Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacay Guest: Cecile is keeping it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy

It’s a joy to have smutty hussy Cecile, one of the kindest bloggers I know, making my place unsafe today. Her blog is a celebration of everything that’s hot and smutty, check it out here>>>


Janna came to me one day and asked me to be a guest at her place while she was away...
Of course I said yes...
Who would not want to come to the Netherlands Islands...

I mean just look at this place I found...

So, what's a girl to do but hop in the Hussy Jet and take off....
I am really building up these frequent flier smutty hussy miles!!!
Off to Janna' s place I go!!!

Now what is it she wanted me to talk to you about...
Oh wait...
First, who I am....

My name is Cecile Smutty Hussy.
I come to you from across the pond.
Louisiana, USA is my home.
And my Hussy Lair is

Now for those of you that already know me....
Know that I have my own harem of men
known as....
The Tribal Men...
**It is so nice being a hussy**
So... for this trip, I gathered a couple of guys from my Lair who looked beach ready
(the rest are hiding in the hotel that you see above... they are not beach ready)
**evil laughter, I'm a hussy what do you expect**

Allow me to introduce you too....



Now... on to the reason I am here... lol..
Oh, you thought it was just to bring you some hunks from my lair...
No no no... I actually have hussy business here to discuss with you....

Since I am hanging out at Janna's hometown while she is away,
I thought we could play...
**I see the glances going back and forth to each other**
Don't worry...
I promise you it will be nothing hard or difficult or require you get naked...

We are going to play...
What would read on vacation?

Since Janna is on vacation...
I figured I would ask to see how our tastes are diverse....

Because some of my vacation reads would be....
Not your mother's reading material...

Me and the boys went through the books on my shelf...
**yeah, my beautiful new bookcase now**
and this is what we found that we wanted to take with us on vacation...

Buck and Caroline's story is very.... hot.
You will quickly be out of clothes and barely in a bathing suit when you start reading this one... And.... ohhh yeah, it gets kinky...
So, you might save this one for later, you know... after you go to the beach! =)

Then Dane... Oh man.. Okay, this one you can read while laying out...
Just beware that the sun will not be the only thing heating you up!
Dane and his brothers are worthy of being called a COVER HUSSY!
Yeah, I wear that badge proudly too!
And yes, I proudly display my covers while I read!!!!
***big cheesy grin***

I have yet to get my hands on this man...
But believe me when I do...
You will be the first to find out...
But dragons... oh my!

And these... maybe for personal reasons...
You will see why..

I mean... you will need some rest from the sun...
So why not let it be some wicked rest!

And of course.... just the cover alone makes me want to strip my man down
and take him where he is....
Oh you know you were thinking about it!!!

Ohhh hell yeah, he is coming on vacation with me.....
Hello.... just hello........

So... now tell me what or who would you bring on vacation with you???

And I hope you all liked what I would bring on vacation with me!

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!


Contest rules:

Leave a comment on this and/or any other blog post between August 2nd and 20th for a chance to win one of the six Vacay Giveaway prizes.
A comment on one of the posts from August 2-20 gives you 1 entry for the contest, a comment on 2 of the posts 2 entries, a comment on 3 of the posts 3 entries, etc. So, the more frequent you return to show some luv to my guest bloggers the higher your chances to win one of the six prizes! :)
In the weekend of August 21st I’ll announce who the 6 winners are (selected with; winner #1 can choose first, winner #2 second, winner #3 third, etc. from one of the six prizes. Don’t forget to check back then or leave a way for me to contact you in your comment or profile.

The prizes are, in random order:
• A $15 Gift Certificate from any online bookstore I can buy from
• An ecopy of Daughters of Persephone by Julia Rachel Barrett
• One of Mia Watts’ ebooks of choice. Check out her books here
• A book of choice from The BookDepository (of max $10 and only when they ship to your country... sorry)
• One of Bronwyn Green’s ebooks of choice. Check out her books here
• An ebook of choice from DreamSpinner Press

With thanks to DreamSpinner Press, Mia Watts, Bronwyn Green and Julia Rachel Barrett for sponsoring this Vacay Giveaway by donating their prizes!


  1. HI Cecile! *waves*

    Your boys *fans self*

    Where was I? Oh, what would I bring with me on vacation? I can't remember the name of the :( It's those brain is shot *grin*


  2. Hey Cecile! :-D Haha, good to see you here too :-)

    One things which is common in all the covers you chose is that these are some serious drooling-inducing yummy men covers! I've been yearning for Insatiable for quite some time, it looks wonderful!

