Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review of a very graphic novel: Black Wade by Franze & Andaerle

Franze & Andaerle
Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love
Bruno Gmunder Verlag, August 2009

Genre & Keywords: M/M, graphic novel, erotica, pirates, rape

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 3 out of 3 flames

The rough and merciless pirate Black Wade and his band are the scare of the seven seas. And just like his greed for gold is insatiable, his sexual craving knows no boundaries as well: When they board a British ship, Wade takes Lieutenant Jack Wilkins as a prisoner to satisfy his lust. At first Wilkins struggles with all his might, but soon he has to acknowledge that he actually has pleasure in the eager sexual encounters with the handsome pirate. In the meantime his fiancée Annabeth is waiting wistfully for the return of Jack, not knowing if he’s still alive. And on the pirate ship emotions are running high as well: Buccaneer Marak keeps a jealous watch over the prisoner Jack. He would love to polish Wade’s gun barrel himself. Due to the rising nervousness Wade realizes that he cannot allow himself the tender feelings he begins to have for Jack. To prove how merciless he is, he maroons Jack on a raft and relinquishes him to the forces of the wide ocean. But that’s nowhere near the end of the story…

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Why I read this book:
When one wicked woman blogged about it, another wicked woman bought the book and offered to send it to me after she read it. Thank you KC and Leontine! *click at their names for their posts on Black Wade*

Ohmyohmyohmy! Reading Black Wade is a completely unique and hot experience!

But I’m a bit at a loss here how to review this sexy, exciting and beautiful graphic novel. Because, when I look at it pure plot-wise, like I’m used to do mainly with regular romance novels, it’s not much of a story. It’s rather schematic and predictable. It has a nonconsensual beginning which would’ve put me off in any other story, but in this case the drawings drew me in again. The twists and turns that bring the love couple together, split them up and bring them together again seem artificial. And the emotional level of the protags’ feelings seem rather superficial. I missed the depth that I usually get from the descriptions in a regular novel.

Well, looking at Black Wade pure plot-wise and on a textual level doesn’t do the book any justice, that’s for sure!

I learned very quickly that the drawings are much more important than I initially gave them credit for (duhuh!). Looking more intense at the pictures learned that I could ‘read’ much more from them than from the little text balloons. They are not mere illustrations that accompany the story, no, they are telling a big part of the story themselves. Where I was at first more focused on the explicit sexual pictures, that are gorgeous *ahum*, at second glance the other pictures were extremely artistic too!
One of my favorite scenes is this tender, though rough, moment:

*click the picture to enlarge*

Wade’s sexy crudeness and Jack’s shy submissiveness are captured beautifully in word and image here.

I wish I could ‘quote’ the complete book, to show you its great and varying artwork, but alas you better get yourself a copy to enjoy its full potential. It’s worth the money, although it seems a lot for 80 pages.
I’m browsing through the book one more time before I return it to Leontine, but I think I’ll be missing it within a few days and I’ll have to get my own copy. As soon as I’ve found a good hiding place for it...


  1. I'm going to have to get this eventually, but like you, I'll have to find a good hiding spot. LOL!

    My BFF has strict orders to break into my apartment and remove my journal, books, and computer in the event something happens to me. My poor mom couldn't take finding some of the stuff I read and write!

  2. I adore the artwork in this. I'm going to pull out my copy and salivate over it. :D

  3. @Eyre: LOL! I know! We wouldn't want them to cry at our funerals because they discovered this perv side of their beloved daughter, would we? :) Hubs has the same instructions ;)

    @Kris: The book is back at Leontine now, so I can't do the salivating anymore *sob*
    Btw Aren't you up awefully late?

  4. Posti, posti, please be quick *grin* I'm drooling a bit again looking at the page pic. That's quite a quote right there Janna LOL This is just visual ecstasy at its best. Very addictive and don’t you feel the bar has been set pretty high now? How in the heck is another graphic novel going to excel Black Wade?

  5. @leontine: You're so right about the bar set high! The graphic art of BW is stunning. I hope you'll find the book in your mailbox today, so you can drool some more ;D Thanks for sending it to me!!

  6. Lol I am obsessed with this book, I was ...ahem....looking closely at every picture posted online LOL =P
    I'm glad you liked it! I might read it sooner or later lol

  7. @pattepoilue: It's so easy to get obsessed over! I've sent it back to Leontine only two days ago and I'm already missing it! :D
    I hope when you read it, it'll live up to your expectations! xoxo

  8. @Janna I hope so too...but I think I'll have to wait 'till I got my own place before getting this book LOL This is not the kind of conversation I want with my parents =P

  9. @pattepoilue: ROFL! Yet another reason to find your own place, sweetie! :)

  10. Great review! I have a great hiding spot. I visit Black Wade quite frequently! LOL! I love your "quotes".

  11. Thanks for your post! I can't wait to get my copy! I'll be sure to share my reactions (as well as those of my hubs!) *wink*

  12. I found the story to be average but for the sheer beauty of the book it was worth the money. I wish all graphic novels were in full colour of that quality. Of course I couldn't afford them. LOL

  13. *Coughs* Bf already thinks I am a bit of a perv, if I had this one he would surely never look at me the same again ;) Haha, I am allowed to read PoRn, but not he

  14. @Marq: LOL, Marq! I'm still searching for the best hiding spot! :) But when I find it, I'll order my own copy! Thanks for stopping by.

    @Jen: I can't wait for your thoughts and for your hubby's reaction! :)

    @Tam: I agree about the story, but the book is just awesome as a whole. I'm reading a black and white yaoi novel now and it's less impressive for sure. LOL!

    @Blodeuedd: LOL! I know you've shocked your bf enough already ;) But you don't know what you're missing, hon! :D

  15. I'm caressing my copy right now ;)

    Every girl should experience Black Wade!

  16. @KC: Darn, I'm jealous now! I want to pet Wade some more as well...

  17. I guess I'm the only one troubled by the rape scenes in BW. Bit off a turn off for me. The novel is visually stunning though.

  18. Hey Janna-thanks for following us, we are returning the favor! BTW STEAMY blog you got here...whew =)

  19. I'm SO going to have to get this. *sigh* Maybe next payday. It looks so yummy.

  20. Hmmm...thinking about this. Would it be bad to ask the hubby to get this for me for my birthday? ROFL!!!

  21. I just read this book and the artwork was amazing...and detailed *blush* I do wish it has been longer :)

    I actually forwarded a link to your GoodReads review to a friend who is dithering about purchasing this book.

    My BFF has strict orders to break into my apartment and remove my journal, books, and computer in the event something happens to me. My poor mom couldn't take finding some of the stuff I read and write!

    So does mine :)

  22. @FV: The rape scene did trouble me some, and the plot as a whole didn't impress me that much. But the art work was making me forget that easily. It's amazing.

    @Book Lovers Delight: Thanks so much and for leaving a comment. :) Glad you like the steaminess ;)

    @Jambrea: ROFL! I would love to see the scene in the bookstore when your hubs checks out and asks for a nice birthday wrap for the book! :)

    @orannia: Yep, it's rather short and I would've liked it to be longer too. Thanks for forwarding my GR link :)
    Let's hope it won't be necessary for your bff to act on your orders anytime soon! ;) I always think I have plenty of time to clean up and get rid off the secret stuff around here before I die, but when will I ever be prepared to get rid off the good things in life? *sigh*
    I think I need a drink (and it's not even 4pm yet ;))!


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