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Vacay Guest: Pattepoilue says bonjour!

While I’m vacationing in her beautiful country France, the sweet and ever enthusiastic Caroline, aka Pattepoilue, is brightening my place today. Check out her entertaining and cheerful site here>>>


Bonjour tout le monde!

Since Janna is currently on vacation in my country, I thought I could talk a bit about France in books.
I’m sure it’s the same for everyone but it’s always funny to read about one’s country. I love reading books where France is viewed as a romantic country because for me France is absolutely not romantic. But while reading a book I can pretend for a while. Have you ever visited Paris? Paris, the City of Love….well for me Paris will always be the city where I lost 2 of my toe nails (don’t ask it’s embarrassing lol). My point is, who doesn’t view Paris or France as a romantic gateway? Authors often succeed in making me believe this is the perfect place to live in. Let’s take a closer look at a few stereotypes and I’ll give you my 2 cents about them…

‘France is filled with HOT guys with sexy accent, and exotic names’:
Hotties? Well to that I’d answer…Where are they hiding?? I’ve been looking for 20 years (yes French can lie on their age too lol) and I still haven’t found the nest.
<=== Of course Michael Vartan is the exception to the rule. Nom nom nom
So which French hottie makes YOU salivate?

Sexy Accent? Ok I have to admit that I find accents very sexy. But I’m pretty sure that when you imagine the perfect French hottie you aren’t imagining a Ch’tis accent. Yes people in the north of France have this very recognizable accent. There’s a very famous French movie about it: Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis (It’s obvious at the end of the trailer). This is a very funny movie, I think they plan on making a similar movie set in the US with the Southern accent. See, even the sexiest man ever, can’t pull off this accent. I think the only way I could take him seriously is if he just shuts up. =P

Exotic names? I kept hearing about Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Jean-Claude is a sexy French master vampire. I’m sure he is, guys…but for me the name Jean-Claude is NOT sexy at all. I don’t think I can put this name and sexy together without gagging. (see? I can be prejudiced too lol). But if we were to believe the hype that’s a Hot Frenchie name for you! *gag*
Anything starting with ‘Jean’ can’t end well…Jean-Paul, Jean-François, Jean-Pierre, Jean-Luc…*shudders* I asked SusiSunshine what French names she found sexy and her answer was: Alain,Patrice, Matthieu…O_o Just to be clear those are grand parents’ names (ok Matthieu is not, it’s kinda nice). They were very popular…60 years ago. LOL (I hope no one named like that will read this o_O Please forgive me lol). Sadly most French book characters are named this way. Any French Names you find sexy?
(<====pic:The crazy Jean-Claude Van Damme)

Accordion Music and Béret: When watching a movie about France, I could bet you that nearly half the time there will be an old accordion music playing in the background and a guy with a béret. o_O Yes those were highly popular…when my grandparents were going out. But we have bad taste in music so I’m going to let this one pass. lol I realized not long ago that I don’t know any French music I could recommend. It’s pretty sad isn’t it? (damn I make such a bad French lol)

The Food: Frog Legs, Snails, Foie Gras, Pain au Chocolat, Crèpes, Baguette, Wine, Champagne…I wouldn’t eat the first 2 for a million (just ewww) but the rest is pretty much the best part about being French. I love French food! I missed it when I was abroad. I live in the north of France where Champagne is made, so we drink it at every occasion (seriously!). I pretty much LOVE Champagne.
My favorite food is the Cacasse! (talk about rich food!) It’s very heavy and delicious but it doesn’t look appetizing at all lol. Basically it’s potatoes cooked with onions, flour and sausages (see the pic===>) Any French food you enjoy or French dish wouldn’t never ever eat? (I’m thinking Snails and Frog Legs will be on top of that list!)

As you can see I have a love/hate relationship with France. I’m not convinced it’s the most romantic country in the world but I wouldn’t mind being convinced of the contrary *wink*. I’m starting to enjoy it more than I used to. I do love reading books with French characters or set in France but I find them hard to find!! Do you have any book recommendations for me? *puppy eyes*

The last SEXY book set in France I read was Awakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua. Damn those 3 rakes were hot!!

Thank you Janna for having me today! I hope you’re having lots of fun on your vacation! Do tell if you find that nest of Hotties! *g* Thank you everyone *waves*


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  1. Vartan in French! Mmm loving that fact. Other sexy guys...oum...*thinking hard* que?

    Accent, nope can't say I find it sexy at all, and not the name Jean-Claude either.

