Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dean Day – 10 Things I Love about Dean

This post is part of the Dean Day blog tour. Look at the right sidebar for all the Dean Day participants. At least one of the bloggers is having a contest with some amazing prizes to win… and maybe more than one ;)

Who doesn’t know who Dean is *I bet most of you do know though* check out the TV show Supernatural! One of the demon hunting Winchester brothers is Dean, played by the cute and wonderful actor Jensen Ackles. His younger brother is Sam, who’s also cute in a different way. I just think he pouts a bit too much ;). Sorry Sammy-girls!

So, it’s pretty common knowledge that I have a fictional crush on Dean (one that my hubby doesn’t know about FYI and I like it to keep that way *g*. Because I’m not sure if he’ll understand the ‘fictional’ part of this sentence ;)).

What do I like about Dean you ask? Well, you asked for it so here it goes:

First of all, look at him! Isn’t it obvious what I like about him?! He has gorgeous green eyes, kissable full lips, a damn-cute hairdo and a perfect bod!

[image] [image]

He’s self-assured, walks with a confident stance, is fearless and bold and he has that brooding bad boy thing going on. Yum! (I must add that Jensen Ackles is really a fabulous actor to play Dean’s part so freakin’ awesome).

Despite his toughness, he has this tiny little heart, especially when it comes to his brother for whom he feels so responsible. Dean’s not afraid to show his emotions every now and then, even if it’s grief or sorrow. My female heart is throbbing for him in those moments and all I wanna do is wrap my arms around his broad shoulders. Like this moment in last week’s episode (5.14 My Bloody Valentine) in the final scene when he asked for help with his eyes lift up to the sky. Really heartbreaking! Jensen Ackles can make me cry when he’s doing a great acting job like that.

And this video shows some of his tears, suffering and other emotions *sigh*:

  4 He enjoys life with all its seductions, like fast food, beer, beautiful woman and sex. So, he’s getting to my secret inner hedonist.   5 He’s a sexy kisser!   Or watch the one in my right side bar, titled ‘Dean Winchester loves kissing’.   6 Dean appears to be the typical bad boy but secretly he’s all angelic goodness, where Sammy represents demonic evilness (watch season 3/4 and you know what I mean).   7 He likes to sing and I think that’s sexy. For a video with all clips of Dean singing in the show look here (embedding is disabled). This includes the funny Eye of the Tiger clip. :) And here’s Jensen Ackles (not Dean) singing with Jason Manns, which is kinda cute:     8 Did I mention he has a great body? ;)   [image]   9 I like a man with a good sense of humor and Dean makes me laugh all the time. Like in last week’s episode when they were discussing Cupid as a lower kind of angel and Dean asked: “Cupid? You mean the little flying fat kid in dypers?” A lot of the times it’s in his expressions and behavior too, like in this video about his funny faces:   Or the one in my right side bar, titled ‘La Dean attitude’.   10 I can’t say enough about his eyes *sigh*   [image] [image] And here’s a last treat, a video from the episode My Bloody Valentine (5.14) that’s about Valentine’s Day and shows us an atypical Dean!     I hoped you enjoyed my little homage to Dean :)
Happy Valentine's Day!
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  1. No.8 second pic....oh girl, you know how to treat us to some Dean-a-liscious rolls. Very nice. And the youtube clips, hon I'm going to watch them as the day goes by but the Valentine vid, yeah, color me shocked...woman-lover Dean not going out on V-Day o-0 It's like Xmas without Santa?

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you can't share your crush with your hubs. It's funny, but I think my hubs likes Dean as much (well maybe not quite as much) as I do. He has sort of a man-crush on him. Yeah, the thoughts on that alone are enough to give a girl a stroke.

    Anyway - I love your post! This was such an awesome idea.

  3. @Leontine: Yep, like Christmas without Santa or as Sam put it like a dog that doesn't eat. The reason why he doesn't feel the urge to go out while everyone else in that epi is touched by 'famine' is kinda sad though, don't you think?
    *g* I went a little overboard with the YouTube videos didn't I? Have fun watching them :)

  4. @Fallon: Oh, I CAN share it with him if I want to, but I just wanna keep Dean for myself... I see what can happen when you share Dean like you did... lol!
    Thanks, your post is awesome too! I heart the Deanisms you posted about :)

  5. Loved it! I am so happy to share my obsession with you ladies. My hubby doesn't know of my Dean crush either. And I think he has Man crush on Dean as well Fallon. He cracks up as much as I do when Dean says something funny. I still want to hiss at him when he does that. lol Great job Janna!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day :)
    I mean Dean Day ;)

    *cries* I am so sad no, and wanna hug poor Dean

  7. Hey these vids are great! I'm having a blast re-watching some of these moments, and discovering new one. Happy Dean Day!

