Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lusting for Covers - Samantha Kane's Love in Exile

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers. This meme is hosted by TBQ.

Being the cover hussy that I am, this meme is just one for me!
The cover that I picked this week is the one from Samantha Kane's Love in Exile.

Why this cover? This book is the sixth one in a series of historical romances about ménages and it was released in one of the last months of 2009. The other five covers are less dark than this one and all picture three models. The male model on this cover isn't perfect looking imo (I like that) but has again a gorgeous tattood torso (last week's model had one too). Only this tattoo is looking more like a tribal one, which are my favorite kind...

Back Blurb:
Gregory Anderson has reluctantly returned to England after more than seven years sailing the world and cataloging new discoveries. He's there to visit old friends and present the finding of his travels to the Royal Society.
Half-Polynesian Gregory is caught between two worlds. He isn't looking for love. He's only looking for a warm body with a modicum of wit and reasonable intelligence to help him get through the few short months he'll be in England.
Nat and Alecia Digby married when they were young and foolish. An arranged marriage to please their parents led them to take lovers, and their marriage was almost ruined before it began. But through the actions of a mutual friend and lover Nat and Alecia found their way back to each other. They don't want to give up the erotic games they learned to play and to enjoy, but they won't risk their marriage again by falling in love with someone else. And they won't hurt anyone else they love by asking them to endure the pain of being an outsider in their marriage.
When the three are introduced by a mutual friend they think it will be nothing more than a night or two of shared pleasure and erotic thrills. But the unthinkable happens, because love refuses to be forced into exile.


  1. It is a hot cover!

    Speaking of covers, guess whose favorite Crouching Guy is going to be featured tomorrow? :)

  2. @Chris: You made my day! I'm so glad you found the needed inspiration :) I'll be there...

  3. Janna,
    Thanks for particpating in this week's L4C! :D

    Okay, sexy tatoos on a man wins handsdown! LOL. Love the tribal tat, very yummy! :D Now I'm interesting in this series... Thanks for sharing!


  4. You're welcome! Yep, sexy tatoos are very hot this week, like the one on your cover of this week ;)
    It's def a good series if you like historicals and ménages!

  5. Oops, bf was doing something on this computer, then he opened one of my tabs and saw your page. Poor guy was not ready for that ;)

  6. LOL, Blodeuedd! The poor guy. He must hate me now ;)

  7. I like that!! LOL Very nice cover!!:)

  8. Very nice cover! I love tattoos.

    I read the first three books in this series and it was from reading them that I fell in love with M/M stories.

  9. @Blanche & KC: It's not bad, is it! Not bad at all ;)

    @Lily: Yep, these books are very smutty and sweet in the man love department!

  10. Haha, yes he was not pleased to see milk guy, but then I have warned him about my smutty blogs ;)

  11. *snicker* If he's a real man, he can take this side of you! ;)

  12. After a weekend of reading I'm back to bloghopping again and looky here, what a cover *drool* I have recently discovered this series too and have the first novel on my e-reader. Really looking forward to reading these Brother In Arms novels *grin* And this is a MEME for me too but I had me some Dean to pimp out lol

  13. Glad to see you're back, hon!
    This is such a hot series :) I'm sure you'll love it!
    Dean... Meme... yep, I understand why Dean won *grin*


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