Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

This week’s sexy smutty scene is from Faery Surprising by Mia Watts. It’s the second book in her Faerily Imperfect series. I’ve read the first book, Mind F*cked and was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s a paranormal series and Sage (from book 1) and Flora (from book 2) have more siblings, with other gifts, who will appear in future installments of the series. I’ve understood that the next book will be released next month. Did I mention that Mia Watts’ writing is really humorous? If you like to chuckle, grin and laugh a few times while reading, I can really recommend this author.

Where the first book was a M/M romance, this one is a M/F story, which shows the next smuttalicious scene from page 25:

His stroking hand moved around her waist and drew her against his hard chest. She tried to remember what she normally did when a man got physical with her and she wanted to extract herself. Unfortunately, her body and head were at war about the proper course of action. Other than wrapping her legs around him and begging him to ride her hard and fast, she couldn’t think at all.
Ian’s lips brushed her ear. Shivers tripped over themselves to raise goose bumps and set tingles loose in her pussy. Her abdomen squeezed deep inside. Pressing her aching nipples to his hard, warm pecs drove her to slide her hand over the muscular contours of his shoulder. She delved her fingers into his hair. It was softer than the spiky style led her to believe.
“Definitely here,” he murmured, caressing her cheek with his.
Finally his lips touched the corner of hers. If she turned her head—if, nothin’. Why wait? Flora took the kiss he teased her with, devoured it. He tasted fresh and the fullness of his silken lips lit her need.
She was used to hard kisses and hurried gropes from business men whose time was money. She’d kissed players before, too, before she worked for the franchise. They’d been all hands and plunging tongues. This was different.
Ian kissed her like he was savoring ripe fruit. His tongue flickered against hers and his mouth stayed pliant. She could have handled rough and ready, pushing him away when she’d had her fill. Ian’s laid-back complexity made a paradox which knocked the starch from her knees and buried every ounce of her reserve.
His hand dipped to cup her ass. Turning with her, he shifted from doorway to office and pinned her against the wall with his hips. His cock rose full and firm between them. Flora tucked her hips, seeking more intimate contact.

Mia Watt’s weblog and website

Flora Harper isn't amused when her faery "gift" transports her in the middle of a self-induced orgasm to a professional football locker room after practice. The fact that it's the team she works for, and their new quarterback, Ian Tate, wants to finish what she's started, flies in the face of the non-fraternization policy.
Ian has been traded to a rival city so he catch a blackmailer red-handed. Time is against him, as are the number of injuries he's had in his career. It sounds like a great deal, except filming the Public Relations specialist in a sexually compromising position leaves a sour taste in his mouth. When he discovers that the PR person is emotionally distant, hard-on inducing Flora, getting a whole lot closer to her feels so incredibly right… until she finds out why he's really on the team.


  1. I am lusting over the first picture. Not sure I really read the article yet... Just staring, lol!!!
    Okay... must read... Okay going back to try again...

    Hope you had a great weekend honey!

  2. I've got this waiting on my e-reader *gasp* Oh yes, very good stuff going by this smutty excerpt :) And somehow I want to dig my nails in the back of that guy...anyone else have the same reaction or is this a "leontine quirk"? *wink*

  3. @Cecile: LOL, stare as long as you want, hon :) But the excerpt is good too!

    @Leontine: I think you'll like Mia's humor too! I think maybe it's a smutty sistah quirk, cos I have the same urge ;) It somehow seems to be sexy back day today :) (Chris and Lily have some nice backs to admire too).

  4. I'm going to go with Cecile and lust right along with her, that pict is super sexy especially in bw. Thanks for the heads up on yet another series for me to start reading...sounds good! : )

  5. You're welcome, Mar! I hope you'll enjoy Mia's writing as much as I do :)

  6. I have this on my ereader - why haven't I read it yet?? Oh, yeah, I rarely make it out the m/m directory on my reader. ;)

  7. I loved Faery Surprising - it was such a fun read!

    Thank you again for mentioning the Lisa version of Hallelujah - downloaded it from Amazon last night! And I posted some of my other favorite songs on my blog today.

  8. @Janna - The coming weeks I have various PNR books to read and I need a few novella's in between so I don't O.D. myself on PNR :) I like the sound of smut and humor...something I can't get enough of!

  9. Oh my that would be a bit embarrassing ;)

  10. Ohh, I have FU by Mia Watts to read. If it's as good as the excerpt here, it's all good!

  11. @Chris: I know!! It's happening to me more and more lately *sigh*

    @Bronwyn: I loved your blogpost today! Very good songs :D

    @Leontine: I think that Faery Surprising is a different kind of PNR than you're used to ;)

    @Blodeuedd: Lol, don't know what you mean :)

    @Sayuri: Ah, the multiple ménage romance. Did you happen to win that one? :) I haven't read FU yet, but I'm very curious about it...

  12. Ah, yes - you don't realize that m/m is addictive until it's too late. :)

  13. LOL!!! No kidding, Chris. I never read it before the dare to see if I could write it. Then I read ONE and was hooked. Which is weird, because I never would have suspected that I'd enjoy it so much.

    Thank you, Janna, for posting me!! I loved Ian. Wish I had an Ian, LOL. Nail scratches are all good.

  14. Wow, that is definitely a Hot picture!

    LOL, I'm totally caught in the m/m addiction. I'm sure one day in the future I'll get back to reading m/f.

  15. @Chris: Lol, it's definitely too late for me :)

    @Mia: I'm glad you discovered M/M and write it :D
    Why bother with the M/F any longer? lol
    Now, after your confession, I want to know all about Ian, of course ;)

    @Lily: I'm still reading M/F, not that much anymore, but I like the variety :) Although I must admit that the books I bought lately are about 80-90% M/M! O_o

  16. I've only read one of Mia Watts' books so far but I liked that one quite a lot. I'll have to look into this series - sounds great.

  17. Hey Tracy :) Do you remember which one of her books it was that you read and liked? I think you'll enjoy this series too :)

  18. I LOVE this series and can't wait for the next one!!

  19. Me too, Jambrea! I hope to persuade Mia to do a giveaway at my blog with the next book in the series :)


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