Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming Up & Pimpin Dutch Musicians

I’ve been a busy bee this weekend and managed to catch up on writing some reviews and to schedule next week posts. This is actually a milestone in my thirty something year old life, because I suck at working in advance and planning ahead of time. :)

So, *this is a proud moment*, coming up at my blog:

Monday: the weekly Hot Couple pic and a sexy scene from the free short story More Than Just a Good Book by Sloan Parker
Tuesday: a review of Oleander House by Ally Blue
Wednesday: a review of Captured by Julia Rachel Barrett
Thursday: a review of the graphic novel Black Wade
Friday: the weekly Happy Gay Friday cookie :)

I also like to pimp a Dutch band – some of you may have noticed that I’m doing that in my right side bar for a while now. This song is called 'Holiday in Spain' from the Dutch band Bløf which they did together with the Counting Crows. I'm curious what you think of it. Enjoy!


  1. I like that song! Thanks for sharing it.

    Oh, that Sloan short story is smokin' hot, isn't it?!

    Look at you, so organized!

  2. woot woot a whole week planned in advance!! I'm so bad at planning ahead of time lol. Congrats on this milstone!
    And what a great candy you got there!! Miam Miam Ok his shorts are stupid lol but otherwise NOM.

    I do like the song! Will listen a few more times

  3. @Blodeuedd: Skip the icecream, I want the licking hottie ;)

    @Chris: Glad you like the song! Oh, Sloan's story is smokin' hot!! And it's beautifully written.
    "Look at you, so organized!"
    It's scary, isn't it? ;D

    @pattepoilue: LOL! Thanks, hon! If I can do it, you can too! :)
    Glad you like the candy (despite the shorts) and the song. :D

  4. Thanks for sharing. I stole some hotties too...hope you don't mind. Oh yeah, and your button. Have a good one!


  5. @Amora: I don't mind at all! :) I'm a hotties thief myself ;)

  6. Great song!

    I just love the way the hottie is licking that popsicle.

  7. I really enjoyed that video. Even the parts I couldn't understand. Thanks for sharing!

  8. @Eyre: He's very seductive, isn't he? ;)

    @Lily: Glad you liked it :) I was wondering how the Dutch bits would sound, good to know they are still enjoyable.


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