Monday, June 21, 2010

Gotta Love Historicals Week: Monday’s Sexy, Smutty Scene

Today’s sexy scene is from the historical m/m romance Lover’s Knots by Katherine Cross. This was one of the first historical gay romances I read and it blew me away at that time. I don’t know if it will still enthrall me as much as it did back then, but looking for a sexy, smutty scene for today’s post, made me think it would. I devoured the next scene at the beginning of the book. It’s rather long so you can see for yourself what I loved about it. Enjoy!

Daniel didn’t stand, his eyes fixed on Andrew’s face even as his hands continued to work, looping and knotting the rope into a double hitch with graceful twists of his fingers.
“What are you doing, Mr. Barret?” Andrew asked, setting aside his bicorn on a convenient crate. The light shifted around them as the ship moved, lantern swaying on one of many rough-hewn wooden posts. The rope had been twisted into a series of two loops, he saw, one connected to the other by a straight, knot-enforced strand.
“Making ready for you.”
Andrew barely had time to register movement. With no warning, almost too fast to be believed, Daniel straightened and pushed forward. He drove Andrew back a full three steps, larger body pressing tight against his. Andrew hit a beam with a startled yell, sound cut off by the sudden press of Daniel’s hot, insistent mouth. Andrew struggled against the muscled chest, shoving ineffectually as he was penned in.
Trapped as Daniel’s mouth glided over his again and again.
Body rapidly heating, Andrew lifted his face to the shockingly intimate kiss and gradually ceased fighting. He moaned, lips parting, and melted back against worn wood when Daniel’s tongue stroked into his mouth, hot and slick and curious.
I should push him away, Andrew thought even as he instinctively parted his lips. His hands lifted, cupping the other man’s elbows before sliding up his arms to his broad, muscled shoulders. Andrew squeezed his fingers into blue wool convulsively, head tilted back as Daniel teased and tested and explored his mouth with quick, darting licks of his agile tongue. Oh, oh God.
Body humming with growing arousal, blood rushing dizzily beneath the skin, Andrew gave in and arched into the measured assault. Daniel’s body fit perfectly against his, wide chest hemming him in, hips moving against his own. He jerked at the first hot thrust of Daniel’s erection and twisted blindly, rubbing against him with a low, needy moan.
This is madness, he thought, hands sliding up into Daniel’s hair. Then, I hadn’t even realized he wanted me too. He unwound the leather cord binding back Daniel’s queue and twisted his fingers in thick golden-brown strands. It was softer than he had always imagined, loose curls twining about his fingers as he tried to pull Daniel closer. He fed off Daniel’s mouth hungrily, lips wrapping around his thrusting tongue. Emboldened, Andrew sucked hard, swallowing the low hiss and answering with one of his own as strong hands gripped his hips.
Andrew shuddered, arousal pounding through him in sharp, throbbing bursts. His cock ached, straining against the fabric of his breeches. Andrew shifted his hips and both men moaned when their erections ground together through layers of cloth.
“Daniel,” Andrew whispered, breaking the kiss. His head dropped back against the post and his chest rose and fell with each rapid breath. “This is insane. If we were to be found out—”
Daniel lifted a hand and pressed two fingers to Andrew’s mouth. He leaned in, breath hot, and kissed his temple. “Shh,” he murmured as he tongued a path below Andrew’s ear then down to the stiff collar of his jacket. Andrew dropped his hands, palms rubbing over Daniel’s chest in reluctant encouragement.
Calloused fingers hooked, pressing past Andrew’s parted lips and sliding deep. Andrew could taste salt—the ever-present sea. He shuddered and opened himself up to Daniel, licking the pads of his fingers as Daniel gently fucked them into his mouth.
Daniel’s voice was low and deep when he whispered into Andrew’s skin, “We won’t be found out. There’s no one here to witness this.” Teeth raked over the curve of Andrew’s jaw and he groaned, sound muffled by Daniel’s fingers. “I have wanted you,” the other man murmured. “I couldn’t wait anymore.”
Yes, he wanted to say, tugging at the closures of Daniel’s jacket. Andrew flicked his tongue out, teasing the crease between fingers as he rocked their erections together. The feel of Daniel’s hard cock against his was like nothing he had ever imagined. He wanted more—he wanted skin to skin. Andrew made a low, pleading sound in the back of his throat as Daniel slipped his fingers from Andrew’s mouth. He arched his neck, biting at the pad of Daniel’s thumb as he moved his hips in an unpracticed circle. He was slick from pre-come. Sweat dotted his forehead and trickled between his shoulder blades as they moved together in the ship’s oppressive hold.
“I want you,” Andrew began, licking his lips. Daniel reached down, movements hidden, but Andrew didn’t care what he was doing so long as he didn’t leave. “I want you,” he said again, reaching up to cup Daniel’s jaw. The light stubble scraped his palms like frayed rope. He wondered how it would feel against his body and his cock jerked hard at the thought. Andrew bit his lower lip, eyes locked with Daniel’s. He knew those eyes. He knew this man. They’d been stationed together aboard the Charon for more than four years.
Fifty-one months. It’s a long time to love from afar.
Andrew’s fingers curled around the square of Daniel’s jaw, forcing the other man to focus on him. The creak of wood, the crash of the sea, the distant voices calling far above them—none of it touched them. Not even thought of the Articles of War and what would happen should they be caught distracted Andrew from his study of those beautiful, familiar eyes. “I want you to—” he began, but Daniel cut him off with a sudden, whisper-soft kiss.
“Yes,” he murmured against Andrew’s lips, tongue snaking out to tease the crease of his mouth. Andrew opened wide for him, encouraging. Heat flared low in his belly, licking through his body in waves, but Daniel kept the kiss light. He caught Andrew’s bottom lip between his teeth and tugged gently. He reached up, tongue curling and slipping inside Andrew’s mouth for brief, maddening licks as he wrapped his fingers around Andrew’s wrists. Slowly he brought their hands down, deepening the kiss by degrees.
Andrew tangled their tongues together with a gasp. He closed his eyes as Daniel stroked along the underside of his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. The sharp sting of teeth traveled straight to his cock and he jerked, allowing Daniel to urge his arms down and back. His toes curled and his erection throbbed. Everything was focused on Daniel’s lips, Daniel’s teeth, Daniel’s tongue, Daniel’s thigh sliding between his legs and rocking against his jerking cock.
Which is why Andrew didn’t realize his hands had been tied until Daniel stepped away from him, lips swollen and eyes dancing.
“What—” Andrew began, trying to reach for him. His hands caught, the sudden pressure of rope making its way through his fogged senses. He frowned in confusion, twisting his neck to see around the support beam he was pressed against. The rope Daniel had been twining into a pair of attached loops had been fastened around his wrists, fitted snugly.
Andrew looked up at Daniel, confused and briefly alarmed. “What are you doing?” he asked, the question almost lost as the ship pitched and waves crashed outside the curved wooden walls.
Daniel leaned in to kiss him, one hand pressed over Andrew’s heart as he nibbled on his lower lip. “I want you to trust me,” he murmured, fingers shifting as if feeling out the racing beats. His other hand slid down, palm resting against the outline of Andrew’s erection.
Daniel!” he hissed, eyes going wide. He flexed his fingers, struggling against the rope, and rocked his hips up. When Daniel pressed down his palm, rubbing against the hard line of his cock, Andrew dropped his head back and moaned, heat washing through him in a nearly painful wave.

