Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacay Guest: Kris talks book covers

Today snappy, funny and snarly but truly warm bloggy friend Kris takes over my place. She’s from Australia. Check out her never boring place here>>>


When Janna invited me to do a post while she was away she suggested something to do with vacationing...

My first thought was ‘well, we call them holidays here in Oz so that won’t work’ and my second was ‘book covers!’, which is obviously a topic totally related to vacationing because you have to take books with you and what’s the point of them (a) not being pretty to look at and (b) not being big enough to hide the fact you are perving at all the pretties in their swimsuits. *grin*

Me; I’m one of the first readers who’ll take the piss out of (translation from Oz: make fun of) weird arse book covers. To be honest, I think most are meh and some good, but rarely does one blow me away.

This year, my favourite book cover by far is the one for K Z Snow’s new release:

Stunning, right.

I absolutely adore it. It makes my romance reader heart sigh every time I see it.

So, what about you? What book cover has swept you off your feet this year? And don’t forget to share links so we can all have a good perve. :)


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  1. Wow that cover is gorgeous!! I haven't found a review to this book though. The synopsis looks interesting.

    My favorite covers this years are the cover of Warrior by Zoe Archer (
    and the cover of Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone (
    I am a cover-whore! ;)

  2. pattepoilue: "I am a cover-whore! ;)"

    Me too! *bangs fist* I love the Indiana Jones style of the Warrior book. I had *still have* such a crush. :)

    KZ's book only just got released on 2 August so reviews might start to appear over the weekend and next week. We might be lucky enough to get someone here who has read it to tell us what it's like.

  3. @Kris I'll definitely keep my eyes open for reviews! The cover is fantastic =)

    OH me too me too lol I love Indiana Jones *g* And the hero Gabriel is as yummy as Indiana Jones. YUM

  4. This one just makes me sad :(

    I have seen a ton of pretty covers this year, but at the minute I turn my back i forget what I just saw.

    This one I saw this week

    So pretty, loving the dress, but yes sadly no hunky abs for you all to look at ;)

  5. That Fugly cover makes me cringe... I can not look at it for more than 2 seconds.

    My favorite cover this year has to be Demon Dreamer

  6. My favorite so far this year has been An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride. I have a fridge magnet of it, so I get to look at it every day. :)

  7. Agree with pattepoilue - I liked Sinful's cover - very sexy...and I know this one's not sexy but Matched by Ally Condie grabs my attention:

  8. This is hard. I'll say KZ Snow's Jude in Chains I love the play of light on their faces.

    I also like Eden Winters' The Angel of 13th Street because you don't often see black and white covers and it kind of fits the gritty context and yeah, the shirt hanging open works for me.

  9. I really like the cover of Fugly too which I just read a couple of days ago. Another winner from KZ!

    A couple of others I've liked lately are Shadows from the Past by Lisa Marie Davis and Pieces by Shawn Lane. Like Chris I also liked the cover for Uncommon Whore.

  10. That certainly is an eye catching cover. Nothing really comes to mind for me covers at the moment though.

  11. Pattepoilue and I are in total agreement. Before reading everyone's responses, the cover for Sinful jumped immediately to mind. So darkly sexy and stark.

  12. Yeah, I can see how that cover makes you stop and take notice. It's screaming 'tragedy'.

    I'm not sure if I would say that a cover has really struck me lately, but there a couple that appeal to me.

    1) Shadow of the Vampire . I'm not sure why, but I like it.

    2) Blood on Silk It's intriguing to me. The combination of the title, the cemetery, and the only color being her red silk dress makes me want to find out more!

  13. Anytime I really notice a cover it tends to be a manga...XD But i am curious as to whether Fugly was good. Was it? It looks *really* interesting. XD

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. pattepoilue: Indiana fan gurls 'r' us. ;)

    Blodeuedd: I think that's part of it for me. The look in his eyes is heart wrenching. I need to know why he looks like that.

    "... but yes sadly no hunky abs for you all to look at ;)"

    Bummer. You know that was the whole point of this post, right. ;p

    First time in a while that I've seen a cover where the female character is actually wearing an authentic looking period dress. Very nice.

    Miranda: Isn't that guy on that cover Chris' hand-over-his-head guy?? LOL. I have a thing for boys' backs so I love them when I see them on a cover and this one is particularly nice looking, especially with those tattoos. :)

  16. Chris: You're a P L Nunn fan?? I didn't know that... and stop bragging about all the swag CJ gets you. It's rude.

    Patti: Whenever I see the sinful cover, I think 'oh, hey, it's the rose butt guy'. :)

    Oh, I really liked that Matched cover. Very simple but very striking.

    Tam: KZ has had some major winners with covers this year that's for damned sure.

    "...and yeah, the shirt hanging open works for me."

    Colour me soooo surprised.

  17. Lily: You've read and liked Fugly? Cool. Will you be doing a review?

    I like the Pieces cover too. It caught my eye from the moment it was released.

    FV: But do you like it? :p

    Joder: Another back girl after my own heart. LOL. It certainly says something that everyone loves that cover. That's a win all round.

