Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacay Guest: KC wants to know if you're a Manlovkie

My last vacation guest blogger, KC, I admire for her hilarious observations and to-the-point-reviews and I’m happy to have her at my blog today. Check out her smokinhot site here>>>


Are you a Trekkie for Manlove?

Trekkie: A devoted fan of the television series Star Trek....

Manlovkie: devoted fan of any and everything to do with m/m romance books.

If you've ever seen the documentary Trekkie (seriously, if you haven't go rent it - good times are ahead of you) you can see how 'involved' ubber fans of the show Star Trek are. And then I got to thinking....I'm kind of like a Trekkie. Instead of donning my Spock ears and flashing the Vulcan hand sign I devour male male romance books. My habit is now at least 3 books a week *bites nails* so...I'm more than just a fangirl of boys kissing boys; I'm kind of an addict. Or a Manlovkie? Other than the sensual aspect of two gorgeous guys having sexy time (hey, I'm a red blooded gal here), I really enjoy reading about relationships of gay men. Who knew? If I had to narrow down one reason why my Kindle has over 140 m/m books (ok, I lied more like 160) I think it boils down to this - excitement. It takes a lot to wow me these days and m/f contemporary romance just doesn't seem to be tickling my fancy the way a spiffy m/m romance book does.

I’ve taken the time to write this extremely serious, comprehensive questionnaire to find out if you are indeed a Manlovkie. If you answered yes to at least one, welcome my people blows kisses. If you’ve answered no, you are dead to me. I kid. I joke. Never take what I say seriously except for book recs.

Warning Signs You May Be A Manlovkie:

• You know and visit daily, the awesomeness that is Dreamspinner Press

• Instead of Barbie and Ken playing house, you role-play with Ken and maybe one of your GI Joe Figurines enacting scenes from Family Unit by ZA Maxfield.

• You are anticipating J.R. Ward's Qhuinn and Blay book so badly that sometimes you write out your own chapter 32 (Jeaniene Frost reference)

• You often clear your cookies and cache after visiting sites like Rainonroof and the naughty video site (the) Banana Blog <-- NSFW

• You know what Black Wade is

So....are you a Manlovkie?


Contest rules:

Leave a comment on this and/or any other blog post between August 2nd and 20th for a chance to win one of the six Vacay Giveaway prizes.
A comment on one of the posts from August 2-20 gives you 1 entry for the contest, a comment on 2 of the posts 2 entries, a comment on 3 of the posts 3 entries, etc. So, the more frequent you return to show some luv to my guest bloggers the higher your chances to win one of the six prizes! :)
In the weekend of August 21st I’ll announce who the 6 winners are (selected with; winner #1 can choose first, winner #2 second, winner #3 third, etc. from one of the six prizes. Don’t forget to check back then or leave a way for me to contact you in your comment or profile.

The prizes are, in random order:
• A $15 Gift Certificate from any online bookstore I can buy from
• An ecopy of Daughters of Persephone by Julia Rachel Barrett
• One of Mia Watts’ ebooks of choice. Check out her books here
• A book of choice from The BookDepository (of max $10 and only when they ship to your country... sorry)
• One of Bronwyn Green’s ebooks of choice. Check out her books here
• An ebook of choice from DreamSpinner Press

With thanks to DreamSpinner Press, Mia Watts, Bronwyn Green and Julia Rachel Barrett for sponsoring this Vacay Giveaway by donating their prizes!


  1. Oh yes yes yes, I am. You ONLY have 160 books on your kindle? Tsk. You're an amateur. Including short stories I think have around 700 or more on my computer. LOL

    I know who Black Wade is too. ;-) He sits in my bedroom watching over me at night and I never clear the cache, but having my own dedicated computer allows that. LOL

    Hopefully you will guide some other souls into the den of debauchery and deliciousness that is m/m romance. Great post KC. :-)

  2. *sigh* Black Wade *sigh* True Blood, Season 3, Episode 8 *sigh*

    You've confirmed it *air kisses* I am a manlovekie!

  3. Was there any doubt? :)

    And I'm with Tam - you need more m/m books on your kindle!! Work on that, ok? ;)

  4. I've got manlovkie in neon letters, flashing on my forehead!! Ever since I got my e-reader it is kink fest gallore...I think if 5% on my e-reader is non erotica then it is much and of the 95% erotica i think 60% is M/M >> goes to e-book folder to count the e-books...

    one sec please...

    I've got 117 M/M e-book in folder o_0 That's more then I thought *eek*

  5. Well, duh. :) Its who I am! :D


  6. *raises hand* Complete manlovkie slut. ;) And being a former Trekkie, I'm totally lovin' 'Manlovkie'. LMAO

  7. @Tam *coughs* now 170 the rate I'm going....300 by Fall.

    @Sweet Vernal Zephyr I've very disappointed my husband won't allow a life-size poster of the underwater scene in Black Wade in our bedroom.

    @Chris I'll buy one tonight is that better?

    @Leontine only 117?! You need more manlove!

    @Ava March I think Spock looks really sexy sporting the Manlovkie

    @Jason *hi-five*

  8. Um ok I knew I liked m/m romance but I hit every single one of your criteria. I'm not sure if I'm proud or sad. I also used to love Star Trek though the family were more Trekkie than I was. I wonder if I could convert them to manlovkie. Hmm

    Great post..

  9. @Chris god its been at least 3 days since I bought a manlove book that just isn't right.

    @Kassa Be proud! I've invested *whips out calculator* over $1000 for this little 'reading hobby' of mine. I like to think of myself as a 'dedicated reader' or connoisseur of m/m romance genre. It sounds so much better than crazy book addict.

  10. I love your definition and I'm proud to say it represent me perfectly. I am clamoring for Qhuinn and Blay to get together and have their scenes marked with post-it flags in all the books where they're together and re-read those sections often. My number of m/m ebooks surpasses the number of straight romance I own and I find a few more everyday.

  11. @joder if we don't get sexy time between Qhuinn and Blay I will sob and throw a tantrum in the Border's romance aisle.

  12. Well, let's just say thanks to you KC, I'm on my way to being a manlovkie-lite! I OWN Black Wade and visit a few man love blog sites here and there... I am sure to check Janna's blog every Friday for her lovely manlove photos! I now own a half dozen m/m books and I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the release of With Abandon by JL Langley. Oh, and my favorite sex scene this year on True Blood... well, you know the one!

  13. Well, I don't check every box on your quiz but I think I'm an manlovki - I've become addicted to Chrolli in recent weeks (thanks for that Kris *shakes fist*) and my m/m collection is expanding all the time! You ladies are corrupting me! Actually, I blame Sarah Frantz from DA - she put me on to the first one (KA Mitchell's Collision Course) and from there I was hooked.

  14. I can't wait for Qhuinn and Blay to have their manlovki time together. :)
    But I'm definitely a manlovki because I have more m/m books then m/f. Love them.
    Carol L.

  15. @Twimom Gasp, when does With Abandon come out?! I needs it now!!!!

    @Kaetrin Sigh, I love KA Mitchell's books.

    @Carol L. You go girl ;)

  16. KC: According to JL's website, With Abandon will be out in December!! Bad news, it also says that Without Fear (Sterling & Rhys) is on hold *SOBS*

  17. @twimom well F word. I've been dying to read about Sterling.

  18. I'm a m/m romance-aholic! Love it! Can't get enough!


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