Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday’s Hot Couple & Sexy Scene

First I want to congratulate bloggy friend Leontine who’s celebrating her Birthday today!! Woohoot! Congrats, hon!
For the occasion she’s giving away two awesome books, so check out her place here>>> and show her some BD love!

We’re back to normal again after my vacation, which means the return of Monday’s hot couple and sexy scene at my blog. I just know you’ve all been craving for them ;)

Today I’ve picked a sexy kissing scene from a m/m novella I finished last weekend: Don’t Tell by Eve Cassidy. I really enjoyed this rather short, hot story, although I felt disappointed with the ending. It was wrapped up too fast and the ‘solution’ too easy and then it abruptly ended. Still, it was a very good read and I’d love to see more of this couple, preferably in a full length novel in which the ‘problem’ of Jeff being a closeted marine will lead to some interesting conflicts between him and Finn.

Jeff leaned forward, brushing his hip and thigh against Finn. More heat flared between them and he glimpsed an impressive bulge in the singer’s jeans. Damn he wanted a piece of that.
“We should go somewhere more private to discuss it.”
Finn’s breath caught. “I’ve got another set before I can leave.”
“No worries, I’ve got all night.”
“Speaking of… I better get to it...” Finn hesitated.
Sensing his need for more, Jeff wrapped his hand around the back of Finn’s neck and drew him close. With their lips only inches apart, he caught the subtle flare of Finn’s nose as he held his breath. The muscles in his neck clenched under Jeff’s hand when he pulled him closer yet until their lips brushed against one another. Public displays of affection weren’t his normal style but damn something about Finn had him craving all kinds of things normally left unsaid.
He pushed his tongue between slightly parted lips and found Finn pulling him in. Wet heat beckoned, encouraging him to explore, soft lips, a firm tongue… Kissing him sent a direct line of sensation to his cock. Fuck, at this rate he’d be coming in his pants like an untried virgin. What the hell had gotten into him or better yet why did Finn make him so hungry?
In an instant the low burn of arousal leapt to a full alarm fire and the urge for more nearly overwhelmed him. He tore his mouth from Finn and pushed him away.
“You’d better go before I don’t let you.”
Finn smirked. “Talk about making it hard to walk away.” Emerald eyes bored into him for several long seconds before he edged from the booth and walked to the stage.

Eve Cassidy’s website | on Goodreads
Buy Don’t Tell here

Backblurb Don’t Tell:
For Jeff Ward, keeping his sexual preference a secret from his platoon was of utmost importance. But being celibate was never in his plan. So when tension and frustration are at the breaking point he takes some advice and heads out of town for a quick chance to blow off steam.
On the brink of super stardom, Finn has sworn off getting involved with anyone. Especially the tall, muscled Marine that just walked into the pub. He has a career to think of and he’d already been burned once by the infamous ‘Don’t Tell’ policy of the Corps.
Despite their differences, one song later both men realize some rules are meant to be broken, sudden lust can’t be denied and random encounters aren’t always as random as they seem…

Happy Monday!


  1. Wait, is today your first day back at work?! Or is that next Monday?

  2. @Chris: Nope, next week *thankgod*. I meant back to normal here at the blog ;)

  3. Oh, sexy in jeans, very nice pic *waggles eyebrows* and yes, I so missed your sexy smutty scenes. It was and is a standard on monday's with a cup of coffee or thee to read your scenes :)) All is good again in my world LOL

  4. I love that picture and "yes" I will take the BMW in the background as well. :D

  5. Very sexy pic and I liked the excerpt. Happy Monday!

  6. Smut, smut, smut, smut, one more time ;)
    Fitted well with what I just was reading

  7. @Leontine: LOL, I feel the pressure now ;) Can't skip a single Monday anymore... :D

    @Sweets: You can have the BMW, I'll take the guy ;D

    @Lily: Happy Monday to you too! =)

    @Blodeuedd: Now I'm curious what smutty book you're reading... :)

  8. I actually saw this picture this weekend and thought of you honey!!!!!
    Hugs to you! And you are so sweet to send wishes to our lovely Leontine!!! She is one of the greatest!! Just like you!!!
    Hugs to you my smutty sistah!!!

  9. I really, really, love that pic! Gorgeous! I guess the umbrella is pointless, eh? ;-)

  10. Great pic and great except!

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  11. Happy Birthday Leontine!

    That photo is....*fans self*

    And the excerpt... *sits down and drinks ice*

  12. @Cecile: And just like you, hun! :D Hugs to you too!!!

    @Erin M. Leaf: You could say that again, lol! Thanks for swinging by! :)

    @Eyre: You too, Eyre! :D

    @orannia: Lol, hope you didn't get overheated, hon *g*

  13. Have a nice week before work!!


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