    What I love about France is the castles, there was some region were there are like a castle every 1km along the river cos of the 100 year war, sure ruins too, but love those too

    And you forgot that everyone wears striped shirts ;) Though it is on that pic

  2. @Blodeuedd Ahhh yes I forgot about the Stripped shirt!LOL

    I love Castles too! Where I live there is a huge Medieval castle right in the middle of my city ( and another one 15 minutes away. Those aren't the same you can find in the Vallée de la Loire but I still love them.

  3. Michael Vartan...*drool*

    I love this made me laugh. I bet France is much sexier than Baltimore, where I live. TRUST ME! ;)

  4. Haha, Caroline you crack me up :-D I think you don't find Paris and most of those French things exotic/sexy because they are ordinary to you :-)

    I ahve to tell you that when I went for 10 days to Paris when I was 20, I kept seeing at least 6 gorgeous men every day, I still don't know if the universe was cruelly torturing me or what.. (But besides Michael Vartan I don't know if there is any other French celebrity hottie for me)

    I agree with you on the Jean- names though. Find them old and ugh. Right now I can't think of that many sexy French names but I like Romain, Olivier, David, Anthony.

    Yes, the accordion and béret are overused clichés (I don't even understand why accordion, I always think of those as more Italian..)

    I LOVE French food, anything, just hold the garlic please (I'm allergic to that). Eating French desserts is like having died and gone to heaven: I can't choose a favourite between mousse au chocolat, crépes, croissant and all the other yummy specialties :-D

    I also love quiche, paté, oh I'm starting to get hungry now!

    I've eaten both snails and frog legs as well as seashells and they are good. Frog legs taste like chicken, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Snails don't taste bad either, they are just more like gummy bears in their texture. ;-)

    Thanks for the fun post Caroline :-) And thanks for the fantastic giveaway Janna!!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. What a very funny post. Made me laugh several times. Things are always more exotic when they are far away from us.

    To be honest I can't think of any French hotties off hand. Hmm. That's sad. I'm sure there are many but they are hiding in the countryside or on the Riviera. Does Johnny Depp count? :-)

    I work in Canada and for the government so I have many French-Canadians with accents around me all the time. As a rule I adore anyone with an accent but I hardly notice it anymore. It's just "normal" and not so sexy.

    Name, the same. I like Michel, Guy, Alexis. I work with Guillaume and Jocelyn, not so sexy.

    The only book that I can think of that is really set in France in the m/m genre that I read is Thom Lane's The White Flag which is an English travel writer gliding on a barge down a canal when he meets a young man whose family owns a vineyard and falls in love wondering if a wanderer can settle with someone who never wants to leave home. The sense of lazy days gliding on the canal and the life of a country family who are all very close (would have driven me batty personally) was very clear in the book. I enjoyed the setting much.

    Great post. :-)

  6. @Mandi lol Ok I can't say I've heard anything sexy about Baltimore! Makes me think twice about my neck of the wood ;)
    And yes, Michael Vartan is my French God *g* *wipes drool*

    @Stella Oh my!! You are a hottie magnet, coz I never see any! =P (Or maybe I'm just too picky??? lol)
    Your food talking made me hungry! *starts salivating* You named pretty much all the things I love to eat *g*
    I KNOW frog legs are a bit like chicken, but it's psychological, I can't bring myself to eat those. Same with snails.

    Talking about weird (disgusting) French food parents LOVE eating lamb's testicles...yes you heard right LOL *gag* It does 'look' like turkey...kinda LOL O_O

  7. @Tam Thank you, I'm happy I could make you laugh =)
    Oh I WISH Johnny Depp counted! lol Maybe we should say he's French *g*
    I find French Canadian accent very funny, a bit hard to understand but funny =P (French loves to make fun of Canadian French accent...bad I know!
    I will check out this book, thanks =)

  8. When I think of France, I think of the Tour de France and the movie Amelie. Love that movie!

  9. *ignore this - just subscribing to comments - falalalalala*

  10. @Chris lol no one saw *wink*
    I think I must be the only one who didn't like Amelie (AKA Le Destin D'Amelie Poulain) that much *runs & hides*. Maybe I should watch it again. It's just that the actress irks me a little lol
    Ahhh the nice thing with the Tour de france is that you get lots of free stuff when they come next to you =P One year I got at least 5 hats, and other little things ;)

  11. @pattepouile: *gasp* Oh, I love the delight in little things that movie shows. And the soundtrack is delightful!

