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Vacay Guest: Tam - Oh Canada Baby!

Today cool and friendly Tam came all the way from Canada to entertain you today over here at my blog. Check out her unique and bodacious m/m blog here>>>


Janna asked me to do a post while she’s off basking in the sun, drinking wine and eating bread and cheese, so I thought I would take over her blog for the day, and tell you about some m/m books that are set in my country, Canada, specifically in my city, the capital, Ottawa.

911 by Chris Owen

This is a classic story for those who love m/m/m and one of my all-time favourite books. It begins with firefighter Drew asking doctor Scott to move in with him as a roommate. It soon progresses to more and a long while later, paramedic Eric moves in to share the rent, and eventually their bed. It takes place over a couple of years, it’s not insta-love and they have their ups and some serious downs, dealing with family acceptance of three, Drew being injured on the job and the fall-out, insecurity of their place in the relationship, and verge of cheating situations. I think it’s realistic that it’s not all hearts and flowers, but they work through it because they love each other. I just adore all three of them and it’s super smexy.

Cheek to Cheek by Chris Owen

This is set the same world as 911, where bisexual firefighter Mallory breaks up with his long term girlfriend because he’s just not feeling it. He goes to a gay bar and hooks up with Will. When the new guy shows up at work he freaks because it’s Will. Will wants a relationship but Mal is all about no strings, to which Will agrees. The guys from 911 make a cameo appearance and it’s fun to see Mal convince himself that he’s not in a relationship while he obviously is. I liked that Mal’s ex was not a vicious shrew, she knew he was bi, they parted on good terms and she plays a realistic role (although other disagree LOL). They also have to deal with Will’s brother who is NOT pleased that he’s dating a white man. And yes, there is ballroom dancing involved as per the cover.

Loving the Rain by Drew Zachary

Tony, an artist and temporary office worker, and office admin Brendan get caught by a freak rain storm at their usual morning coffee spot. They hit it off and make a date for that night. It’s just a cute 38 page story of Brendan and Tony getting to know each other. Brendan works for a non-profit concerned with the environment and Tony uses found articles in his sculptures so they share a passion for making the world a better place. There is a fisting scene in this one for those who are squeamish but I thought it was well done and not crude. I love both Tony and Brendan, just two young guys falling in love.

P.S. That cover has NOTHING to do with the story. There is no girl related to the relationship nor are there any dogs. Weird.

From the Get Go by Sean Michael

Art gallery manager Jeff meets Texas leather artist Dakin when he participates in a show at their gallery. Dakin is a typical Texas cowboy, and Jeff is smitten. They spend most of the time Dakin is in Ottawa together and after a period of a long distance romance, Dakin asks Jeff to move to Texas with him. I liked this because there are a lot of descriptions of Ottawa which are pretty much spot on and it also deals with the complexities and difficulties of Jeff moving to the US permanently. That is a bugaboo for me, people who just “move” to other countries, so I liked that it was handled realistically. Weird thing to enjoy but hey, what can I say? We all have our quirks.

P.P.S. Another weird generic cover that means nothing.

Now some of you are saying “Yes Tam, Ottawa is a lovely city we’re sure, but what about the rest of Canada? Toronto, Quebec City, St. John’s, Calgary. Where are their stories?” Well do I have a book for you.

Canadian Shots by Drew Zachary (again)

This is an anthology of short stories that covers nearly every single province and territory in Canada. There is even one story about roughing it in the arctic as far from a city as you can get. They range from hot encounters that you know are only going to last the night, to a threesome in a BDSM club in Toronto, to the beginnings of possible romances, to some threesome twincest in the forest, to a long term relationship. The story set in Ottawa takes place on Canada Day and having spent a few Canada Days downtown, I think it’s a great depiction of what it’s like there on our big day (except that I’ve never seen any hot gay boys rubbing off during the fireworks – damn).  Every story might not be for everyone, and while some might be considered more erotica than romance, there is always that undercurrent of liking each other, even if it’s only for a weekend.

So I hope that some of you will check out a couple of stories set in Ottawa or at least in Canada and explore the world via books. It’s much cheaper than an airline ticket and hotel.
Thanks Janna for letting me share my passion for m/m books and Canada. Hope you are having an amazing holiday.


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity!

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  2. 911 is one of my favorites.

  3. It's one of my fave's too Eyre. It was one of the first m/m/m I read and definitely got me hooked on the genre.

  4. I haven't heard of these books before, will check them out. Thanks for the recommendations. (I would ahve also loved to see a few photos of Ottawa and what it looks like :-p)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Here you go Stella. As the capital a lot of our interesting stuff revolves around the Parliament buildings and other old-timey buildings like that.

  6. 911 was one of the first M/M romances I ever read. I remember being just plain astounded at the length and depth of the story.

    Thanks for reminding me about that great read.

    Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

  7. Do I dare admit I haven't read 911 yet?! It's on my reader, if that helps...

  8. It was one of my first ones as well Miranda. I think it adressed some of the problems of not just m/m/m but relationships in general with temptation and insecurity and job stress.

    Sigh. Yes Chris. It helps. A teeny tiny wee bit, but it helps. ;-) Now that you're all into menage, maybe it will work for you. :-P

  9. I've never been to Ottawa. I will have to check into one of the books and see what I am missing. :)


  10. Great selections *writing them down* I'm like you, I love reading books set in my city :)

  11. You are missing a ton of government workers Jase. That's about it. LOL Although none of those books are about government workers. Hmmm. Niche market perhaps, most boring books ever. LOL

    Oh and you could get married here. ;-)

    And see me of course.

  12. It is fun Patti although if you're anything like me you can be harsh. If author's use a real landmark/hotel, etc. you better have in on the right street, otherwise I'll be squinting my eyes and glaring at the book. But when they get it right it's cool. :-)

  13. Hey,you're in my neck of the woods :)
    These books sound good. Writing down a few to check out. I had no idea about the antho of Canadian short stories.

  14. Hi elaing. *looks around to see if you're peeking in my window* :-)

    It's kind of cool to see a story for each province, or almost anyway. If you get it hope you enjoy them.

  15. 911 is a great story! A lot of Chris's stories are on my favorites list.

  16. Mine too Joder. She really has a way of drawing the characters that hooks you.

  17. I've read all of these and really enjoyed them all. Especially 911 which is one of my all time favorites!

  18. Chris Owen does seem to be the author of some well loved book Lily. You just can't help but love the guys.

  19. Hi Tam,
    Appreciate all the new books that are going on my TRL. Now to find 2 jobs to pay for all these delicious m/m/m books. lol lol
    Love them, nothing hotter than a fireman.
    Carol L.

  20. Love the list Tam. Chris Owen can't do no wrong in my world... From the moment I read Bareback - I love everything - EVERTHING ..

    Zachary - Fire engine sex, yup love that author as well.

    Thank you for voicing what I have always thought of that last cover, quite odd, not sure what the cover artist was aiming for...

    I haven't read that book - but I have read Carol Lynne- Stepping Stone it has that cover...

    Cool post hon.....

    good memories...


  21. Thanks Carol. Hope you find the pennies for 911. It's a great book.

    I think Torquere finally got rid of that cover EH. It was just weird and I'm not sure who ever thought it was a good design. I really like Drew Zachary too and Chris Owen of course. :-) Thanks.


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