Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember me? ;) Well… I’m back again!

It feels like I was gone for ages, but it was only 18 days really! I’m uber relaxed, totally happy and anxious to fall back into my blogging addiction again! :) Boy have I missed you!!!

First things first: Thank you all for coming over to my place the past couple of weeks and showing all the comment love! I really appreciate it, although I’m a little sad that I missed the party! ;)
Especially a warm thank you to my guest bloggers: Leontine, Kris, Pattepoilue, Tam, Bronwyn, Cecile and KC, who not only wrote these wonderful posts but also were here to respond to all the comments! Awesome! They rock, don’t you agree?!

I’ll be busy this afternoon with reading all your comments (yay!) and hopefully with some bloghopping --> don’t know where to start, I’ve missed so many posts…
And maybe I have some time left for twitter… although I doubt it… because there’s also some laundry to do (bleh!) and a back-from-vacation-family-dinner to attend tonight (sort of a tradition in hubs family).
The rest of this weekend looks busy too – we’re meeting our best friends tomorrow and on Sunday hubs and I have a date for a Millennium-marathon --> we’re going to watch all three Millennium-movies in a row – while eating some pizza in between. We thought this was a nice way to end our joint vacation – hubs has to go back to work on Monday, I still have another week… which is a good thing because I have a lot of reviews to write, with all the wonderful books I’ve read during my vacay!
And of course I have to start collecting all the entries for the contest so I can announce the 6 winners this weekend!

Yep, vacation is definitely over, lol!

Good thing we had such a relaxing time! I can recommend vacationing in France, Bretagne, if you ever have the chance. We stayed for the best part of our vacation in an apartment at the sea, which was bright and spacious with the best view we could’ve wished for. With the huge difference between high and low tide the view of the sea and small harbor changed several times a day, at one moment you could swim nearly right in front of our door, at the next moment you had to walk for almost a mile before you even reached the water. We enjoyed the low tide walks the most, looking for souvenir shells and getting fascinated by all the squirming little crabs and other sea creatures.
Our evenings we spent partly on the balcony listening to one of the bands that played on a little stage at the boulevard, and partly hanging on the couch in our living room with wine and a good book – in my case a smutty one – and me with my feet in hubby’s lap who was so sweet to rub them every time! *sigh*

Still, it’s good to be home again. :) One of the things I look forward to is catching up with DeRo, aka Deniz and Roman from the German soap Alles Was Zählt, which I watch through Eskimokissproject’s channel on YouTube. I’m wondering if they’re back together again…
Never heard of them? Here’s what you’re missing:

And no, I didn’t forget it’s Happy Gay Friday today! So, here’s the cookie you’ve all been waiting for ;) I’m really glad I can browse my folders with boyz again! :) And because you, and I, had to do without them for a couple of weeks, I add a nice vid of kissing boyz this week. Enjoy!

BTW commenting on this post still counts for my Vacay Giveaway until I announce the winners in a new post on Saturday or maybe even Sunday (depends on how much work it is, there are hundreds of comments on the giveaway posts, from a lot of different peeps --> thanks again for playing!).

Happy Gay Friday!!


  1. YAY You're back (((hugs))) I haz missed you too and I can imagine the comment notifications flooding your mailbox LOL We did have a lot of fun while you were away but it good to hear you had such an uber good time in France :))

    You're closure of this vacay with your hubs sounds good! The Millenium movies...they ring a bell but can't seem to rememeber what it's about hhmmm.

    Anyhoo, it's good to have you back hon *grin*

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like your vacation was wonderful - and you have another week to recover!!!

  3. Welcome back Janna!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation and are ready to take on the Blogging world again!


  4. Welcome back! Glad you have another week of vacation - I like to have a buffer between the travel and going back to work, too.

  5. Welcome back! It sounds like your vacation was exactly what it is supposed to be, relaxing and refreshing. :D

    Have a great weekend and don't eat too much pizza!

  6. welcome home! Your vacation sounds amazing and so very relaxing. :)


  7. Hey honey!!! Welcome back! It was fun while you were gone... but gosh, I sure did miss you!!!! {{{{super duper hugs and smooches}}}}
    And yeah, I had a blast on my day of coming over to your house!!! **Evil wink** Thanks for letting me play at your place!!!! Dillon and Aaron had a blast, hee hee!!!!

