Monday, February 8, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

I don’t know about you but I can use something to make me forget about the horrible weekend I had. I had to deal with a virus on my laptop, it hijacked one of my ftp passwords (according to my provider) but it was untraceable. It presented itself twice on the website of Goodreads as an antivirus window (I didn’t click on it though). Just to be sure my laptop had to be reinstalled and you all know what a hassle that can be… So here’s to some smuttiness to make this a brighter day!


This week’s sexy smutty scene is from a M/M novella I finished last weekend, Upwardly Mobile by Clare London. It was a pretty good read with great character insight for such a short story. I won’t write a review for this one, but I rated it with 3.5 stars. It's about a couple having phone sex (while on public transportation!).
It contained lots of sexiness, like the next smuttalicious scene from page 27:

Caleb marveled at how his lover could tell how close he was, just from a gasp. He supposed he’d given too many gasps, too many times, for it to be a mystery any more. Surprising, delicious thought. He smiled, then grimaced as the excitement tugged again at his groin. “Not going to last long. You know? It’s too, too good…”
“You will,” Owen snapped.
“Are you joining me?”
Owen grunted with frustration. “How can I?”
Caleb grinned in the darkness of the car interior. He could imagine the flickering lights inside the train and his lover sitting with legs spread, his hand down inside his smart pants. The vision made his desire spike painfully in his balls. Owen with his head thrown back, lips dry, panting as he stroked himself. The whimpers he’d probably make, the sobs underlying the rattling of the train. The initial disinterest of fellow travelers that might suddenly switch to curiosity…and shock. Exposure! “Use your newspaper.”
“Huh?” Owen sounded startled, then cautious. “Maybe I didn’t buy one tonight.”
Caleb grunted this time, also with frustration. He hadn’t been joking when he said talking wasn’t uppermost in his mind any longer. His fingers paused at the base of his cock, squeezing as hard as he could bear. He could feel his skin prickle, begging for the stroking to continue. “And maybe the sky has finally fallen in, Chicken Little. You always buy one. Open it up and cover your lap.”
Owen laughed loudly, then smothered it with a snort of outrage. “No way that’ll work.”
Yes way. Make it.” Caleb squeezed more gently at his arousal. “I told you I’m not a patient kinda guy. How many more times?” He reached his other hand down between his legs, pushing aside the crinkled sac holding his rock-hard balls. His index finger snagged in the curls around the base of his dick. Impatiently, he stretched farther back with it, stroking the smooth skin behind. His ass clenched, the muscles teasing him with their need, and he gritted his teeth with the effort of holding back. “How many stations left?”
Owen’s voice drifted away and back, as if he’d turned to look out of the train window. “Four.”
Caleb sighed. “Thank God.” Maybe. “You know I’m not normally the type to eke out the torture. But I’d like to think I could last for four.” He started the lazy stroke again and a moan slid unprompted from his mouth. “Fuck, no, maybe not tonight. I am particularly horny.”
“And you sound particularly lost,” came Owen’s admonition. There was a firmness to his voice that lifted the hairs on the back of Caleb’s neck.
“That’s how it sounds to me. Don’t you agree?”
“Yes.” Whatever makes it work for you. He really wanted Owen to be with him. To share this. To enjoy it. It was the best of all feelings with Owen, the sweetest, the sharpest, the deepest, darkest, dirtiest…oh, yes, oh fuck
“But not yet!” Owen repeated, even more sharply than before. “Caleb! Do you hear me?”
Caleb imagined Owen’s eyes, and that dark whirlpool illusion. Imagined the taste of his guy’s moist lips and salty skin. The grip of Owen’s fist on his cock, the fingers of his other hand running down Caleb’s spine, easing between his buttocks. Caleb moaned again. His legs were cramping slightly from the tension and one of his feet was awkwardly twisted under the gas pedal. With what he considered a superhuman effort, he dragged his attention back from the brink again, the very delicious, well-deserved brink. “Sounds like you want control of this. Of my fun. How the hell do you think you’re going to do that?”
Owen sucked in his breath. “You want to know?”
The tone of his lover’s voice was fierce and as demanding as Caleb could ever wish for. His heart started beating even more quickly. He looked out of the car window and imagined he could see the lights from the distant railway line, refracted through the drizzling rain. The sound of an emergency vehicle siren wailed in and out of his hearing as it darted across the other side of town.
“Yes,” he said. “I do.”
Owen’s chuckle was quieter but infinitely more devilish—a sound that trailed more goose bumps down Caleb’s spine.
“I’ll direct you.”

