Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lusting for Covers – Moira Rogers’ Crossroads

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers. This meme is hosted by TBQ.

The cover that I picked this week is the one from Moira Rogers’ Crossroads. I have won this book in the Valentine’s contest over at Black Raven’s Erotic Café. It’s the second book in a series and I have the first book Crux on my ereader, but haven’t read that yet.

Why this cover? First of all I like the colors, purple is one of my favorites. And in general I love colorful covers. Second there’s a lot to look at: the girl in the pink dress of course catches your eye and behind her we see a street with lighted buildings which reminds of the fact that this series is set in New Orleans. The full moon and wolf complete the picture and give a hint of the supernatural nature of the story. The cover of the first book has the same elements and I like it when the books can be recognized as part of a series by their cover art.

Back blurb:
He’s the last man she should ever want. She’s the last woman he can ever have.

Southern Arcana, Book 2

Coming from a family with psychic gifts, Derek Gabriel was aware of but separate from the dangers of the supernatural world, until a rogue wolf shifter stripped away his humanity. The change he barely survived didn’t drive him insane, but the cultural bias against him as an inferior transformed wolf might. And it doesn’t help that he’s fallen for the daughter of the most powerful wolf in the country.
Almost from the moment she was born, Nicole Peyton started planning her escape from the strict confines of elite shapeshifter society, an old-fashioned world where women are valued only for their bloodlines and bank accounts. In New Orleans she has a bar she loves, friends in decidedly low places, and a smoldering sensual tension with an incredibly attractive and deliciously unsuitable man.
Their forbidden longing erupts into unbridled need—until Nick’s sister burns into town with a strike team hard on her heels. Saving her means Nick has to play by the Conclave’s rules…and give up the man she is growing to love.
Unless Derek does something completely crazy—issue a challenge that could shake the foundations of their world.

Product Warnings
This book contains forbidden lust, strip poker, instinct-driven sex in odd places, devious shapeshifters, and love and loss in a world of paranormal politics and supernatural schemes.

Buy the book here>>>


  1. I love this cover too! It's so perfect for the book, and for the series. Donna and I have the best luck with covers. :D

  2. Janna,
    Thanks for participating in this week's L4C! :D

    Okay, I have to agree with you-- the purple (not usually my favorite color, though it used to be when I was younger) grabs your attention, and the wolf hidden in the back ground is the cherry on top! Plus, I'm a sucker for the swirly things in the bottom corner of her dress-- I love them, they're so pretty and make it seem fantasy like. :D

    I'll have to look into this one, it sounds like a good book-- and there's the good ol' "Warnings" from the publisher. Love those, they always make me laugh AND add the book to my wish list!


  3. Hi Janna...
    This week I'm looking forward to holding in my hands a copy of Shiloh Walker's Broken. I love the guy on the cover, looking very macho and hawt in his jeans...I also like the way the street fades out behind him mysteriously.

    I also like the Crossroads cover, it is very pretty and I heart purple.

    Have a good week!

  4. @Moira: Thanks for stopping by at my place :) Yep, you have the best luck, your covers are great!

    @Chris: :D

    @TBQ: Yeah, the wolf is a cherry on top. And I love the swirly things too :)

    @Mar: Oh yes, that's a hot cover too!! I'm looking forward to that book too (and not just for the hot cover guy ;))! Have a great week too, hon! :D

  5. Oh hun, we are lusting over this one! I have seen this one around blog land and I want it too! I hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Hey sweetie! It's a gorgeous one, isn't it?!
    I had a wonderful weekend :) Hope yours was great too!!

  7. I also love the cover, and I read it, it is a great story

  8. I still have to read it, but I will come over to read your review first, Marissa! :)


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