weekend and wrote my reviews for this coming week, I discovered that I read a few historical romances (both m/f and m/m) recently that I totally loved and devoured. This is note-worthy since I always and anywhere tell people that I don’t really like this genre. Hmmpf, time to stop doing that, I’d say. And to make it even better I declared this week the ‘Gotta Love Historicals’ Week at my blog.

Here’s what you can expect the coming days:

Monday: the weekly smutty scene from Lover’s Knots by Katherine Cross (already posted below)
Tuesday: a review of Jungle Heat by Bonnie Dee (m/m)
Wednesday: a review of Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone (m/f)
Thursday: a review of Ava March’s Bound-series (m/m, bdsm)
Friday: the weekly Happy Gay Friday cookie and other stuff

What about you? Do you like the historical romance genre? Have you read any good historicals that you can highly recommend? I’d love to hear all of it!

Happy Monday!


  1. I do love historicals although I can not remember the last time I read one since I've been on a bigtime paranormal kick for God knows how long. :) I can't wait to read your reviews! Happy week, J!

  2. I'm not a huge historical fan but I don't shun them completely. I just read The Gentleman and the Rogue by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon and really enjoyed it. Charlie Cochrane's Lessons series is also very good. I think I tend to prefer historicals that are not so historical. LOL I mean the time period is the backdrop, not the star of the show so much. Hard to say, but some definitely work for me.

  3. They aren't my favorites, but I've enjoyed Ava's books, Seducing Stephen by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon, and Precious Jade by Fyn Alexander.

  4. I read Ava's stuff last year an enjoyed them.. but ordinarily I run as fast as I can from historicals..

    I look forward to you tempting me back into this word..

    Sweet picture..


  5. Looking forward to your review of the Bound books!!

  6. I'm looking forward to your post on Ava's books. M/M historicals are hard for me because I can't get my mind away from the consequences the couples would have suffered in real life.

  7. I'm so looking forward to your review of Jungle Heat by Bonnie Dee and Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone...I both have them either on my radar or on my shelves :)

    Once i was sooooo passionate about the HR genre but that has dwindled over the last few years and now i only buy novels from a very select group of authors. I personally love Lisa Valdez and I think Anna Campbell's Claiming The Courtesan might also be in your alley.

    PS: I lurv your hottie of the week *thud*

  8. @Mar: I'm more of a contempary romance reader, but I like the paranormal genre too. So many good books, so little time...
    Have a great week, Mar! :)

    @Tam: I'm the same, no 'history lessons' for me either. ;) I have Charlie Cochrane's series on my ereader and will add The Gentleman and the Rogue to my TBB list now, thx! :)

    @Chris: Ava's books are great and I enjoyed Bonnie Dee's writing too, so I'll definitely check her cowriting with Summer Devon out. Fyn Alexander is now added to my list as well. :)

    @EH: I'll do my best, hon! ;)
    Glad you like the picture.

    @Mandi: Thanks! :) You already know how much I loved them, I'm glad you recommended them to me.

    @Eyre: I know what you mean. Fortunately, I succeed quite well in letting that go and just feel relieved that a lot has changed since then.

    @Leontine: Woop! I know you'll enjoy both books as much as I did, hon! :) I think you've recommended Lisa Valdez to me before and she's still on my TBB list or even on the TBR shelf. The Courtesan I have to look up. Thanks!
    Glad you lurv the hottie! :D

  9. I enjoy historical romance now and then. It's not my main read but I like to throw one in now and then. I'm looking forward to your review on Ava March's bound series. I've had my eye on that series for a while now.

  10. Sometimes it is hard for me to get into Historical romances. I'm very particular about the heroines. She needs to be spunky, independent, and quirky. God, I don't think I've read a historical romance in 6 months....

  11. What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to see what you say about the Bound series. I have the first on my TBR list!

  12. @FV: Historicals will not become my main read either, although I have to admit that I enjoyed every HR I've read so far. I like diversity I guess :)

    @KC: I agree and I would add 'I like my heroine to be male' ;)

    @orannia: Thanks! I've read the Bound books in a row and I think that made me like them even better. :)


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