  12. @Chris ok I agree with you on the Soundtrack! It's pretty good =)

  13. Oh, what about Marion Cotillard? She's cute. LOL Not a boy, but cute.

    Oh and everyone mocks French-Canadian accents, we can live with that. :-)

    Forgot French food. No snails or frog's legs or testicles for me. Ewwww. Cheese and bread are good and I don't drink wine unfortunately.

  14. Enjoyed this post immensely! I've visited Paris twice and I agree FOOD is the best part, lol! Followed by the architecture & fashion. Where the heck were all the sexy, rakish, Frenchmen?? I don't recall any. Just kidding, I probably wasn't looking in the right places.

    Although, one guy wanted to give me a hug while I was in a grocery store. See the French are very amorous! But me being a New Yorker, thought he was psycho, lol. *Sigh*

    And Michael Vartan, very very NICE...also isn't Olivier Martinez French (although his last name doesn't sound very French)...regardless, very easy on the eyes, too =)

  15. @Tam Ohh I find Marion Cotillard real pretty! There was one movie with her I loved when I was younger (Jeu D'enfant).
    Cheese!!! yes *drool* the smellier the better LOL I'm not a Wine drinker either but with Cheese I really enjoy some red wine.
    Come onnnnn! I know you wanna try lamb's testicles LMAO

    @Scorpio M. I think I'm going to put on weight if I keep on talking about food lol
    Bwahahhaah you know he was probably a psycho O_o =P
    AHHHH Olivier Martinez IS French!
    Nom nom nom

    Sadly the only 2 hot Frenchy men we named left France for the US. *narrows eyes* lucky Americans!

  16. Ohhh wow, this is an awesome post Caroline!!!! Hugs to you!!!!

    When I think of France, I think of the money I spent to send my daughter there this summer. 10 days of a trip to France and Spain. She had the most memorable time of her life!!!!

    Hugs to you honey!!!!!

  17. @Cecile *waves frantically* Hey ma belle!!
    Oh my! LMAO...yeah I bet it's hard to forget the money you must have spent on this trip for her! LOL At least you'll be her favorite mom for a while =P Muahhahaha
    Maybe next time you'll be the one going to France *hugs*

  18. Caroline... Yeah, I won best Mommie award for a while.. Until I tell her No for something else, lmbo!!
    But we are trying to see about going back... And this time together!
    But we will see if my checkbook likes that idea... lmbo!!!

  19. @Cecile Woot that would be great!! I hope you'll be able to make this trip . It's bound to happen, sooner or later ;)
    Ahh I'm not really looking forward to having teenagers =P I remember too well how I was at that age LOL

  20. Yeah, things come back around to literally bite you on the butt!! She is 16 yrs old... and just like me and the problem with that is I SEE IT!!!! LMBO! Even the hubs will comment, she is just like you, there is no denying that is your child. Especially pms time, lmbo!!!!

  21. ROFL, eye opening isn't it? LOL I'm not sure I'm ready to have a little 'me' yet. *book appointment to get ovaries removed*

  22. France is what...a stiff four hour drive away from the netherlands? And all I'm thinking about is brie, camembert, french bread, wine...oh yes, the food definitely hogs the first place. And then it's the castles, culture and shopping. I imagine shopping in paris can be fun too :)

    I don't know any french hotties, or at least they don't come to mind ATM and Jean-Claude always makes me thing of Jean-Claude van Damme and he isn't flaoting my hussy boat at all :(

    I enjoyed your post Pattepoilue, now I'm pining for warm french bread and brie *sigh*

  23. @Leontine Exactly! I always think of Jean-Claude Van Damme too lol Not a turn on for me either =P

    I don't think I could live without cheese. Brie, Camembert, Bleu D'auvergne, Roquefort *drools* I would be sad without all those.
    I thought I would get crazy when I went to the US and only found weird orange plastic cheese LOL

  24. Ewwww - I also think of Jean Claude Van Damme! But, I also think about the movie Sabrina - which takes away the other yucky thought! :)

    France is another one of those countries I want to visit for the culture, scenery, and apparently now the food! Now I'm hungry!

    Accents-- *mmmmm* I love me some accents - just not accents from my own country! LOL! In fact, I wonder if I gave a Rosetta Stone package to my guy, if he would pick up... something...anything??? *giggles*

    This was a fun post! Thanks!!

  25. @Tanya LOL What I wouldn't give to have a man with an accent *drools* I am a sucker for accents.

    Oh yes you wanna visit for the food! *said the lady while eating cheese on bread* (<====yes I caved and ate some lol)

  26. Jean-Luc is soooo sexy! Yum!


  27. @Jason So we DID find someone who liked Jean-Luc LOL Eeek ...I will just think of Michael Vartan a little to forget about Jean-luc ... ahhh there...much better *g* LOL

  28. I'm not too big a fan of any of the "Jean" combinations. I like Stephane or Marc or Luc - can't think of any other off the top of my mind.

