Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacay Guest: Leontine goes on a mental vacation

Today I give the stage to my Dutch sistah and friend Leontine. She’s a eloquent reviewer and warm blogger. Check out her sexy review site here>>>


*cue intro song Mungo Jerry*….In the summertime when the weather's high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky, when the weather's fine...

Yeah well, two weeks ago I would’ve killed that song faster than Mungo Jerry could sing the next line. You see, hubby and I had a plan for this vacay. We would go on a long weekend away, go out, have some romantic man-woman time, see a movie if weather would be bad and have some fun with our god twin and niece and nephews. Well, our car thought it would be best to conk out on us at this time and it came attached with a bill on its ass that got hubby a shade of pale that would make Edward Cullen jealous.

So now it’s a no-no for long weekend away *cries* and I have to get creative for myself. Well, every so often I check myself in for a mental vacation – No, no, it’s not to check if I’m going nuts as a book-addict or a smut gal, but a place that has the best of the best to get my batteries recharged. I can get there by the blink of an eye, no waiting period, no missing planes, trains or misfiled hotel reservation. I take my booty in a long chair, grab a cocktail, close my eyes and….aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, yes, this is more like it:

And look what walks up the beach for me to play with….

A true beach candy with skills to make me dinner, massage my tired body and keep me safe from all natives that may, or may not, pop up and see what I’m doing on their island. No sacrificing of myself on an alter to one of their gods…that’s not on the schedule for this mental vacay.

Now I’ve got beautiful panorama – check – sounds of waves in my ears – check - chair to lounge in – check – a cocktail to grace my taste buds – check. I’m already starting to relax and magically appears…my e-reader. Yes, I’ve also got the reader 2.0 upgrade and next to my print books now am addicted to my digital library :) So what is on it you might wonder? Well, let me give you a sneak peek in my e-library:

Marquesate & Vashtan: Special Forces series -MERCENARIES part 1 & 2
Laura Wright: Mark Of the Vampire series - ETERNAL HUNGER
Jourdan Lane: Soul Mates – BOUND BY BLOOD

Also Nicole Laurent – UNDERGROUND & Claudia D Christian – Vicious Bliss; FALLEN have found a way to my e-reader. More than enough books to keep my satisfied I’d say *grin*

Next to my beach candy and my books I need a date with Dexter to make this mental vacay complete. Did you know how hard it was for me to find an interesting, charming and sometimes – in his own kind of way – funny serial killer? Well, it took me a while but with Dexter I can’t complain and he fills my nights like no other man can *grin*

Now I’m ready to commence my mental vacay, if you want to join me for a cocktail, put on your sexy bikini, click your strappy heels three times and chant “Blue Lagoon here I come’

Hey, where else did you expect me to go?


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• One of Mia Watts’ ebooks of choice. Check out her books here
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• One of Bronwyn Green’s ebooks of choice. Check out her books here
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  1. oh Leontine I'm right there with you. lol Good thing I have a good imagination because no vacations for me this year. (well to be honest it's been a few years *sob*)
    Which is why a book set in an exotic location is perfect to make me travel. The last 'Book trip' I made was in Mongolia with the book Warrior by Zoe Archer. Hot adventure!

    I have never watched Dexter...I think I should try it.

  2. Great post Leontine.
    Just be careful now and don't do anything bad cos else Dexter will be coming for ya

  3. @Pattepoilue - it has been a while for me too so you have to get creative right? I've been already hearing good stuff from Zoe Archer and Pearl also has them for review so we already talked a bit about them :)

    I'm currently playing with some merfolk and they are sensuous creatures...translating: I'm reading Vivian Arend's WHIRPOOL, very good stuff too!

    @Blodeuedd - I don't think I'll ever get on Dex's "bad" list, he lurves my wicked streak too much to desire my blood drop on a small glass plate *wink*

  4. I'm another with no vacation in quite awhile but as long as I have a creative mind and can read creative posts like yours, I'll never be bored again. :)Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L.

  5. I have no big vacation plans this year.So this is a great idea. I think I will join you

    **got a cocktail(check),bikini(check),strappy heels(check)
    clicking heels, chanting***

    Blue Lagoon here I come
    Blue Lagoon here I come
    Blue Lagoon here I come

    Do I get an island hunk too**sips drink** :)

  6. I'm here with you on the Blue Lagoon...

    Ahhh, this hammock is nice... a lovely breeze... and a nice firm chest to cradle my head.


    Now all I need is a BBC... Baliey's Banana Colada. What? Did you think I meant something else? Dirty girls!

  7. Just got back from vacation but too much of it was spent driving! I'm already ready for another one :)

    (sorry to hear about your car - I'm afraid mine is headed that way soon)

  8. @Carol L - Glad i got be your vacation tour guide for today!

    @Elaing8 - This Island isn't my destination if it doesn't have a few strappy, gorgeous men wandering on it. The walk around in the wild...go investigate, one will cross your path in no time *grin*

    @Sweet Vernal Zypher - knowing you're mind it could've been something else...but I never would've guessed a Baliey's Banana Colada. I so need to google that one LOL

    @Patti - We need to have a car since family and friends are scattered all over the Netherlands *sigh* So you had a roadtrip...that can be quite adventurous ;)

  9. I just need to make it until the end of October for my vacation, when I'm going to San Francisco!

  10. oh my god! I want your vacation!!

    I also want to be entered in this contest. :D


  11. I have a vacation scheduled for the last week in September and I can't wait. It's been a while since I watched Dexter but I thought it was very good. I need to start watching it again.