  8. Oh yeah, I love Dean although I've developed a bit of a thing or Castiel. It's his voice. Great review of all of Dean's finer qualities. :-)

  9. Awesome post, Janna and Happy Dean Day!!!

    I'm loving these videos. Hubby just came out her and said, "I thought you have a deadline...why are you watching Supernatural?"

    I suppose I should get back to work, but I love those Dean kisses. Le sigh...

  10. OMG, I'm all trembling lip with watching vid; Behind dean's eyes and had to comfort me with pic 8.2 to get back to normal. When that man cries or has a moment with father or brother, oh yes, there i go...crying my eyeballs out. Next vid!!

  11. OMG girl, that vid of Dean Winchester Kissing, I had completely forgot that awesome hawt making out session with the dark haired girl (1st girl in vid) My goggles have steamed up now (hubby asks: Hon, you're glasses are foggy...why??) I'm all innocence; Nothing, let's eat!

    TTYL Janna :)

  12. @Bells: Lol, funny thing is, I don't mind sharing my obsession with you ladies but I rather not share it with my hubby either, I experience the same urge to hiss *g*
    You did a great job yourself, thanks hon! :)

  13. @Blodeuedd: Thanks, happy V-day to you too, hon :) Join the club!

  14. @Stacy: Glad you're enjoying yourself :) Sorry, that I couldn't find all new ones *wink* but that would be impossible with fans like you :)

  15. @Tam: Lol, I can understand the thing for Cas! I loved the epi where he and Dean went out to celebrate the supposedly last night on earth and he awkwardly admitted to be a virgin. He's quite funny in his lack of humor moments, lol! And yes, his voice is good, so are his lips btw ;)

  16. @Bronwyn: Come on, you can take a little sigh moment for yourself on Valentine's/Dean Day! :) I'm glad you enjoy the videos!

    Good luck with your deadlines and Happy Dean Day :)

  17. @Leontine: You crack me up, girl! Trembling lips, fogged glasses and hubby doesn't suspect a thing *g*
    And getting back to normal with pic 8.2?! That's a nice standard of normal you've got there, lol! I like it :)

  18. I am bowing down to your hommage to Dean... oh my gosh.... This guy is freaking hot. I knew it before it became Dean day... buy man oh man oh man... this guy is H-O-T (in my singing voice!!!)

    Oh and the main reason I came here today...
    Happy Valentine's Day honey, hope Mr. Erotic rocks your world!

  19. @Cecile: Thank you hon :) I knew you would love this freakin hot guy ;) So better start watching the show for a lot more of awesomeness ;)
    I hope you have a great Valentine's Day too sweetie and that W rocks your world as well even if he's probably out on the job at the moment... But maybe later, right? I <3 ya :)

  20. Supernatural is my number 1! Dean and Sam and hunky dory! haha
    I love the photos you have up of him.. <3
    Happy Valentines Day!

  21. @Natasha: Hey girl, good to hear you're a big fan of the show too :)
    Yep, they are, especially Dean ;)
    Happy Dean Day!

  22. @Hawk: Hi Hawk, nice of you to stop by on this special day :)
    Happy V-Day to you too!! *hugs*

  23. Is there enough of Dean to go around....

    You may have to beat off a whole lot of hussies for this man you want...

    Happy Dean day hon..


  24. LOL! Your hubby doesn't know about your crush?? I'm surprised you're able to keep it under wraps. :D

  25. There's no way i could keep my crush under wraps. i drool constantly while the show is on! LOL Kudos to you.

    Happy Dean!day

  26. Enjoyed the Dean show! Great job! I laso liked all the eye candy to the right! Awesome blog!


  27. BTW, I stop by all the time...there's just so much to ENJOY can't see it all in one stop! ;-)

    Then I get so busy LOOKING I don't have time to post a comment! So, I decided I'll look only a wee bit and then post, then come back and do the same, look and post, look and post.LOL I know, I'm crazy!

    Big Hugs

  28. @EH: Lol, the good thing about a fictional crush is that you can make up your own love story in which you don't have to share at all ;)
    Thanks, hon. Hope you had a wonderful day too!

  29. @Chris: *g* I'm very good at separating fiction and facts. But hubby's no idiot, I bet he knows I lust after fictional hotties, but fact is that he's my only real Valentine :)

  30. @Sayuri: Lol, my remedie is to watch it the first time alone (without witnesses of the worst drooling) and only the second or third time together with hubby ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful Dean Day too *hugs*

  31. @Hawk: Lol, you can come by as much as you want, you know that :) And yours is a very good craziness that I love! Thanks, xoxox

  32. I loove the pics you chose, especially the one above reason 9...and I fully agree with all your reasons for loving him. *drools*

    I love his angely goodness.

    OMG what Tam said...Castiel, yes I love him too.

    Very awesome post chica!


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