Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Hot Couple & Some Great Reads

Eeek!! I think I'm having a panic attack! As some of you know, I will be without internet and ereader for the next three days. I've only got a few hours left before I hit the shower and go to sleep. And then wake up to face three(!) days without blogging, bloghopping and ereading! *gasp*
I can't even think straight enough to write a review in advance to schedule for Wednesday. And that's really a shame since I've read some very lovely and exciting books the past couple of days! I would have loved to tell you something more about these books:

Julia sent me this book when Binny died to make me feel better and although I was a bit hesitant about the genre (SF! oh, and M/F;)) I ended up loving Captured! It was an amazing story and I would love to read a follow-up on Mari and Ekkatt. I'll definitely review this later.

This M/M romance and the sequel Under My Skin II are about Sebastian and Dylan. Theirs is a typical opposites attract themed love story, which I enjoyed very much.

Who would've guessed that this historical M/F romance would keep my eyes glued to the pages? Not me, since I rarely read historical romances and even more seldom of the M/F type. But this story is so very well written, it's made of awesome!

Well, I'm afraid you all have to wait a little while longer for more of my thoughts on these books. :)

For coming Wednesday I'll schedule a post about naming the little precious ereader. So, I hope you'll be back then and, please, keep your fingers crossed that this scheduling app will work fine, because I won't be around to do something about it if it doesn't.

I'm going back into denial mode now... tomorrow is early enough to face the three effing online-free days ahead of me! *sob*

Happy Monday!


  1. I hope you survive your off-line time! It will be okay..we'll all be here when you return ;)

  2. awwww *huge hug* You can do it! It'll be over soon! *hugs*

    Ohh I'm glad you enjoyed Sinful!Did you read the epilogue? Will you read Addicted? I'm full of questions today...

  3. My thought will be with thee in thy dire time ;)

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed SINFUL too, especially after the talk about the not so usual ending. As for the three offline you have a survival kit packed? I mean, your e-reader does know how to go undercover right? Mine has got a stealth mode too :) Very handy if you want to evade curious questions like; Watcha reading?

  5. No Internet (gaspies). I'm freaking out FOR YOU. When my internet doesn't work I steal from other people, I'm not proud of this but darn it I can't go offline for more than 24hrs!

  6. @Heather: Thanks, hon! That's a big consolation! :)

    @pattepoilue: I know, but you know! *sigh*
    Oh yeah, I enjoyed Sinful very much and of course I read the epilogue :) Although I was pretty happy about the ending in the book, not as bad as I expected after all the talk about it on Twitter ;) And Addicted is on my ereader already, I definitely will read it! :D

    @Blodeuedd: LOL! That's sweet of you, B! Thanks :)

    @Leontine: Have you read Sinful too, hon? It's really worth your time :)
    Nope, no survival kit :( I have to know all about that stealth mode, because maybe then I can sneak in some reading time without my room mate finding out aboout my reading habits ;)

    @KC: The frustrating thing is that the internet is right under my nose, being busy on my laptop for a big part of those days. If only my laptop wasn't connected to a beamer and I wasn't in front of a group, lol! Thanks for freaking out with me, hon. It helps to know people who understand :)

  7. Hey! You read it and you liked it! Yay! Thanks. It's cat-like, eh? It's so hard to be disconnected these days - when I forget my cell phone, I feel lost.
    Sinful is in my TBR pile. I hear it is unique.

  8. Here's hoping your time offline passes quickly!!!

  9. I wonder if a doctor could prescribe some medication to help you through the withdrawals. Hmm . . . if not, eat lots of chocolate and drink margaritas. You'll forget about the internet then!

  10. Sending good thoughts your way so the time speeds by. Good luck! :)

  11. I'll be thinking good (and speedy) thoughts your way for the three days offline!

  12. @Julia: I did and I did! A lot! :D It is cat-like yep! I had to get used to Ekkatt, but learned to love him! Thank you again for sending it to me! That was so nice of you! xoxo

    @Chris: heh, I feel like it were three weeks instead of three days ;D

    @Eyre: LOL! I skipped the margaritas, since I needed my brains for coming up with clever strategic plans and other boring stuff ;D
    But the chocolate was a good idea, it made me partly forget about the internet :)

    @Lily & orannia: Thanks, darlings! The ordeal is over now! :D


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