  12. OH Leontine.... OH gosh... I know exactly what you mean about all that. We have not taken a vacation in three years.... Kinda sucky yea I know... but when money is tight... yeah, you do what you gotta...

    Okay, you are not alone in the mental vacation.. I am coming too...

    I have all I need... books, ereader, blender for drinks... bathing suit and what else we need?? LOL!

    Well honey I hope all is well!!! hugs to you! Oh and count me in!

  13. @Chris - If there is one city i would love to visit then it would be San Fransisco...somehow I've got the idea I could spend quite some time there exploring. Is it going to be a lazy vacay or an active vacay? I always love to go sight seeing when somewhere else :)

    @Jason - You get both - you're so lucky LOL Come join us all, drink a cocktail with us and tell what good stuff you've been reading lately :)

    @Sherry - Yeah, well I'm kinda running behind the facts with what hot and what's not in TV series but I'm glad i took a chance on DEXTER. So you're doing a fall vacay...anywhere specific or a stay-at-home vacay?

    @Cecile - I knew you would understand me...we gals can get creative just to get to a paradise beach and have some fun together! I wouldn't know what else we would need? So you're good to go *grin*

  14. Leontine: It's going to be a going to yaoicon and hanging out with Kris, Tam, Tracy, and Jenre vacation. :)

  15. Sweet lord...I hope San Francisco can handle you gals all at once! But then again...kindred spirits will convene at the Con so perhaps SF IS ready LOL So Kris temporarily setting up shop in the US? How fun!

  16. Great post! Since my budget is equally as limited, my vacation sounds remarkably like yours. If it weren't for books, I'd never go anywhere.

    And I congratulate you on discovering Dexter. The show and MCH totally rock! I can't wait for the new season since I've been hearing lots of great tidbits.

  17. Yup, she'll be in the US for several weeks!

  18. Sounds like a great mental vacation. I need some time ALONE so badly. I want to take my books (and Kindle), iPhone, headphones... sit by a pool, and have a hot cabana boy bring me drinks with tropical flowers in them. *sigh* No Kids, no blog, no hubs - well, he can come along to take me to dinner and rub my feet! LOL

  19. *clear throat*

    Is that there bit of sand taken? Because I would sure like the chance to sit down and...ummmm...relax :)

    So sorry to hear about the car. I hope you and your husband can go on vacation soon!

    I've had my eye on the Marquesate & Vashtan: Special Forces series! And...Keeping Promise Rock is an amazing book! Enjoy!

  20. *sighs* I love the sound of your vacation! Every time my guy and me plan to take a vacay - something ALWAYS comes up. And it's usually not the good kind of things!

    I would love a little time alone in seclusion on a beach, or a cabin in the mountains. Me, books, beverages, peace & quiet, with no complaining, annoying phone calls, and people asking me to do things for them. *hmmm* That sounds... perfect! :)

  21. @Joder - it's so good to know I'm not the only one with a challenged vacay time!

    @Chris - I look forward to reading about all your (mis) adventures :))

    @Twimom227 - it looks like you've got the right mindset girl, cabana boy - oh yeah, that will work. And I hear ya on no obligations, just you, a book and some great setting to relax.

    @Orannia - Some great M/M books are patiently waiting on my e-reader only I'm not all that patient and want to read them NOW LOL. First a bit of ARC and requested reads though :)) And go ahead, that bit of sand is still free!

    @Tanya - Oh, the mountains "the hills are alive..." hhmmm, okay, perhaps that is a bit too vanilla but a pack of mountain men, that's something I wouldn't object to *grin*

  22. Oh Leontine you are something :-D

    You had me laugh out loud at "Did you know how hard it was for me to find an interesting, charming and sometimes – in his own kind of way – funny serial killer?" :-D ROTFL

    Sorry to hear you won't be going on a vacation this year, good thing you have such a great imagination and that you are so generous as to share not only your exotic hideaway but your sexy eye candy with us unfortunate ones too! This year no long and nice vacation for me either, but since we go away for the weekend to the country with my family and 2 sisters who I don't see most of the year, it is nice to finally spend some quality time with them :-) But of course I'd love to join you in your exotic, turquoise blue and warm little paradise a few times, just to get my fix of sunshine and vacation feeling (oh did I tell you I'll be working all summer, no vacation for me :-( )

    So thanks for the offer, the beautiful setting, I'm coming! :-D

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Hello.

    I'm a big Amy Lane fan and read Keeping Promise Rock several months ago... and loved it!

    I need to buy the sequel and soon!

  24. talking about vacation, i've never been on vacation for like 5 years!I blame my study on this. So I think you are a bit lucky only to miss vacation only this year.hope next year you'll have a great vacation =)

  25. @Stella - *wink* Yeah Dexter is sumthing alright! I'm so happy you're joining me in my little paradise...I thought it was a sweet set up too, to get a vacay feeling. No rainy days here!

    I love catching up with family and those days go by in the blink of an eye so wish you all the fun in the world with your family :) That you have to work through all of summer just stinks...STINKS, but the green is nice :) Thanks for stopping by!!

    @Booklover0226 - Well, I just read KPR too and wow...just wow, such an epic, heart rendering story. I was so happy when i found out there's a spin-off with Shane I believe. Perhaps it will not wow me as much as KPR - or so I've been told - but I love Amy Lane's voice!

    @Darlyn - Aaahhh you put me to shame...5 years no vacay time? That's just....cruel!


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