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Buy Lover’s Knots here

Backblurb Lover’s Knots:
Third Lieutenant Andrew Clayton wanted senior officer Daniel Barret from the moment they first met. Something about the charismatic man with the scarred knuckles and street-tough voice heats Andrew’s blood and makes his body ache. He’d give up everything for just one taste of the forbidden—his position in Society, his commission…even his life.
Daniel’s sure he’s losing his mind. Nothing else could explain his obsession with noble-born Andrew or his constant desire to spread him across the wardroom table and mark his fair skin. In His Majesty’s Royal Navy, the punishment for their love is death. One misstep could have them both at the end of a hangman’s noose.
But everything changes when they’re granted an unexpected leave. Far from the captain’s watchful eye, Daniel agrees to one week—seven days to explore each other’s bodies, to let four years of suppressed desire consume them—before they must return to their ship and the way things were. But some passions can’t be tamed once unleashed, and some dangers are worth the risk.


  1. I'm not sure I'm ready to venture beyond my few authors for other m/m historicals...

  2. I'm with Chris. M/M historicals are hard for me. Ava March is one of the few authors whose historicals I like, but I'll keep this author in mind.

  3. I'm exactly like you, Chris and Eyre! I prefer contemporary, or even paranormal romances, but some historicals are very good though. Ava March is one of my favorites too. :)

  4. I think that if I were to go for MM it would be this kind

  5. @Blodeuedd: That would make sense, B! :) Who knows one of these days, one of my sexy scenes will convince you to give it a try ;)

  6. That was...WOW! *fans self* I can't really see m/m historicals working, but...I do like the sound of this book!

  7. @orannia: *grin* It's kinda hot, isn't it? Glad you liked it.
    I think, to enjoy m/m historicals you have to like a certain level of angst (related to being gay in that gay-unfriendly society). I do enjoy that every now and then. :)


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