Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & This and That

To conclude my ‘Gotta Love Historicals Week’ I have chosen these vintage gay couples as my weekly cookies. They are from the wonderful website Gaytwogether.

Don’t know how it is at your places, but it’s hot over here. And it’s even getting warmer over the next couple of days. And that, while things were going to heat up anyway, coming Monday when our soccer team is playing the next worldcup match. ;) All Dutch people will go batty over this match, because the winner will make it to the quarter finals.

And amidst this heat we suffered a power loss for almost 7 hours yesterday. Aside from having no AC during the hottest hours of the day, I nearly freaked out about having no access to internet, lol! I was working and found out that hardly anything can be done without electricity. The only thing that still worked was my laptop, which I just recharged.
After a few hours there was nothing much more left for me to do than whip out my Jewel and read until the power did get back on. What a shame, huh? *g*
So, what lesson did we learn? Well, a few things but the most important one to always keep the ereader charged to its limit for unexpected cases of power loss. ;D

And here are some of the m/m books I’ve read the past week or so, and haven’t blogged about yet *but hopefully will soon*

Bad Boys, Bad Boys (Boys in Blue, #1) by Mia Watts
Reasonable Doubt (Boys in Blue, #2) by Mia Watts
Three Wrong Turns in the Desert by Neil Plakcy
Bring The Heat by M.L. Rhodes
Love & Loyalty (Faith & Fidelity, #2) by Tere Michaels
Duty & Devotion (Faith & Fidelity, #3) by Tere Michaels
I Fell in Love with a Zombie by Sean Kennedy

And at the moment I’m reading the book for my DIK Challenge, Caught Running by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux.

What books are you reading at the moment or coming weekend?

Happy Friday!


  1. I just got Caught Running..I hope to read it soon.

    I am starting an Amy Lane book - Truth in the Dark I think...

  2. I just wrote my review for DUTY AND DEVOTION this morning LOL It reminded me I'm not a gal for writing reviews 2 weeks later *sigh* Anyhoo...yes it is freakin' warm here but as long as I can remain calm I'm good :)

    What I am reading this weekend; Lauren Dane INSATIABLE and after that some much needed diversion with a paranormal. I've been reading lots of erotica or M/M these last few weeks and more is on the schedule LOL

  3. Hi Janna!

    I just popped over on the hop and noticed your Hottie of the Week. He made me instantaneously start drooling. Look forward to following your blog!


  4. I love Tere Michaels...have read all three in the series. Can't wait till more comes out.

    Sean Kennedy, M.L. Rhodes & Madeleine/Abigail are all wicked. Those were some really good reads.

    You've got a few of my fave books on that list...I still need to read Mia's Boys in Blue series. I've never read anything by Neil Plakcy... although I do have one of his on my TBR will have to get to that soon.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Yay! Happy Friday my friend. How sad is it that when I read you had a power outage the first thing I though was whether or not you had internet access. I need therapy. :) Look like you read some great books! xoxo

  6. I'm reading Cutting For Stone by Abraham Vergese. You are reading Mia Watts - the only m/m writer for me! I love Mia!
    You're hot there? We're super cold here. I have a sweatshirt on in the house.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I hope the power stays on during the heat! Here, too, actually. :)

    Wow, you read some good stuff this week! I saw your name at the beginning of Reasonable Doubt, too. :)

  8. @Mandi: I've read about a third of Caught Running now and it's still building up to a first kiss, but I enjoy it so far. I did have to get used to the head hopping though...
    I think I have that Amy Lane book waiting for my too. Isn't that the book KC recommended so highly?

    @Leontine: *grin* It's so funny, I'm the opposite. I'm someone who needs more than one or rather two weeks distance from the book to write a review. :) I look forward to your review of D&D!
    Insatiable sounds, or rather looks, so good! Hope you enjoy it! :D

    @Jenny: Hey girl! Good to see you here! :) Glad you like my hottie of the week! Thanks for swinging by. :)
    BTW I love your blog!

    @Anna: I know, I adored all 3 books too. I've read somewhere that her next book will be an M/F romance... Don't know what to think of that. ;)
    We have similar taste in m/m smut, I see, because I adore these 'wicked' writers too! :) Hope you have a great weekend too, hon. *hugs*

    @FV: LOL! I'm the same, are we bad or what? ;D

    @Julia: Is that that voluminous Vergese novel? I keep pushing it aside ;) I adore Mia's work too!
    Argh, a sweatshirt, really? Are you living on the other side of the equator or something? :)

    @Chris: I hope the power stays on too, for you as well! :)
    "I saw your name at the beginning of Reasonable Doubt, too. :)"
    Do you think that was me?! Really?! And are you that Chris S.? :D That would be amazing. But you're kidding right? Right? :)

  9. Janna: That's totally me. I have confirmation. :)

  10. Gasp, no AC for 7 hours!!!!!!

    I loved Caught Running one of the my favorite books by author duo.

  11. I just finished a wonderful m/m story: The Sin Eater's Prince. It was good - I'll be posting a review later. Also "read" Black Wade this week! HOT!!

  12. I love the second picture.

    I hate power outages, especially in summer, but luckily your laptop and reader were charged. I can get thru pretty much anything with those two things working.

    Great reading week!

  13. No, in Northern California. It's freezing here! Yeah, it's the volume. I keep reading then putting it down. Just finished Herland, by Charlotte Perkins Gilmore - a turn of the century feminist who wrote a fantasy story about a land made up entirely of women who after the slaughter of all their men thousands of years before, developed the ability to give birth without male insemination. All virgin births. They think sex is pleasurable but silly and unnecessary - I mean, after three men show up and the women figure out exactly what, if anything, they are good for.

  14. Janna, I hope you're having a great weekend!

    I've had Caught Running for ages, but I haven't read it yet. I loved the Tere Michaels books.

    Julia, I remember reading Herland in my feminist fiction class. It always cracked me up the way they only let the tomcats out once a year.

  15. @Chris: Squeee! :D

    @KC: AND no internet for 7 hours! ;D
    I've finished Caught Running and it's absolutely one of my new favorites too.

    @Jen: I'll definitely check out the Sin Eater's Prince! :)
    *doing a happy dance* I heart Black Wade! :D

    @Lily: Glad you liked it. And yeah, I was lucky to have those two charged. Hope you have a great reading week too! :)

    @Julia: Brrr, good luck with the cold. I've read about that Amazone theme but haven't heard of Herland before. Funny title. :)

    @Eyre: I hope you had a great weekend too, despite the car shopping, Eyre.
    If you feel for a nice angst free read, you should pick up Caught Running. It's a wonderful comfort read. I'll post my review this week. :)

  16. It's cold here...cold and wet. But then, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, so the weather here is the opposite :)

    Oh, I have Caught Runing on my iPhone. I must read it...methinks I need an m/m week :) Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

    And power cuts are evil :(

  17. Caught Running is a book I simply love - I am hopig it worked for you as well.. I love books with sports..

    Aren't thos pic's cute....makes you wonder the risk they were taking even having them taken..

    Love your list that you got through.. I have read quit a few of those myself..


  18. @orannia: Yeah, you can look forward to lengthening days as ours only get shorter again. :)
    An m/m week is an excellent idea! ;D

    @EH: CR did work very well for me! I loved it. :)
    You're right about the couples, I like those pics even more because of that.


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