    I usually take different kinds of books on holiday so that I have a book for every mood: I bring romance, chick lit, mystery, thriller. I think I don't usually bring urban fantasy to beach vacations because I don't focus enough and usually those novels require you to remember the plotline and all the small details/hints too ;-)

    Mmm... the cover of Dane looks great too.. yum yum.. :-D

  3. Ohhh Cecile!! *waves* Hi ma belle!
    Oh my you brought some sexy hottie!!!
    I lost my ability to think after I was done with all the cookies here! Nom nom nom

    Everywhere I look I see the cover for Sweet Caroline...It's following me I think It's a sign I have to read it!

    I think I would take Tempted by Megan Hart because I can't help but drool on this cover =)

  4. Hi Cecile!
    I am glad you brought your tribe with you, Aaron was one fine looking guy.

    And those are some droolworthy covers, I am totally taking the last one

  5. Great pics. :) Thanks for sharing.
    I'd bring:
    Dane, him and his brothers are so Hot.
    Awakened by A kiss by Lila DiPasquale
    (hope I spelled her name right )
    Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone, late reading it but I'll enjoy it at the beach. Better late then never, right ?
    Carol L.

  6. oops, I did spell Lila's name wrong and I apologize. It should be Awakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua
    Carol L.

  7. Insatiable is my favorite! That cover would warm up any overcast day. :D Make room for me on the beach!

    *lays out her beach towel and arranges her umbrella and favorite bartender*

    Ahh, perfect...

  8. I proudly display my covers while I read!!!!

    Yay, I love it when people don't hide their covers. Out and proud baby, out and proud.

    Hmmmm. I'm not sure who I'd bring with me but if you need, ahem, help, I'd be pleased to keep Mr. Insatiable busy while you are occupied elsewhere. :-) I'm such a good friend that way.

  9. **Waves** Hey Ladies!!
    Thank you so very much for coming over to play with me today! I know it has nothing to do with the man candy I brought with me, lmbo!!! Who am I kidding, I would want to play with me too if I had friends like this!! **Evil wink**

    It is so good to see you all here. I love reading what you have to say about your covers!

    And yes Tam... Out and Proud baby!!! I never hide my covers **devious grin**

    Now where were we... oh yeah, Aaron, Dillion baby, we need you to refill our glasses please!!!!

    **Blows air kisses**

    Chris this is for you... my veri is caked!!! Ohhh how I love to get caked with my men!!

  10. Ohhh almost forgot... just in case you see this ***Waves to Janna*** While she is on the real vacation!!!

  11. Hey Cecile, it's so good to find you here :) I want me a piece of Dillon *rowr* He can join me in some vacay read picking anytime *grin*

    I'm currently reading Jaci Burton's RIDING THE NIGHT...two bikers & secret woman, a threat and the boss's cabin = hot reading material!

    I'm having fun LOL

  12. Hi Cecile!!

    You always have the best looking posts! What would I take on vacation...

    Lauren Dane's, INSATIABLE (I just got this one in the mail, yippee!). Lorelie James', ALL JACKED UP and TIED UP, TIED DOWN...can't get enough of those McKays, LOL...and maybe a nice fairy tale retold: Eloisa James', A KISS AT MIDNIGHT.

  13. Hi Cecile,

    So while you're away from the lair, I ;) the rest of the tribe for you? :)

    I love those covers. Today I got Dark Embers so that's one of my vacation reads.I have a couple of Lissa Matthews books I would read too.


  14. I am confused - Janna doesn't live in the Netherlands Antilles, does she?! If she does, we all need to visit her right now. Or maybe in January. :)

  15. Leontine~ **waves** He honey!!! Ohh I thought you might like Dillon!! He is quiet... umm.. delicious!!

    Scorpio M.~ Hey there! Well thank you!!! Now those are some hot freaking books to take on vacation!

    elaing8~ OHhhh you are such a hussy. I am sure my place will be **cough** well watched!!! LMBO!!

    You know what I think of Ms. Lissa's book... they are awesome vacation trips. They make for great inspirations!!!

    Chris~ Whispers... I can't give out the real location, then everyone will want to come.... hee hee... But we do need to visit her! Regardless of where she is located at!