    I'm lurv croissants and pain au chocolat not to mention baguettes *mmm*

    And let's not forget all the fabulous French shopping - all the boutiques and shops in Paris *total heaven*


  29. I think Olivier Martinez is a sexy French hottie.

    I loved Audrey Tatou in The Long Engagement, it was a great movie.

    I love crepes for breakfast.

  30. I love your posts Patte (Caroline) they are always so interesting and fun! I didn't know Vartan was French. Definitely a hottie. lol

    I don't have any particular book recommendations for you, I think between Twitter and blog land it's tough to find new rec's for folks!! lol

    It's funny about the perceptions we in North America have about France. I always have thought of Paris as being the city of "Love".

    Great Post!

  31. Ooooh, Michael Vartan.....yes, he's very pretty and droolicious! And for another Jean-Luc...we can't forget Picard. He made bald men sexy.

  32. I loved reading your post! It is so funny! We had an exchange student from France and he felt the same way. He loved California! I spent a wonderful week in Paris with my daughters. We didn't do the tourist things, we did normal things and spoke the best French we could - which was poor - but everyone appreciated the fact that we tried. People warned me that I would hate Paris - they were so wrong! We walked everywhere, ate everything - those potato pancakes at the Farmer's Market on the Left Bank are to die for! We ate like twelve, I think!
    Hot guys? No, you have to go to Rome for hot guys.
    Food? Absolutely! But Rome has good food too!
    Wine? Loved the cheap wines all over Europe!
    I'll say this, Paris is hotter in the summer than you think it should be and colder in the winter.
    And I'm not a fan of speedos on any man. EVER.

  33. Great post! Having once lost a toenail myself, my toes are curling in sympathy.

  34. Hi Caroline!

    We have a lovely French cookbook - I believe the subtitle is "Cooking with Butter". Not good for the diet but very nice desserts!!

    I read a book set in France recently - mainly English characters though - It's called Ruthless by Anne Stuart and if you like historicals with a very very bad hero - Rohan's your man! I found him most swoonworthy.

    I think Olivier Martinez is pretty nice. What about the guy that Halle Berry used to be with - Gabriel Aubry or something? Is he French or French/Canadian. Very nice! (Not so much on the Gerard Depardieu though...)

  35. @s7anna My dad (that angel) buys me a Pain au chocolat every Saturday and Sunday mornings. I love waking up on these days let me tell you *g*
    I've always found very strange that the baguette doesn't exist everywhere...It's SO good! *g* But again this is my stomach talking =P

    @Stephanie Oh I agree with Olivier Martinez being a sex god *g* Nom nom nom I haven't see The Long Engagement *hides in shame* mostly because I'm not a fan of Audrey Tautou. ;)

    @Lea Thank you Lea! Yep Vartan is French, he's the nephew of a very famous French singer (well she was very famous at one point LOL)
    I hear ya! Twitter/blogs/goodreads will be my end! I keep on getting recs from all these lol
    ;) I think it's the vision of Paris all movies are trying to show. Paris city of 'Love' ;) And well...Paris is playing on this too with tourists.

    @Joder LMAO Jean-Luc Picard...AH! I had to google it to know what you were talking about =P *runs and hides* I've never watched StarTrek!

    @Julia Ohhh I would love to go to California too *g* I'm so glad you loved Paris!Most of my friends live there, so I'm welcome whenever I want but I don't find the appeal of going there. I mean except to see them lol and for the huge bookstores *g*
    But now I want to go to Rome lol Let the hunt for good food and hot men begin *grin* But since I don't know much Italian I have have to talk with my hands LOL

    @Eyre Thank you =) Traumatic, isn't it?!! I will always mourn them ;) *hides toes*

    @Kaetrin AH! I cook EVERYTHING with butter! Seriously...nom nom nom *hides food baby*

    Ohhhhhhh Ruthless! I didn't know it was set in France!! I have it and Reckless on my Ereader *g* Wooot ok i'm bumping it to the top of my TBR list! And I LOVE historicals...I'm addicted.
    ohhhhh Gabriel Aubry is Canadian but wow major YUM! That guy is HOT. I will now pretend he is French lol
    Eeeekk Gerard Depardieu is Eekkk...well let's say I don't like him either physically or as a actor. eeeeeek lol

  36. let me know what you think of Ruthless - I loved it!! (It's reviewed on my blog if you're interested :) ...)