    You just take your time honey, we all here whenever you get caught up!
    Hugs and Happy Friday!!!! Love ya honey!

  8. Sounds like your vacay was dreamy!! So glad you enjoyed it.
    Great to have you back :)

  9. *tackles with running hug*

    Welcome back!! Your v-cay sounds like it was so relaxing and romantic!!

    You had amazing guest posts while you were away, and hopefully you didn't find any leftover... party favors? that may/or may not have been left behind! *smirks*

    On another note... I have a little award for you that you can pick up HERE! whenever you get the chance -- or when you come up from air from your inbox!

    Have a great rest of your vacation! *hugs*

  10. @Leontine: *hugs* Missed you as much, hon! You and the girls did a great job. Thanks so much!
    The millenium movies are after Stieg Larson's books, the titles have links ;)

    @Patti: Thanks hon! I'm so happy about that extra week! :D

    @Pearl: I am, sweets, I am so ready! *hugs*

    @Blodeuedd: *mwah* :)

    @Chris: Thx! :) Yep, the get-back-on-my-feet week is very welcome ;)

    @Sweets: Aw, why can't I eat all the pizza I want? ;) Thanks, hon!

    @Jason: Smooches right back atya, Jase! :D

    @Cecile: Super duper hugs are well received, honey!! Thank you so much for playing at my place and bringin Aaron and Dillon! I'm going to keep them for a little while longer, if you don't mind ;)
    Love ya, sweetie!! *lots a hugs & kisses*

    @Anilu: It was perfect, hun! Thank you so much! Great to see you again :) xoxo

    @Tanya: LOL! You make me giggle! I'm very grateful and pleased about the guest posts, so glad you liked them! :)
    And thank you so much for the award!! I'm always happy like a kid with one! *hugs*

  11. Welcome back, Janna!!!

    Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? At least you still have a week left before heading back to work. I always try to have at least a couple of days between vacation and work to relax and get my mind focused. :)

  12. Welcome back, Janna! Sounds like you've had a fab vacation in France. :)

  13. WELCOME BACK, and thanks for that picture. :)

  14. Welcome Back! I'm glad you had such a great vacation, but very glad you're back.

  15. Welcome home. Sounds like an amazing vacation. We missed you.

  16. Welcome back! Everyone did a fabulous job when you were gone, but I missed you. *hugs*

    Lovely videos. ;)

  17. Hi Janna!
    Great, you´re back! Seems you had a really nice and relaxing vacation. Hope you had a lot of nice books with you - looking forward to your reviews! And maybe some pics of France?

  18. Sounds like you had an amazing vacation Janna. The posts have been great as well.
    Carol L.

  19. Welcome home!! I did miss you, but your guests were also wonderful. I hope the post-vacation crash isn't too bad - but you have a whole other week - luck you!! The place you stayed sounds magical. *sigh* I need a vacation away from my kids! Someday!

    Looking forward to having you back!

  20. Thank you all for swinging by and welcoming me back! You're sweethearts! :D

    @Lily: Those few extra days are definitely going to become part of my routine too. :)

    @Ava: France was fab, apart from the parking ticket we got ;)

    @Smash: My pleasure, hon! :) Good to see you again!

    @joder: aw, that's nice of you to say! :)

    @Tam: Luckily you were here to entertain everyone! Thanks again, Tam! :D

    @Eyre: Glad you think so and I missed you (and your videos) too, Eyre! ;)

    @evi: I still have to transfer my pics from my camera to the computer, lol. I'm not the quickest chick when it comes to getting organized again. ;)

    @Carol: It was pretty amazing indeed! Glad you enjoyed the guest posts. :D

    @Twimom: It was magical, Jen! Although it also had a lot to do with hubs and I allowing ourselves to do nothing at all! ;)

  21. Welcome back Janna! I'm so glad you had a lovely time! And thank you to all the guest bloggers, who were amazing!

    And YAH for Happy Gay Friday!

  22. Grin, HGF makes me happy too, orannia! :)


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