  16. sounds like my kinda vacation spot!


  17. Thanks Cecile for bringing the boys. They're gorgeous!

    As to what I'd bring...many of the same titles as you. I'm all about those manly man sexy covers. They make my day even better.

  18. Hey Cecile!!! Im stalking you...havent been online in a while and just needed to get my Smutty Hussy fix!!!

    YOu have some awesome picks with really smoking hot men!

    Me, I have really gotten spoiled with the Kindle which is all I take on vaca with me anymore, unless I am in the middle of a paperback. So there is over 100 books to choose from. Here are two paperbacks that I haven't read yet but are in my smutty drawer awaiting for the right moment

    Tease Me by Tracy Wolf
    Lyon by Elizabeth Amber

  19. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  20. Oh Cecile - very nice!!! LOL - I did bring Dane with me on vacay; I read the whole thing in the car on the way to Houston :)

    That's why I love my kindle, I can bring so many books with me and they take up almost no space!! (Plus I'm not as brazen a hussy as you are and tend to hide my covers, LOL!)

  21. Jason~ Hi there! You are new to me... so grab your party hat and let's party!!!
    Love the smooches!

    joder~ Hey honey! You are more than welcome! And I am glad to see that we have the same taste, lol...!

    Heather D~ Hey honey!! *Waves huge* Miss you honey! Hugs!! I am glad that you could come on vacation with me!!
    Oh, I can believe you about the Kindle... They are spoilers!
    Ohhhhh those are two awesome books!! But of course you know how I feel about those brothers!!!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Hey honey!!! *snickers* Yeah, I am a cover hussy... and show those covers proudly. Well, just think that at least I am not showing what most women show during Mardi Gras time, lmbo!!! Thanks for coming over!!

    Thank you allllllllll for coming over today to play with me!!!!

  22. Oh girl, Cecile, you are one walking partay. Thanks for bringing the sexy Tribe Men. Hmmm...I remember them.

    Just love all that cover goodness, and I have Wicked and waiting for some time to read it when the kids go back to school. I seriously need some mommy time.

    Janna, hope you have a great vacation and enjoying yourself.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  23. Hey C'...

    Welcome to this side of the pond - I do hope they gave you a hard time coming through customs with those two hotties....

    My vacay read is surprisingly non-fic, I know it's odd since i read so much Fic, but I find with all the quiet time and long spells I can really sink into a book.

    I tend to go for history or office related books..

    One good one I read on my last vacay - Rules of work.


  24. Armenia~ Hey honey!! LMBO! You make me giggle!! A walking party! Well, you know... we only live once right!
    How could you forget the Tribal men... Oh delicious!

    Mommy time huh... More like alone time with a title like that.. and that damn cover!
    Thanks for coming over honey!!!

    EH~ Hey honey. Thank you for the welcome! It is nice to be here... Well, you know the men at customs took one look at me... and my attire... and I had no problems **evil wink**
    I am very surprised at your reading selection while on vacation. Thanks for coming visit me! Hugs to you honey!

  25. Hey hun!
    You certainly brought the heat for this summer getaway *whew*

    I gotta agree with you, Sweet Caroline was a smokin' HOT read! As for the rest, they're already on my TBB list eagerly awaiting their turn to be picked *grin*

    I'm currently reading Blue Fire by Z.A. up will be I Spy Something Bloody by Josh Lanyon.


  26. Anna!! Hey honey! Girl, you know I am going bring the heat!!!! I am surrounded by it!! LMBO! And what better place to enjoy the heat than Janna's place!!! =)

    Ohhh gosh Sweet Caroline... Give me Buck and close the door! That man is a walking wet dream! Damn... Whew.. Okay sorry about that!
    Thanks for coming over honey!!!! Hugs!!!

  27. Love the boys. Great post.


  28. Hi Loretta!! Nice to meet you!!!
    Hope you stick around!
    Janna's place is awesome!!!

  29. Ugh!! I totally missed this post! :(

    Cecile -- Between you, Leontine, Janna, and Diana, my TBR pile is GINORMOUS, and FULL of smutty goodness!! LOL!

  30. Tanya~ Girl, don't you worry!!!! You know I love ya!!!!Hee heee... you know that is my job to provide you with the best smut!!!! Hugs honey love!!! You know it is my job to spread the smut!!!!!

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