  37. @Kaetrin I will! And I'm now a follower of your blog! *g* Wooot you have the same taste in books as me!! Great reviews too.
    I'll read Ruthless as soon as I'm done with the one I'm currently reading. =)

  38. You didn't like the Amelie movie??? WTF! LOL we should switch. You can live in Germany with all the Lederhosen and I move to Paris and drool at all the sexy guys. *dreamy sigh* But no....wait..I remember how small the French guys are so you can keep them. LOL
    And that Cacasse things looks disgusting. Ewwww. And don't get me started on the other strange things you eat. LOL I will take the rice thank you very much. I thought a bit more about French names and I think the language itself fits female names much better. It's so lyrical and has a nice flow in my eyes and it makes everything more feminine. I think that'S why in Germany the French courses are full of woman with not so many men cuz those try to learn the more "manly" Russian. LOL
    Wonderful post.

  39. @Susi *hides in shame* no I didn't like Amelie much... I know I'm weird like that lol.
    Oh come onnnnnnnn hon! Cacasse is amazing...SOOOOO good! Of course since you're vegetarian you can't like it LOL But there is a Cacasse without sausages too. ;) One day you'll have to try it!
    LMAO yes Russian sounds more manly. It sounds depressing too lol ;)

  40. I love Michael Vartan!Still remember when he acted in Alias with Jennifer Garner and he is way too cute!

  41. @Darlyn Oh my, yes!!He was droolicious in Alias!

  42. I have Awakened by a Kiss on my wishlist; I can't wait to read it.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  43. @booklover0226 This is a very sexy book! =) Lila DiPasqua is offering a signed copy on my blog ;)

  44. Great post - you are spot on with all the stereotypes! Thanks for the eye-opener (and you've got me curious about the toe-nail story, LOL). And I am a sucker for sexy accents!

    Agree with Susi, that potato dish looks a little odd...

    New Orleans gets the same treatment - in books and movies there's always a parade (not!),everyone speaks with a Cajun accent (nope!), practices voodoo (I hope not!) lives in the bayou (it's a real city, LOL!), and eats alligator (it's actually not bad).

  45. @Patti We're never safe from stereotypes *wink* LOL this is exactly the New Orleans I've read about!I sure hope you don't all practice Voodoo!
    So you eat alligator but my poor Cacasse doesn't look appealing? tss tss ;) LOL

  46. I loved your post. I found it very enjoyable. I have to say Vartan is looking very HOT....Wish Johnny Depp could be counted.
    I can't think of any other French men. I did love the song "Thank heavens for little girls" by what's his name lol terrible, I forgot. Isn't it Marcel something ?
    Awakened By A Kiss is on my TRL big time. I always loved the beauty of the French country side and the fact that French women and men always seem to be thin and in shape. :)
    Carol L.

  47. @Carol Ahaha I've always found this song a bit pervy!! Nearly, It's Maurice Chevalier who sang that. ;)
    Awakened by a Kiss is very sexy! 3 rakes you can't help but love *g*

  48. I found another French hottie! an athlete to boot, hawt!! Footballers have the most amazing bods. Enjoy your countryman. =)

  49. Fantastic post Pattepoilue!

    I only managed to make it as far as Paris and EuroDisney when I lived in the UK...and I know that's not the be all and end all of France :) When I think of EuroDisney I think of smoke - it felt like everyone was smoking - and Paris will be know as the city of nosebleeds! I had three in one night! Had a lovely trip to A&E - luckily my friend spoke French and could chat with the doctor! Oh fun!

    Oh, and I'm with Scorpio. I remember seeing the rugby calendar once...oh la la *grin*

    And I didn't know Michael Vartan was I get demoted?

  50. Ohhhhh Ladies!! How could I forget about Les Dieux du Stades!! These are Rugby players who make a calendar every year...LOOK at the YUMMY French

    Or...just write 'dieux du stade' in google images (do it you won't regret it), and you're in for a treat! Seriously *drool*

    @Scorpio M. Ohhh yes he is hot! But do look at the 'Dieu du Stade' pics...those guys are just plain HOT. Rugby makes the most gorgeous and sexy men! lol

    @Orannia Thanks for reminded me of the rugby players! *headdesk*
    Oh my! I see I'm not the only one who has 'bad' memories linked to Paris. The good thing is that now it's illegal to smoke in a public area (well outside you can) so it's a bit better. I remember hating going to restaurant because everyone smoked. Blarghhhhhh!
    ;) Don't worry I think Michael Vartan does all he can not to appear French anyway =P


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