Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & Some sad news

TGIF! It’s cookie time again! It felt as if this week would never end. I was three days without internet and it seemed more like three weeks ;)
I only read one book, on my way home on the train yesterday night. It was a wonderful m/m romance by Bonnie Dee, called Jungle Heat. One of the heroes is a wild man, raised among gorillas and discovered by an expedition group. He and his rescuer have the hots for each other. It’s from this new epublisher Carina Press and I’ll be reviewing it later.

Remember I posted briefly about Captured last Monday? I told you that the lovely author, Julia Barrett, sent me her book to cheer me up after she heard that our kitty Binny died. Today I got the sad news that Julia herself had to put her dog Louie down yesterday after a sudden illness. I’m shocked and feel very sad for her and her family. I hope you all go over to her weblog, where you can see a picture of her beautiful Louie, to send her your virtual hugs. She deserves it and I know from personal experience how wonderful it is to receive warm words and hugs! :)

Happy Gay Friday!


  1. How sad :(
    *virtual hugs all around*

    My mum actually said today that she is not expecting one of our cats to live much longer

  2. @Blodeuedd: How sad about your cat, hon! *hugs*

  3. *hugs to everyone*

    That Bonnie Dee book sounds interesting.

  4. How sad - That's one of the main reason we dont have animals as pet..

    My heart can't take it as you know...

    Happy Friday hon..


  5. @Eyre: Yep, Jungle Heat is intriguing. I liked the premise and was not disappointed by how it was worked out.

    @EH: I know, sadly it's a part of having pets. But this difficult part gets compensated by all the good moments. :)

    @Chris: So true. :(

  6. That book sounds interesting. Like a M/M version of Tarzan. :)

    How sad though for Julia. Sending hugs.

    And I loved today's picture.

  7. Thank you so much, Janna. And thanks posters. It means a lot.

  8. Oh, that is sad news :( Every time I hear such news I want my furies to be immortal, though they are 11/12 years old. I know they are in their "extra time" acoring to the pedigree info *sigh*

    Can I say the cookie has be drooling, such good M/M stuff :)

  9. Happy gay friday my friend. So sorry to hear about the furbabies. :(

    I see you are reading Tempted. omg. That one was so intense! I'll be reading Naked soon.

  10. @Lily: LOL! I knew it reminded me of something, of course, Tarzan! ;D
    I'm glad though I didn't think of that before, now I could read it without the movie images.

    @Julia: You're welcome! Take care, hun. *hugs*

    @Leontine: Enjoy every minute of your babies, sweetie! Glad you liked the cookie :)

    @FV: Thank you! Yep, Tempted is intense, I'm reading it in pieces because of that ;) I'll read Naked after I finish it too. :D

  11. Oh lovely photo - even on a Saturday!

    So sorry to hear about Julia's pet. My thoughts are with her.

  12. How did I miss that photo? Yum!

    So sweet that Julia cheered you up and sorry to hear about Louis - it's hard to lose a pet.

  13. @Tracy: I somehow missed your comment, sorry! Glad it was still a good photo on Saturday! ;)

    @Patti: Don't know, hon, it's hard to miss ;)
    Julia is great like that and I'm sorry she had to go through losing her pet so soon.


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