Clare London’s website

Since the day they met, Owen's restraint has been an exciting foil to Caleb's unruly lack of discipline. Now established lovers, they can't deny how welcome that balance is in their lives. Two very different men, both strong-willed - it shouldn't work between them, but it does! Owen's steady world is rocked by Caleb's boldness, and Caleb finds a haven in return. Now they share their lives, a strong need for each other and a highly developed love of play.
On this weary night at the end of a working week, they're caught in traffic on opposite sides of town. They'll have to wait to meet up until the journey's over, to enjoy the evening together.
Or will they?
Caleb decides he won't wait to play, and he'll play as dirty as he dares, or as much as they can handle over the phone...


  1. I skipped the scene, because I have that book on my ereader...

    So sorry to hear about your weekend, and especially about the computer virus! UGH. *goes to schedule virus scan*

  2. Oh gawd, a pc virus...and your laptop needed to be reinstalled...I'm always lost for a few weeks after such an ocassion (which only happened to me once thank the gods) it's like my pc isn't my own anymore, can't find **** on it and lost all my passwords/inlog info and such which makes me crunch my brain and suddenly my surf time is like driving miss daisy...I'm going soooo slow ppffff

    Anyway, the hot couple is, well hawt, duh. To be taken up the wall like that *shivers* Okay, my mind is already in the gutter and it ain't even four yet LOL as for the smutty scene:

    Quote: He really wanted Owen to be with him. To share this. To enjoy it. It was the best of all feelings with Owen, the sweetest, the sharpest, the deepest, darkest, dirtiest…oh, yes, oh fuck…

    Oh yes, oh fuck, me wants more *grin* Have a good monday hon!

  3. Sorry you had such a crappy weekend! Hope this week perks up! And thank you, thank you for the totally hot photo on this post....LOVE it! That's a nice way to start Monday....

  4. I hate when things go wrong on my computer! Hope all is well now.

    Nice sexy pic!

    I liked this story, 3.5 stars for me as well. Hot scene!

  5. Clare does write a good smutty scene.

    Ugh about the virus. We had one on our main computer at home (still have some I think) but I spent a day looking up the cure and running it. At least we can access the internet. However using Mozilla when I google anything and click on the link it redirects to a random site, you can't actually access the link. But Google Chrome works so I haven't looked into fixing it at this point. Sigh.

  6. {{{HUGS}}} I'm so sorry about the virus and the craptastic weekend. That really sucks!

  7. @Chris: I think you'll like this as it's a quick, fun read :)

    Scanning every morning didn't help me to avoid this one... :(

  8. @Leontine: I found myself becoming pretty tense and upset as well over this...
    It's such a hassle, my laptop is still not working as it should!

    But thank god we have the smut to fall back on :)
    I'm glad you like the couple and the scene!

  9. What antivirus program do you use??

  10. @Penelope: Thanks, and you're welcome. It is def a nice way to start a new week :)

  11. @Chris: McAfee. It's the choice of our network guys, all our workcomputers are having McAfee...

  12. Ah. Ok, haven't used that for years. I've actually had better luck with the free programs out there - how crazy is that?!

  13. @Lily: I know you had you're share of computer problems recently! It's working again, not quite perfect but alas ;)

    It's a pretty good read for it's size, isn't it :)

  14. @Chris: LOL, pretty crazy! But the whole virus and spyware thing is rather crazy imo :)

  15. @Tam: It's pretty smutty, isn't it :)

    It's such hassle, don't you think! Sometimes you don't even know you have a virus... you better get it fixed, hon, cos before you know it they steal your passwords or worse... your financial or creditcard info :( Usually Malwarebytes detects most of the shit... although it didn't find my virus this time...

  16. @Bronwyn: Thanks so much, sweetie! I guess February is not my month as January wasn't yours ;) Although my troubles are nothing compared to yours!

  17. i hates viruses! My worst nightmare is finding a virus on my computer and unable to use the Internet O_o makes me break out into a cold sweat everytime.

  18. Yeah, that's pretty much my worst nightmare too *g* Luckily I still could use the internet via my other computer... pffeww!

  19. Heh, that's one reason I have a backup computer. Just in case... And then there's always the netbook... Even if viruses take out the two Windows machines, the Ubuntu netbook will probably still be functioning.

  20. Yep, have one of those too :) Anything to avoid a cold sweat. Except when something is wrong with our modem or provider I will not easily get without internet.

  21. Heh, there are probably 5 coffeeshops within a 5 minute walk with free wifi. :)

  22. LOL! See, I live in this country where nothing is for free ;)

  23. Good grief, even the fast food restaurants have free wifi here. :)

  24. Glad your PC problem are resolved... and behind you.

    and you certainly know how to de - stress... Love the blurb on this...

    I like opposite attracts books - always a good combo...


  25. @Chris: would you believe when I say I never go to fast food restaurants? :)

    @EH: Thanks, I'm glad as well. The de-stressing Monday post did help ;)
    Owen and Caleb are a good couple!

  26. Me, either (they aren't particularly gluten-free friendly), but I see their free wifi signs!

  27. You had me at "reinstalled." Love the scene... train and all! Thanks for sharing!


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