Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Todays Man Candy - Olympic Hottie Sven Kramer

Today's post has nothing to do with books, only with my proud and smutty Dutch heart that's throbbing for our very own Olympic gold medalist in speed skating, Sven Kramer.

I thought why not dedicate my Man Candy post to this Dutch hottie and introduce you all to some of our country's background (you know bookbloggies Leontine, Marissa and Pearl are from the Netherlands too).

See, skating is a very big thing in our country, not so much the figure skating but especially the speed skating. Every Dutch child learns how to skate and the ultimate goal for a lot of Dutchies is to skate once in their life the "Elfstedentocht" ('tour of 11 cities' - the 'elf/11 steden/cities are connected with each other by river and ditches which are only once every few decades all frozen). It's quite some tour that takes a whole day to skate from beginning to end.

Anyway, we have a lot of famous skaters that are fast, but one of the best of the last decades is definitely Sven Kramer. He's in his early twenties and has won a lot of the important championships and now he's skating for some Olympic medals and the first one (gold) he won last weekend while he was riding an Olympic Record at the 5000 meter race. He has this mighty strong legs and long powerful strides that make me drool...

Well, nuff words said! Let's look at him a little bit closer! Here are another two pics and a video, especially the last one shows his muscled and well trained bod in all it's glory *sigh*. I'm sorry the video is in Dutch, but it's not important what's said anyway. I watch it myself when it's on mute and with some Michael Bublé music in the background (btw at 2.08m you see his cute smile). Hope you enjoy :)

Btw I dedicate this episode of Man Candy to Tam! She'll know why :)


  1. I used to watch swimming so I could have a look at Pieter van den Hoogenbands ;)
    That is a great sport btw, before they came up with that silly idea of that shark suit

  2. *drooling*

    And yay for that medal!

  3. Ah, yes...the "elfstedentocht", magic happens, even while watching the tour of 11 cities by skate! My mother can attest to that *grin* Sven kramer, he is quite...athletic *wink*

  4. Sven is definitely a Hottie! :)

  5. @Blodeuedd: Oh yes, Pieter is not bad looking either. He has a great swimmers body :)

    @Tena: Hey there, welcome to my place. I'm glad you liked the eye candy :)

    @Mar: Hi tweepie, great to see you here! Thanks :)

    @Chris: :D not bad for a skater's bod, is it?

    @Leontine: You're one of the few people here that know about that magic :)
    *g* I'm all for athletic men with muscled legs like that ;)

  6. @Lily: Maybe a wee bit too young, but aren't all the hotties? ;)

  7. Oh, wow, he is a hottie! (a young one *g*) That was very interesting to see him train; I didn't know they did training off the ice. And why where they standing in garbage cans full of water near the 2.0 mark?

  8. Niiice. That hot dude wears the spandex well.

  9. @Patti: Lol, I was wondering about the garbage cans as well. It's not revealed by the voice-over but I guess it has something to do with cooling down the leg muscles, as the cans seem to be filled with (warm?) water.

    @KC: *grin* And he fills up the spanex well too ;)

  10. Ohh goodness, he's very nice!

    I used ot have a massive crush on Alexi Nemov, the Russian Gymnast. Bendy!

  11. @Sayuri: I had to google him, but OMG yes, he's one to have a massive crush on :)
    I loved this pic: http://bit.ly/dmVGJS
    Those muscled but bendy men *sigh*

  12. Oh yeah, been ogling him since they started his coverage...and FYI, he has become the new poster boy for a character I'm currently writing. ;)

  13. @Devon: Really? That's so cool! :) Is it a gay character?

  14. Thank you for introducing me to this Hottie in spandex! Swoon!

  15. @Twimom227: You're very welcome :) I'm happy to make you swoon! *g*

  16. Squeeeeee. How did you find such hot pics of him? He's a cutie for sure. And oh those muscles.

    Oh your hottie on the side in the leather pants and tattoos is working or me big time as well. :-D

  17. @Eyre: He is! :)

    @Tam: lol, those pics are all over our bill boards in the streets :) He's advertising eating bread, lol.
    He's a healthy guy for sure ;)

    I have a name for you re: the leather pants tattoo hottie. It's Joel Rush. Have fun googling him :D

  18. Oh nice! I want a bite of that....sandwich LOL

  19. OMG! That is one mighty yummilicious skater. Seriously drool-tastic.

    You are a giver, Janna...a giver of many new fantasies involving Sven. :D

  20. One word - delicious!
    Thanks for sharing a hottie and some information!! I love learning about my sistahs over seas!!!
    Hugs to you hon!

  21. @Tam: I think there's a yummy pic with Joel's delish ass in very tight jeans out there :D

    @FV: Lol, that ehh sandwich really looks tasteful, I agree :)

    @Bronwyn: Thank you :) Take what I give ;) and create a nice Sven fantasy to write him into one of your yummilicious stories then. I would love to read it :D

    @Cecile: You're welcome hon! Thank you for being curious about our backgrounds :D Love ya!

  22. Sweet man candy! Tag your it....

  23. @SVZ: Lol, I guess I am :) Thank you, hon!


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