  18. Tanya: "Yeah, I can see how that cover makes you stop and take notice. It's screaming 'tragedy'."

    Yes. It's very evocative.

    The Blood on Silk cover intrigues me too. I have seen it around a couple of times and the splash of colour always makes me stop.

    Redd: "Anytime I really notice a cover it tends to be a manga...XD"

    I read yaoi so I totally get where you are coming from. LOL.

    I haven't read Fugly yet, but i just checked good reads and it's getting some great ratings. This author is pretty much an auto buy for me anyways so I plan to pick it up asap. :)

  19. Kris: You are so right! It's Bare Back Guy on the cover of Demon Dreamer!

  20. You've a good eye for these, you do. ;)

  21. Yes. I'm very good at perving. ;P

  22. I never really pay a lot of attention to the covers...I always look at the blurb. There's like a momentary reaction where I'm like "oh, that's kinda cool/hot/sexy" but then I'm over it so it's kinda hard for me to think of one cover that really stood out for me.

  23. His face skeers me a bit but his eyes...they are the capturing bit of FUGLY and I agree, I wants to know more.

    When it comes to covers it's abs and tats that work for me every time. It's the need to objectify men and have my way with them that haz me going for the glossy covers :)

    The best of the best are:
    Jaci Burton - THE PERFECT PLAY

  24. The one cover that just knocked me out was Charlotte Featherstone's Sinful. Awesome and delicious cover.
    There's one more by Erin Quin that is really hot and for the life of me I can't remember the name :)I think it's Haunting Warrior.
    Carol L.

  25. Hello Janna. Ain't got much to say, but I'm doing my rounds and I ain't leaving you out. (And howdy to Kris, too.)

  26. Anna: I go for cover, blurb and then excerpt, but with the majority of covers I tend to forget them after I've decided not to buy them or read the book. It's covers like this or the covers of the books I have really liked that stand out in my mind. :)

    Leontine: "His face skeers me a bit but his eyes...they are the capturing bit of FUGLY and I agree, I wants to know more."

    Exactly. :) And who can possibly forget that Jaci Burton cover. Dear God, it smokes.

    Carol: Another one for Sinful! I hope the powers that be find this thread somehow so that they can see what an impact that cover made. *g*

    A man called Valance: Hey there. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. :)

  27. I like the cover of Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone and the one for Addicted is even beautifuller. The Bride Quartet books by Nora Roberts are pretty but no eye candy I'm afraid. The cover of Hot Finish by Erin McCarthy isn't bad ( and there's a new Lauren Dane book (Insatiable) which is pretty delicious ( oh, and there's a football one coming out that has a pretty pretty cookie on the cover but I can't remember the name or the author - only the picture!!

  28. I'm partial to "just starting to kiss" covers...

    Best Gay Erotica 2010:

    And Call Me in the Morning (Willa Okati):

    Ice Cream on the Side (Wren Boudreau):

    Although, naked chests never hurt ;)

  29. Oh I do like the 1st 2! Is the Willa Okati book good inside too?

  30. I know I'm late (and I'm sorry), but that cover of Fugly is striking!

  31. Kaetrin: I think the football cover is the Jaci Burton one. Lauren Dane's covers are always pretty good methinks.

    The answer is 'yes' to the Willa Okati book. Possibly her best, I reckon. :)

    Mariana, well, you know how I feel about almost kiss cookies and the Willa Okati and Wren's book covers are two of my faves. Delicious. *g*

    Oriana: It is, isn't it. :)

  32. Sorry but that Fugly cover makes me avert my eyes quite quickly..

    There are so amny wonderful covers, just 2 that come to mind are Firelight by Sophie Jordan and Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. (Weird that both are YA when I don't really read YA).

    I agree, the cover of The Shadow of the Vampire looks great!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  33. Stella: Those two covers are good. The YA genre tends to get some really eye catching covers. More than likely due to the nature of their market.

  34. Oh, the best cover of 2010 so far...

    LOVER MINE by JR Ward... shiny, read, manly pecs and abs... so lickable!

  35. Twimom227: This is the UK cover of Lover Mine that we got here in Oz: Yeah. Not the greatest. :(

  36. Blyergh to the UK cover of Lover Mine! Creepy!

    @ Kris - I think you're right Jaci Burton rings a bell. It was a mighty fine cover...

    I've picked up the Willa Okati book now too. I've just started reading A Note In the Margin.

  37. That Fugly cover is totally stunning!But it really does somehow creep me out lOL

  38. I can recall only one cover that has blown me away this year (though the book will be released next year).

    The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton..

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  39. I'm late for the coversation but I totally agree with Pattepoilue on Charlotte Featherstone's, SINFUL cover. It caught my attention and I bought & LOVED it!

  40. Kaetrin: Bloody awful, isn't it. Yuck. Cool re: the books. Be sure to let me know what you think of them. :)

    Darlyn: It's the combination of the eyes and the mark on his face I think. It pulls at you.

    Tracey: That is definitely one gorgeous cover. I can remember when it was first unveiled. I think most of us were typing with drool dripping on the keyboard. LOL.

    Scorpio: Don't you love that when that happens. :D


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