Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Very Own Book Boyfriend

I’ve been tagged by Pixie @ Pixie’s Ponderings, Leontine @ Leontine’s Book Realm, Miranda @ Sweet Vernal Zephyr and K.C. @ Smokinhotbooks to build my own Book Boyfriend, a meme that ‘s originally from the lovely Gutter Girls. To tell you the truth I needed some time to think about my favorite BBF because, okay I can name a few characteristics that always work for me, but in general I like my boys in all sorts and sizes (well, as a matter of speak). So, I hope I can focus on the important things and not wander off in dreamland…

Here’s how The Gutter Girls started the fantasy:

We all have our favourite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don't forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged!
Once tagged... you have to do the same, grab the button, answer the questions, and keep it rolling! But don't forget the picture of the sexy man! It doesn't have to match your fantasy man, just a little eye candy for the rest of us... heheheee!

Okay, here we go:

1- Hair colour and style
Blond or dark hair will both do it for me (there you have it already), all right with a slight preference for dark hair. I like it short, well cropped and just long enough to run my fingers through it (a la Dean style). But honestly, longer hair can work for me too...

2- Eye colour and facial features
Bright eyes with a twinkle, blue or green. His face is of course handsome and strong in a rugged way. His smile is smashing and his lips are full and kissable. I love a bit of a scruff too.


3- Height and body type
My man is tall but not too tall, 6’1 or 6’2 will do. And he’s got a strong, taut and lean body with visible muscles but not the body builder type, just athletic. His hands are important; I can fall in or out of love because of a guy’s hands :). They have to be strong as well, clean and tanned and a little bit roughened up. And let’s not forget that his butt must look good in a hip hugging jeans. And besides all that, he has a nice tribal tattoo and a subtle but hot nipple piercing.

4- Visible age

5- Bangability ie: kinky/bi/size
He’s tireless and skilful with a little kink. He likes to take charge and only needs one look from me to know what I want. And every once in a while he doesn't mind to give up control :)
Do we really have to discuss size, lol, as if anyone will say that they like ‘m small, no way! :)


6- Human or other
Human or shifter or vampire or… I really can’t choose!

7- Paranormal skills
Freeze time, so that we can endlessly enjoy each other’s company *waggles eyebrows* without the hassle of everyday life if we want to avoid that.

8- Interests
Traveling, movies, me, making love.

9- Habitat
Everywhere where I am, and I don't like to be in just one place all the time.

10- Special skills
Being sexy without effort, making my insides flutter with his smile, being charming in the company of other people, making me laugh, being inventive with his tongue.

A lot of the bloggers I could think of already have been tagged, and I don’t know for sure who has build their own book boyfriend yet, so if you already have done it, you can ignore the next tag. If not, consider yourself tagged.... :)

Chris @
Tam @
Bronwyn @
Kris @
Fallon @


  1. Oh sweetie you sure are a lover! Demanding and yet open requirements... and some very sweet pics too. Ditto on the nipple piercing!


  2. Nice boyfriend! I love the nipple pic too. And freezing time is a brilliant idea!

  3. Oh yes, nipple piercing and a wicked tongue...I'm sold!! And the man in ropes is really, really....really hot. I think we need a Book Boyfriend meme version 2.0; Create your ultimate fantasy with your book boyfriend. Whadda ya thing?

  4. Holy Crap Batman... Man if we put all of our boyfriends together... WOWZER!!!! Very nice and delicious there hun... And the piercing... oh that looks like an invitation to be bitten... what you think... hee heee!!

  5. @Miranda: Thanks sweets, I'm glad you liked the pics :) After your hot ones it wasn't easy to find them ;)

    @Patti: I have stolen that nipple pic from Kris @Krisngoodbooks. I'm sure she don't mind :)
    Yeah, freezing time would really be a useful skill I think!

  6. @Leontine: Lol, I'm game. Although I have more than one fantasy I'm afraid ;)

    @Cecile: Gawd, image all the book boyfriends together! That would be quite some hot party! Yowzah!!
    I'm drooling all over that biteable piercing for ages now :)

  7. Jenna, I think you should have put me (meaing you) fist under 8! You know how men gets lost or side traked in this department:)

  8. Hehe, oh the freeze time skill would come in handy. Great boyfriend you got there!

  9. I will never tire of looking at that bondage pic. Yummy!

  10. @Laurie: Hey girl, welcome here :) You might have a point, lol. But of course my fantasy man knows what's most important and won't get side tracked ;)

    @Blodeuedd: Verra handy :) Thanks, and now stop ogling my man, hon!

    @KC: Yeah, I grab every opportunity to show him off :)

  11. @Janna - Like a good smutty girl should! I've got a wicked fantasy or two myself, I might even be inclined to bring my BBF's friend to life :) A party of three can be very fun!

  12. Totally hot pictures!!

    And we've already discussed that I'm a maybe/maybe not sort of memer. :)

  13. omg your man sounds DELISH! and those pics...mmm...

    Maybe we can switch every once in a while. ;)

  14. @Leontine: *g* and have a ménage! I like that fantasy :)
    Shall we take this idea to the email inbox and talk about bringing this meme sequel into the world :)
    *mumble* don't count on Chris to play along *mumble* ;)

    @Chris: I'm glad you liked the pictures :) But you haven't answered me yet what I have to bribe you with to play ;)

    @Pixiedust: LOL, I'm not sure if my man wants to switch at all, you know, being so totally smitten with me :)

  15. Pretty pretty. Sigh. I'll work on my guy this afternoon. So many choices. Waaaah. I hate deciding. LOL

  16. @Tam: yeah, I'm not good at making choices either. My taste is so divers :) That's probably why it took me more than three weeks to build me bbf, lol! I'm looking forward to your guy :)

  17. @Janna - You know to find the e-mail box?? I'm all for BBF meme 2.0and go even more likes being naughty *grin*

  18. What's with the question marks? Of course I do :) I'll email you...

  19. That was quick, Tam :) Yeah, someone has to do the hard work, lol.
    I'm coming over to your place right now!

  20. Lucky you have pretty cookies is all I'm sayin'.

  21. *snort* sounds like you don't want to admit out loud that you actually LOVE to build your own bbf ;)

  22. I'm loving your BBF, Janna, but I'll be a good kid and build my own. :D I'll let you know when he's finished.

    Love-love-love the pics, too! ;)

  23. I'm in lust with your BF!! Loved the nipple piercing and the bondage pic was HOT!

  24. @Bron: Thanks :) I look forward to your BBF!

    @Lily: Lol, and yours was already so yummy and easy to fall in lust with :)

  25. OMG! I want your boyfriend!! And that guy in the first pic with his hand in my pants. Those are MY pants, right? Right? Looks like 'em which may account for the additional flutterage in my middle.

    Does your boyfriend have a twin??

  26. I love reading about these fictional book-boyfriends, I think this is a great meme, enjoy yours he is yummy!

  27. I'm a new follower. Love your book boyfriend. Hot hot hot and that first picture with that man with the eyes and scruff. *fanning myself*


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